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(edit) @7582   9 years melissa Prevent StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when file names start with "_".
(edit) @7581   9 years melissa Prevent extra Plane(Timing).ExposureTime attributes from being populated.
(edit) @7580   9 years melissa The JPEG-2000 writer can now use lossy or lossless compression. Closes …
(edit) @7579   9 years melissa Prevent potential AIOOB.
(edit) @7578   9 years rlentz Moved jocl.jar to lib directory and successfully ran sobel example on OSX
(edit) @7577   9 years rlentz Michael Bien created a work around that allowed JOCL to work around a bug …
(edit) @7576   9 years aivar Project moved to ImageJ
(edit) @7575   9 years aivar Added utility for dealing with native libraries.
(edit) @7574   9 years aivar New utility class for dealing with native libraries.
(edit) @7573   9 years melissa Backported a bunch of recent ND2 fixes to 4.1.
(edit) @7572   9 years curtis Fix up save dialog behavior.
(edit) @7571   9 years melissa Populate all of the wells, even if no image data is associated with them.
(edit) @7570   9 years melissa Sanitize the XML before we parse it.
(edit) @7569   9 years curtis Working version of Save As J2K plugin. Needed to call …
(edit) @7568   9 years melissa Initial version of Metamorph TIFF HCS support.
(edit) @7567   9 years curtis Minor tweaks; still broken.
(edit) @7566   9 years curtis Initial version of example JPEG2000 export plugin, courtesy of Albert …
(edit) @7565   9 years hinerm Backport -r7564 to 4.2 branch.
(edit) @7564   9 years hinerm Added a "dist" target to the bf-cpp project. Functionally identical to …
(edit) @7563   9 years hinerm Backport r7562 to 4.2 branch.
(edit) @7562   9 years hinerm Modified the dist target for BF-ITK to no longer copy unnecessary files on …
(edit) @7561   9 years melissa Tweaked MetamorphReader's isThisType to prevent it from picking up files …
(edit) @7560   9 years melissa Tweaked well name detection so that column indexes can only contain at …
(edit) @7559   9 years melissa Clarified CLASSPATH requirements.
(edit) @7558   9 years melissa Added some documentation on file export/conversion.
(edit) @7557   9 years hinerm Forward port from branch 4.2 changes - mistakenly committed to a branch …
(edit) @7556   9 years hinerm Added the java class BioFormatsExtensionPrinter to the svn repository. …
(edit) @7555   9 years hinerm Added a new java class to BF-CPP - BioFormatsExtensionPrinter - to …
(edit) @7554   9 years curtis Add variable for controlling number of channels.
(edit) @7553   9 years melissa Prevent an NPE when attempting to stitch datasets that aren't stitchable. …
(edit) @7552   9 years melissa Group together separate blocks of pixels that belong to the same stack. …
(edit) @7551   9 years melissa Fixed various metadata population problems when working with multi-file …
(edit) @7550   9 years curtis Migrate workflow project to ImageJ repository. New location is …
(edit) @7549   9 years curtis Remove binary libraries (not needed with Maven).
(edit) @7548   9 years curtis Convert LOCI workflow to Maven.
(edit) @7547   9 years aivar Delete extraneous files
(edit) @7546   9 years aivar Delete extraneous files
(edit) @7545   9 years aivar Delete extraneous files
(edit) @7544   9 years melissa Fixed channel name and wavelength population. See  omero:#3865.
(edit) @7543   9 years melissa One more adjustment to SizeX/SizeY calculations. See #643.
(edit) @7542   9 years rlentz Added eclipse jar export configuration file
(edit) @7541   9 years melissa Parse valid bits per pixel from Slidebook files. Closes #626.
(edit) @7540   9 years rlentz No change
(edit) @7539   9 years aivar JNI NativeLoader
(edit) @7538   9 years melissa Set 'falseColor' to true, so that lookup tables are not improperly …
(edit) @7537   9 years rlentz changed the implementation to floating point
(edit) @7536   9 years rlentz Test from Michael Bien
(edit) @7535   9 years melissa Fixed plane index in status bar. Closes #637.
