source: branches @ 7208

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
4.0.0 4879   11 years melissa Synced 4.0.0 branch to r4878 (including r4804).
4.1 7178   10 years melissa Don't correct the channel count in the case of RGB images.
4.2 7208   10 years melissa Backported r7207 to 4.2.
cleanup 6023   10 years melissa Added a few more TiffSaver tests, and fixed bugs that prevented them from …
junit-test-suite 6870   10 years melissa Added JUnit JAR to build classpath, and made a few minor tweaks to test …
maven 7206   10 years aivar Added analysis plugin. Made gray scale a separate class.
OMERO Writer 4053   12 years curtis Miscellaneous cleanup.
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