01/13/11 10:58:34 (9 years ago)

Tested SobelFilter Sample under OSX with latest CUDA and jogamp libraries. Added the following line to the README to help explain use of native libraries by the ImageJ OpenCL examples:

"To use OpenCL from Java in ImageJ we leverage JOCL.  JOCL uses JNI to make calls into the OpenCL API.  The OpenCL code you write can also leverage JOCL to accelerate execution of ImageJ plugins from Java. Since each OS has different native JOCL native libraries, the runtime environment must be configured such that the Java code can load the needed native libraries. For these samples, three native libraries are needed: gluegen-rt, jocl, and JOCL-'platform'-'arch'. If you look in the lib folder, you will find -natives-xyz.jar files containing the respective libraries. Simply unzip each of the three jar files and copy the dynamic files into the parent directory if they are not already present. Then ensure that the platform specific jar (E.g. JOCL-0.1.4-beta) is exported during the project build."

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