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Fix up logging with Bio-Formats command line tools.
This removes the hard dependency on log4j in Bio-Formats, so it should be
possible to log with other logging frameworks via SLF4J now. There is also
a log4j configuration filein the tools folder now, which should make it easier
to configure output for debugging, stack traces, etc.

  • Property svn:executable set to *
3# showinf: a script for displaying information about a given
4#          image file, while displaying it in the image viewer
6# Required JARs: loci_tools.jar
8# JAR libraries must be in the same directory as this
[4207]9# command line script for the command to function.
11# If you are a developer working from source and have
12# the LOCI classes in your CLASSPATH, you can set the
13# LOCI_DEVEL environment variable to use them instead.
[4207]16DIR=`dirname "$0"`
[2432]18if [ $LOCI_DEVEL ]
[2436]20  java -mx512m $PROG "$@"
[4207]21elif [ -e "$DIR/loci_tools.jar" ] || [ -e "$DIR/bio-formats.jar" ]
[6182]23  java -mx512m -cp "$DIR":"$DIR/bio-formats.jar":"$DIR/loci_tools.jar" $PROG "$@"
25  echo "Required JAR libraries not found. Please download:"
26  echo "  loci_tools.jar"
27  echo "from:"
[5987]28  echo ""
[2432]29  echo "and place in the same directory as the command line tools."
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