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(edit) @3330   12 years melissa Fixed merging bug.
(edit) @3329   12 years melissa Calculate pixel sizes if they aren't stored explicitly.
(edit) @3328   12 years melissa Make sure pixel sizes get reset; check for invalid min/max values before …
(edit) @3327   12 years melissa Set pixel type correctly for signed images.
(edit) @3326   12 years curtis No more need for omebf script.
(edit) @3325   12 years melissa Better string trimming.
(edit) @3324   12 years melissa Make sure that window titles are <= 128 chars.
(edit) @3323   12 years melissa Populate PixelSize*, if values exist in metadata; better parsing of …
(edit) @3322   12 years melissa Fixed endianness.
(edit) @3321   12 years melissa * Removed a bunch of unnecessary axis size calculation logic from …
(edit) @3320   12 years melissa Multiple series are now correctly detected; replaced evil axis …
(edit) @3319   12 years curtis Remove unnecessary imports.
(edit) @3318   12 years curtis Typo.
(edit) @3317   12 years curtis Workaround for XML parsing bug with SAX on Windows and Mac OS X.
(edit) @3316   12 years melissa Reorganized MetadataStore population logic - calls to setLogicalChannel …
(edit) @3315   12 years melissa Temporary hack to unbreak openBytes(int, byte[]).
(edit) @3314   12 years curtis Remove unnecessary import.
(edit) @3313   12 years curtis Print exceptions to Results window rather than with IJ.showMessage or …
(edit) @3312   12 years curtis Remove references to the optional package.
(edit) @3311   12 years melissa Removed unnecessary import statements.
(edit) @3310   12 years curtis Add NetCDF libraries to build properties.
(edit) @3309   12 years melissa Added support for Imaris 5.5 (HDF-based).
(edit) @3308   12 years melissa Implemented openBytes(int).
(edit) @3307   12 years melissa Added command-line flags to ImageConverter (-merge, -separate, -stitch, …
(edit) @3306   12 years curtis Fix problem with LuraWave compression.
(edit) @3305   12 years melissa Added stack slicing plugin, which replaces the channel splitting logic in …
(edit) @3304   12 years melissa Better indexed color support in Zeiss LSM.
(edit) @3303   12 years melissa Minor adjustment to offset calculation.
(edit) @3302   12 years melissa Set indexed = false if the lookup table is too small.
(edit) @3301   12 years melissa Temporarily commented out Cinepak logic.
(edit) @3300   12 years melissa Changed TiffIFDEntry's 'offset' field to 'long'; calls to …
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