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Batch file to build cpp wrappers and copy the headers and compiled library files to the corresponding wisscan directories. The root directory of the wisscan project is passed in as a parameter to the batch file.

1@echo off
3rem The batch file takes in the root path of the WiscScan directory, as the location to copy all of the headers & lib files
4set wiscScanPath=%~f1
5set cppwrapRootPath=%CD%\target\cppwrap
7call mvn package cppwrap:wrap
8cd .\target\cppwrap
9rmdir /S /Q .\build
10mkdir .\build
11cmake.exe -G"Visual Studio 8 2005" -H"." -B".\build"
12cd .\build
13devenv.exe /build debug /project ALL_BUILD .\wiscscan-java.sln
15rem Copy the headers and jar files
16xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\jace-runtime.jar" %wiscScanPath%\jar
17xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\..\wiscscan-java-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar" %wiscScanPath%\jar\
18xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\jace\include\jace\"* %wiscScanPath%\jace\
19xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\proxies\include\jace\"* %wiscScanPath%\jace\
20xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\include\"* %wiscScanPath%\bfcpp
22rem copy the jace lib files
23xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\build\jace\debug\jace.dll" %wiscScanPath%\dlls\
24xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\build\jace\debug\jace.dll" %wiscScanPath%\Debug\
25xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\build\jace\debug\jace.lib" %wiscScanPath%\Lib\
26xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\build\jace\debug\jace.lib" %wiscScanPath%\Debug\
28rem copy the wiscscan-java lib files
29xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\build\debug\wiscscan-java.dll" %wiscScanPath%\dlls\
30xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\build\debug\wiscscan-java.dll" %wiscScanPath%\Debug\
31xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\build\debug\wiscscan-java.lib" %wiscScanPath%\Lib\
32xcopy /s /y "%cppwrapRootPath%\build\debug\wiscscan-java.lib" %wiscScanPath%\Debug\
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