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(edit) @7870   8 years avivekan added check for null, accidentally overlooked in previous commit
(edit) @7869   8 years avivekan hopefully working change to getBFParticleAreas(), was previously returning …
(edit) @7868   8 years avivekan
(edit) @7867   8 years aivar Refactoring.
(edit) @7866   8 years aivar Refactoring.
(edit) @7865   8 years aivar Refactoring
(edit) @7864   8 years aivar Refactoring.
(edit) @7863   8 years avivekan
(edit) @7862   8 years aivar Clean up image fitting code.
(edit) @7861   8 years aivar HistogramTool has problems finding the lifetime LUT on Linux when Fiji is …
(edit) @7860   8 years aivar More diagnostics for issue of multiple threads trying to load the native …
(edit) @7859   8 years aivar Bug with synchronization of multiple threads trying to load the native …
(edit) @7858   8 years aivar Starting Chart and CursorLayer/Cursor classes for IJ2, based on SLIMPlugin …
(edit) @7857   8 years aivar When the library loads tidied up logging and synchronized for …
(edit) @7856   8 years aivar Simplified the platform specific paths from "x86_64-MacOSX-gpp" to …
(edit) @7855   8 years aivar Took out '<arch>i386</arch>' in nar plugin configuration. Was a remnant …
(edit) @7854   8 years chainani fixed some scifio issue
(edit) @7853   8 years aivar Added a "with-libs" profile in POM and associated assembly.
(edit) @7852   8 years avivekan
(edit) @7851   8 years aivar Was a problem in the channel UI fitting images w/o channels.
(edit) @7850   8 years aivar Changed the hardcoded LUT path from platform specific to IJ relative.
(edit) @7849   8 years aivar New Lifetime LUT.
(edit) @7848   8 years aivar SLIMPlugin: shows colorized range of values using 254 color palette.
(edit) @7847   8 years aivar Format doubles to given number of digits. Entering new start/stop text …
(edit) @7846   8 years aivar Rearrange ui panel layout.
(edit) @7845   8 years aivar Got 254 color palette working in histogram color bar.
(edit) @7844   8 years aivar Added a PaletteFix class with static methods to aid in working with 254 …
(edit) @7843   8 years aivar Use 254 color LUTs
(edit) @7842   8 years aivar UI panel now has noise model, fitted images, and chi square target
(edit) @7841   8 years aivar Gets the noise model to the fitter.
(edit) @7840   8 years aivar OutputImageParser added
(edit) @7839   8 years aivar UI Changes
(edit) @7838   8 years aivar Continued work on histogram, add fields to user interface.
(edit) @7837   8 years aivar Still working on fitted images, starting UI changes
(edit) @7836   8 years aivar Added cursors to histogram to change LUT ranges.
(edit) @7835   8 years aivar Fixed bug that killed Jenkins compile
(edit) @7834   8 years aivar Working on histogram
(edit) @7833   8 years aivar Still working on fitted images.
(edit) @7832   8 years aivar Shows fitted images. Needs work & buggy.
(edit) @7831   8 years aivar Shows fitted images. Needs work & buggy.
(edit) @7830   8 years aivar Can now display selection of fitted images; buggy.
(edit) @7829   8 years aivar FLIMImageFitter is coming along
(edit) @7828   8 years aivar Working on the FittedImageManager that will build output fitted images.
(edit) @7827   8 years avivekan Flow update. still testing…
(edit) @7826   8 years aivar Deleted some junk.
(edit) @7825   8 years aivar Misc work in progress
(edit) @7824   8 years aivar Miscellaneous work in progress.
(edit) @7823   8 years paulbarber Unnecessary define.
(edit) @7822   8 years curtis Update to SezPoz 1.9 This matches the version we are using in ImageJ2.
