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This readme should explain the configuration of the cron job on and publish are also documented in further detail within their comments.

2# Forward cron job
4This cron job takes .tiffs generated by WiscScan and uploads them to the UW-Forward database. It resides on the machine. Specifically, the workflow looks like this:
6    1. Scientists gather data, check the "Share with Forward" checkbox in the metadata dialog box.
7    2. This creates a METS companion file, which is copied to the users /data/username directory on, along with the .ome.tiff files.
8    3. The cron job contained in the file "publish" runs hourly. When it detects new files in the /data directory, it does two things:
9        - Create a thumbnail for each dataset by running ""
10        - Copy the thumbnail and the METS companion file into /var/www/forward/adds directory
11    4. Forward queries the /var/www/forward/adds directory and links the files there to its website.
13A couple of notes on setting this up properly. First, needs to be compiled with loci_tools.jar (found here: This file, along with /bftools (also on that same website) and the file should all be stored in the same directory as the publish script and can then be compiled by running:
15    javac -cp loci_tools.jar
17After that, the publish script (which calls the Java program) should run correctly. To make it a cron job, it has been sym-linked to the /etc/cron.hourly/ directory.
19For more information, see
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