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    4141//   the color test methods seem to fail for indexed data (my issue - need to fix indexValuesTest for special cases) 
    4242//     the special case is 1/1/indexed w/lutLen=3. 2/3's of values are all 0. This is correct behavior. 
     43//   special note: the colorDefault code has a COLOR case (indexed and wantLutDefined both true) that is not correct. 
     44//     In fact in the whole method need better case logic to create the three possible modes and then test for them. 
     45//     I cannot get BF to set hasChannelLut true so far and this kills the COLOR mode. Also with indexed I've gotten 
     46//     back COMPOSITE when expecting GRAYSCALE (or vice versa, I don't remember at the moment) because I have no test 
     47//     that matches the channelFiller.isFilled() case in BF. 
    4348//   the color test methods seem to fail for virtual=true (no longer seems to be case - something Curtis fixed?) 
    4449//   datasetSwapDims has ugly workaround to handle bad signed data / virtual flag interaction. Need BF fix. 
     50//     (Curtis may have fixed. Existing code hacked to work until I know more.) 
    4551//   many test methods are only UINT8 
    4652//   expand compositeTestSubcases() to handle more pixTypes and indexed data 
    435441    IndexColorModel icm = (IndexColorModel)imp.getProcessor().getColorModel(); 
     443    // TODO - maybe I can cast from IndexColorModel to LUT here - depends what IJ did. 
     444    // otherwise make a LUT 
    437446    byte[] reds = new byte[256], greens = new byte[256], blues = new byte[256]; 
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