(edit) @7821   8 years aivar Experimented with MyFloatProcessor and DataColorizer2 to get IJ LUTs …
(edit) @7820   9 years mario complete constructors initialize all class-members with sane defaults
(edit) @7819   9 years mario sanity-check some buffer sizes, and use a bit faster readInt() method
(edit) @7818   9 years mario use again a bit stricter types, and use const reference for some …
(edit) @7817   9 years mario added in idea of exception handling between Java and C++ exec methods
(edit) @7816   9 years mario significantly speed up socket writing by using byte-writer method …
(edit) @7815   9 years mario added slightly improved debugging functions
(edit) @7814   9 years mario use auto_ptr for an idea of memory management, and template print …
(edit) @7813   9 years mario added a bit stricter types, and use const reference for strings (instead …
(edit) @7812   9 years mario added minimal changes to compile on a POSIX like OS (mainly Linux)
(edit) @7811   9 years aivar Got the new style fitting engine working. Bit of a hack; SLIMProcessor …
(edit) @7810   9 years aivar Got rid of the idea of creating an ICurveFitter for each fit type (i.e. …
(edit) @7809   9 years paulbarber Better comments on why the convolution is actually correct. Fixed one …
(edit) @7808   9 years mario Exit JVMLinkServer in case of invalid command-line parameters
(edit) @7807   9 years aivar Work in progress, refactoring fit process
(edit) @7806   9 years aivar Working on calling the curvefitter
(edit) @7805   9 years aivar Added 'imagej.slim' package files from my local TestFittingEngineConcepts …
(edit) @7804   9 years aivar Don't pop up multiple DecayGraphs
(edit) @7803   9 years paulbarber Fixed some memory leaks and some compile warnings.
(edit) @7802   9 years fong
(edit) @7801   9 years curtis Update ImageJ1 version to a range. This allows us to keep using newer …
(edit) @7800   9 years curtis Update ImageJ groupId to match the latest.
(edit) @7799   9 years curtis Standardize order of exception handling.
(edit) @7798   9 years curtis Add checkbox for toggling parallel projection.
(edit) @7797   9 years paulbarber Increased MAXBINS for a test. Really should check that bins does not …
(edit) @7796   9 years aivar Added "refactor" package to avoid conflicts. Tidy up DecayGraph and allow …
(edit) @7795   9 years aivar Emulate TRI2 parameter estimation.
(edit) @7794   9 years aivar Better handle ICS excitation files.
(edit) @7793   9 years curtis Add SVN ignore rules for visbio-plugins project.
(edit) @7792   9 years curtis Eliminate hardcoded reference to MouseBehaviorJ3D. This fixes a …
(edit) @7791   9 years curtis Fix snapshot feature to actually work. VisAD snapshots can only be done …
(edit) @7790   9 years curtis Normalize color scale ranges.
(edit) @7789   9 years curtis Add bounding box toggle and snapshot features.
(edit) @7788   9 years curtis Use a finer grained stretch step.
(edit) @7787   9 years curtis Use newer version of ImageJ.
(edit) @7786   9 years curtis Remove obsolete TODO.
(edit) @7785   9 years curtis Better handling of hyperstacks.
(edit) @7784   9 years curtis Start window as tall as reasonably possible.
(edit) @7783   9 years curtis Expand stretch range.
(edit) @7782   9 years curtis First version of Ortho Stack VisBio plugin.
(edit) @7781   9 years paulbarber Added GPL license to all source code.
(edit) @7780   9 years aivar Tidied up.
(edit) @7779   9 years aivar Go back to using Gaussian method to solve and invert matrices.
(edit) @7778   9 years aivar Fixed bug in NOISE_MLE case.
(edit) @7777   9 years hinerm Fixed append in Windows directory search Previously was appending ".*" to …
(edit) @7776   9 years hinerm Fixed jace-runtime.jar copy path The previous path to copy …
(edit) @7775   9 years hinerm Added Build path consideration to EXE files The templated code for exe …
(edit) @7774   9 years hinerm Removed StringEscapeUtils reference It was found that erroneous string …
(edit) @7773   9 years hinerm Removed File usage from automation of CMakeLists.txt The use of a File …
(edit) @7772   9 years hinerm Added StringEscapeUtils to Jar2Lib Added a new dependency from the …
(edit) @7771   9 years curtis Normalize Z coordinates as well.
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