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This code was developed to show how to use JOCL to leverage OpenCL within ImageJ both on the machine
ImageJ is running from as well as remotely, using binary web services.

src - Java and OpenCL source files
sourcedata - PSF and 3D data used as a very small sample data set for the FHT3D Example.
lib - libraries needed for classes using JOCL, ImageJ, and Hessian 4.0.7

There are several components available in this project to demonstrate various capabilities for use within ImageJ.

Please ensure you have installed OpenCL and successfully run at least one included GUI based example

Setup: Install OpenCL for your host machine.

To OpenCL files from Java we use JOCL which enables development of OpenCL plugins for ImageJ.

Look in the source (src) directory and note the location of fht.cl and sobel.cl. These files are referenced at runtime and
compiled for execution by an OpenCL enabled device.
Start with SobelFilterExample.java and run as Java Application with VM Arguments -Xmx1024m.
The program will load an image from a web server, process it locally using OpenCL, and display the results. This action
acts as a test/control gate to ensure configuration of JOCL and OpenCL native libraries. Modify this example
to suite your needs, but be sure JOCL and OpenCL are working correctly before proceeding.

Working with ImageJ: If developing an ImageJ plugin using OpenCL realize that the runtime logic can be placed in the run(String) method.
JOCL jars and native libraries for the target platform will need to be available for JOCL to make calls into the OpenCL libraries installed on the runtime host.

Now that you have called OpenCL from Java on your platform. You might have a compute intensive portion of
a processing pipeline that you may wish to port to OpenCL. The FHT3D_3D_Deconvolution.java class demonstrates calling OpenCL to perform
a portion of the processing required from within a complex implementation.

Finally, the need may arise where the GPU compute capabilities you wish to leverage are not on the same computer that ImageJ is running on. The FHTEJBService and
Iterative_Deconvolve_3D_WS classes demonstrate how to remotely serve up the functionality leveraging standard, open source J2EE technologies.

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