source: branches @ 7094

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
4.0.0 4879   11 years melissa Synced 4.0.0 branch to r4878 (including r4804).
4.1 7052   10 years melissa Fixed a handful of lovely dimension detection bugs.
4.2 7093   10 years melissa Various tweaks to file grouping logic, so that datasets can be read even …
cleanup 6023   10 years melissa Added a few more TiffSaver tests, and fixed bugs that prevented them from …
junit-test-suite 6870   10 years melissa Added JUnit JAR to build classpath, and made a few minor tweaks to test …
maven 7094   10 years rlentz Converted to Maven Project for ease of download
OMERO Writer 4053   12 years curtis Miscellaneous cleanup.
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