(edit) @7534   9 years aivar Multiple changes to get discovery and workflow save/restore to Preferences …
(edit) @7533   9 years rlentz Configured for 64 bit linux.
(edit) @7532   9 years rlentz
(edit) @7531   9 years rlentz
(edit) @7530   9 years hinerm Update bf-cpp proxy list to match latest Java source files.
(edit) @7529   9 years hinerm Backport latest bf-itk to 4.2 branch.
(edit) @7528   9 years melissa Corrected pixel type for 32-bit images, as Andor/Fluoview assumes that all …
(edit) @7527   9 years rlentz
(edit) @7526   9 years aivar Copied over workflow stuff from DeepZoom plugin.
(edit) @7525   9 years rlentz
(edit) @7524   9 years rlentz Tested SobelFilter Sample under OSX with latest CUDA and jogamp libraries. …
(edit) @7523   9 years rlentz Restructured libs and code to reflect CUDA 3.2 and Jogamp's signed build …
(edit) @7522   9 years melissa Make primitive type static variables volatile.
(edit) @7521   9 years rlentz update
(edit) @7520   9 years rlentz update
(edit) @7519   9 years rlentz update
(edit) @7518   9 years rlentz update
(edit) @7517   9 years rlentz update 7
(edit) @7516   9 years aivar You can now create a workflow, save to XML, create another workflow from …
(edit) @7515   9 years rlentz update
(edit) @7514   9 years melissa Fixed indexed flag and LUT parsing. Closes #633.
(edit) @7513   9 years hinerm Enhanced ant dist script to copy BioFormatsIO.dll to the dist directory.
(edit) @7512   9 years aivar Made the test plugin input and output names more meaningful.
(edit) @7511   9 years aivar Workflow updates, works with new PluginModule, hooks up to …
(edit) @7510   9 years aivar Added new tests during test-driven development.
(edit) @7509   9 years aivar This package is basically a copy of loci.multiinstanceplugin. Also …
(edit) @7508   9 years melissa Fixed NPE.
(edit) @7507   9 years melissa Backported changes to Openlab reader for importing HCS data.
(edit) @7506   9 years rlentz Updated the Readme text to the following: ( Please ensure installation of …
(edit) @7505   9 years rlentz No change here.
(edit) @7504   9 years rlentz Several updates to clarify the examples provided to enable OpenCL …
(edit) @7503   9 years curtis Backport r7494,r7496 bugfixes to 4.2 branch.
(edit) @7502   9 years melissa Don't overwrite existing image names.
(edit) @7501   9 years rlentz Added a readme This code was developed to show how to use JOCL to …
(edit) @7500   9 years melissa Search more thoroughly for image descriptions. Image descriptions are no …
(edit) @7499   9 years melissa Fixed compile error in r7498.
(edit) @7498   9 years melissa Backported ScreenReader to 4.2.
(edit) @7497   9 years aivar Fleshed out WorkFlow.finalize. ModuleFactory now has a register method …
(edit) @7496   9 years curtis Fix signedness averaging problem with convertTo8Bit method.
(edit) @7495   9 years aivar Added proper ComponentFactory. Renamed chain -> wire, component -> …
(edit) @7494   9 years curtis Fix problem where custom LUTs override grayscale mode. This happened …
(edit) @7493   9 years melissa Slightly more robust well name checking.
(edit) @7492   9 years melissa Fixed import that caused compile failure in r7491.
(edit) @7491   9 years melissa Merged file grouping and channel name parsing fixes from trunk.
(edit) @7490   9 years aivar Added method call for Rick's project.
(edit) @7489   9 years melissa Prevent potential NPE if the "Info" property is not set on the ImagePlus …
(edit) @7488   9 years melissa Sanitize OME-XML before attempting to create a MetadataStore.
(edit) @7487   9 years melissa Use a ConcurrentHashMap instead of a HashMap.
(edit) @7486   9 years melissa Added optional cacheing of directory listings, courtesy of Lee Kamentsky.
(edit) @7485   9 years melissa Escape backslashes when finding a pattern. Closes #634.
(edit) @7484   9 years melissa Various fixes to allow retrieval of pixel data from truncated TIFFs.
(edit) @7483   9 years melissa Fixed a handful of bugs introduced in r7481.
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