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Several updates to clarify the examples provided to enable OpenCL functionality from ImageJ.

1( Please ensure installation of OpenCL prior to running these programs )
2The source at was developed to demonstrate successful leveraging of OpenCL within ImageJ using JOCL both locally andÊremotely (as a binary web service).
4The folder structure of the source consists of the following folders:
5src - Java and OpenCL source files (extension .cl)
6sourcedata - PSF and 3D data used as a small sample data set for the FHT3D Example.
7lib - libraries needed for classes using JOCL, ImageJ, and Hessian 4.0.7
8native - contains the dynamic libraries needed for runtime execution for various operating systems
10There are several components available in this project to demonstrate various capabilities for use within ImageJ.
11To use OpenCL from Java in ImageJ we leverage JOCL. ÊJOCL uses JNI to make calls into the OpenCL API. ÊThe OpenCL code you write can also leverage JOCL to accelerate execution ofÊImageJ plugins from Java.
13Notice the files and in the source (src) directory. ÊThe Java code in provided in the examples compile these two files for execution on the OpenCL enabled device that is programmatically chosen at runtime.  It is runtime compilation of OpenCL that allows execution on any potential OpenCL enabled device.
15Start exploring the examples by viewing the file ÊNotice the Main() method calls run() which use an awt.Image type as an input parameter. ÊModify and run the Main() method as Java Application with VM Arguments -Xmx1024m.Ê
17ÊÊWithout modification,ÊSobelFilterExample.javaÊloads an image from a web server, process it locally using OpenCL, and displays the results. ÊThere is nothing novel about this example. ÊIt simply allows runtime testing ofÊseveral system configuration stepsÊto ensure working configuration of JOCL and OpenCL native libraries.Ê Modify this example to suite your needs, but please ensure proper JOCL and OpenCL configuration before proceeding.
19Working within ImageJ: If developing an ImageJ plugin using OpenCL realize that programatic control is passed to your plugin inside the PlugIn (or PluginFilter) run() method.  Thus an example of this can be found in  For this plugin to run within ImageJ, the JOCL jars and native libraries respective to the target platform will need to be available by the ImageJ classloader.   The supporting JOCL native libraries can be copied into the plugin directory within ImageJ to allow plugin implementations using OpenCL from Java to reference the installed native libraries provided by the OpenCL installation. Ê
21Now that you have a working example of an OpenCL ImageJ plugin (running from Java on your platform). You may wish to see an a compute intensive example demonstrating modification of an existing Java implementation that delegates a portion of the implementation to OpenCL.Ê Take a look at the developer comments (//xyz) in the example to see what steps are used to brokering of data between Java and OpenCL portions of a complex implementation.
23Finally, the need may arise where the GPU compute capabilities you wish to leverage are not on the same computer that ImageJ is running on.Ê The FHTEJBService and Iterative_Deconvolve_3D_WS classes demonstrate how to remotely serve up the functionality leveraging standard, open source J2EE technologies.
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