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Update implementation notes, and what's new list.

1* Added support for NRRD
2* Added support for Evotec Flex (requires LuraWave Java SDK with license code)
3* Added status event reporting to readers
4* Added API to toggle metadata collection
5* Deprecated reader and writer methods that accept the 'id' parameter
6* Deprecated in favor of saveImage and saveBytes
7* Removed "ignore color table" logic - replaced with Leica-specific solution
8* Moved dimension swapping and min/max calculation logic to delegates
9* Added support for compressed QuickTime headers
10* Fixed QuickTime Motion JPEG-B support
11* Fixed some memory issues (repeated small array allocations)
12* Fixed issues reading large (> 2 GB) files
13* Support for multiple dimensions rasterized into channels
14* Separate GUI logic into isolated loci.formats.gui package
15* Miscellaneous bugfixes and tweaks in most readers and writers
16* Many other bugfixes and improvements
182007 Mar 16:
19* Fixed calibration bugs in importer plugin
20* Enhanced metadata support for additional formats
21* Fixed LSM bug
232007 Mar 7:
24* Added support for Micro-Manager file format
25* Fixed several bugs -- Leica LIF, Leica LEI, ICS, ND2, and others
26* Enhanced metadata support for several formats
27* Load series preview thumbnails in the background
28* Better implementation of openBytes(String, int, byte[]) for most readers
29* Expanded unit testing framework
312007 Feb 28:
32* Better series preview thumbnails
33* Fixed bugs with multi-channel Leica LEI
34* Fixed bugs with "ignore color tables" option in ImageJ plugin
362007 Feb 26:
37* Many bugfixes: Leica LEI, ICS, FV1000 OIB, OME-XML and others
38* Better metadata parsing for BioRad PIC files
39* Enhanced API for calculating channel minimum and maximum values
40* Expanded MetadataStore API to include more semantic types
41* Added thumbnails to series chooser in ImageJ plugin
42* Fixed plugins that upload and download from an OME server
442007 Feb 7:
45* Added plugin for downloading images from OME server
46* Improved HTTP import functionality
47* Added metadata filtering -- unreadable metadata is no longer shown
48* Better metadata table for multi-series datasets
49* Added support for calibration information in Gatan DM3
50* Eliminated need to install JAI Image I/O Tools to read ND2 files
51* Fixed ZVI bugs: metadata truncation, and other problems
52* Fixed bugs in Leica LIF: incorrect calibration, first series labeling
53* Fixed memory bug in Zeiss LSM
54* Many bugfixes: PerkinElmer, Deltavision, Leica LEI, LSM, ND2, and others
55* IFormatReader.close(boolean) method to close files temporarily
56* Replaced Compression utility class with extensible Compressor interface
57* Improved testing framework to use .bioformats configuration files
592007 Jan 5:
60* Added support for Prairie TIFF
61* Fixed bugs in Zeiss LSM, OIB, OIF, and ND2
62* Improved API for writing files
63* Added feature to read files over HTTP
64* Fixed bugs in automated testing framework
65* Miscellaneous bugfixes
672006 Dec 22:
68* Expanded ImageJ plugin to optionally use Image5D or View5D
69* Improved support for ND2 and JPEG-2000 files
70* Added automated testing framework
71* Fixed bugs in Zeiss ZVI reader
72* Miscellaneous bugfixes
742006 Nov 30:
75* Added support for ND2/JPEG-2000
76* Added support for MRC
77* Added support for MNG
78* Improved support for floating-point images
79* Fixed problem with 2-channel Leica LIF data
80* Minor tweaks and bugfixes in many readers
81* Improved file stitching logic
82* Allow ImageJ plugin to be called from a macro
842006 Nov 2:
85* Bugfixes and improvements for Leica LIF, Zeiss LSM, OIF and OIB
86* Colorize channels when they are split into separate windows
87* Fixed a bug with 4-channel datasets
892006 Oct 31:
90* Added support for Imaris 5 files
91* Added support for RGB ICS images
932006 Oct 30:
94* Added support for tiled TIFFs
95* Fixed bugs in ICS reader
96* Fixed importer plugin deadlock on some systems
982006 Oct 27:
99* Multi-series support for Slidebook
100* Added support for Alicona AL3D
101* Fixed plane ordering issue with FV1000 OIB
102* Enhanced dimension detection in FV1000 OIF
103* Added preliminary support for reading NEF images
104* Added option to ignore color tables
105* Fixed ImageJ GUI problems
106* Fixed spatial calibration problem in ImageJ
107* Fixed some lingering bugs in Zeiss ZVI support
108* Fixed bugs in OME-XML reader
109* Tweaked ICS floating-point logic
110* Fixed memory leaks in all readers
111* Better file stitching logic
1132006 Oct 6:
114* Support for 3i SlideBook format (single series only for now)
115* Support for 16-bit RGB palette TIFF
116* Fixed bug preventing import of certain Metamorph STK files
117* Fixed some bugs in PerkinElmer UltraView support
118* Fixed some bugs in Leica LEI support
119* Fixed a bug in Zeiss ZVI support
120* Fixed bugs in Zeiss LSM support
121* Fixed a bug causing slow identification of Leica datasets
122* Fixed bugs in the channel merging logic
123* Fixed memory leak for OIB format
124* Better scaling of 48-bit RGB data to 24-bit RGB
125* Fixed duplicate channels bug in "open each channel in a separate window"
126* Fixed a bug preventing PICT import into ImageJ
127* Better integration with HandleExtraFileTypes
128* Better virtual stack support in Data Browser plugin
129* Fixed bug in native QuickTime random access
130* Keep aspect ratio for computed thumbnails
131* Much faster file stitching logic
1332006 Sep 27:
134* PerkinElmer: support for PE UltraView
135* Openlab LIFF: support for Openlab v5
136* Leica LEI: bugfixes, and support for multiple series
137* ZVI, OIB, IPW: more robust handling of these formats (eliminated
138  custom OLE parsing logic in favor of Apache POI)
139* OIB: better metadata parsing (but maybe still not perfect?)
140* LSM: fixed a bug preventing import of certain LSMs
141* Metamorph STK: fixed a bug resulting in duplicate image planes
142* User interface: use of system look & feel for file chooser dialog
143  when available
144* Better notification when JAR libraries are missing
1462006 Sep 6:
147* Leica LIF: multiple distinct image series within a single file
148* Zeiss ZVI: fixes and improvements contributed by Michel Boudinot
149* Zeiss LSM: fixed bugs preventing the import of certain LSM files
150* TIFF: fixed a bug preventing import of TIFFs created with Bio-Rad software
1522006 Mar 31:
153* First release
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