source: branches/cleanup/components/ome-io/test/loci/ome/utests/testng.xml @ 5944

Revision 5944, 258 bytes checked in by melissa, 10 years ago (diff)
  • Moved OME I/O tests to ome-io component.
  • Added dependency check to LuraWave service.
  • Tweaked POI and MDB tests to expect a FileNotFoundException to be thrown.

All tests should now pass. See #464.

1<suite name="OME ReaderWriter Service Tests">
2    <test name="OMEReaderWriterService">
3        <groups/>
4        <classes>
5            <class name="loci.formats.utests.OMEReaderWriterServiceTest"/>
6        </classes>
7        <packages/>
8    </test>
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