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(edit) @6420   10 years curtis Merge ChannelFiller and FakeReader bugfixes to 4.2.
(edit) @6416   10 years melissa Fixed physical size Z scaling.
(edit) @6415   10 years callan Merging r6413,r6414 from Trunk
(edit) @6409   10 years melissa Several fixes to Leica LEI, ND2, and Perkin Elmer readers.
(edit) @6406   10 years melissa Updated several TIFF-based readers to populate Image.Description more …
(edit) @6405   10 years melissa Fixed Detector/DetectorSettings population to correspond to what the …
(edit) @6404   10 years melissa Trim the image name before placing it in the original metadata hashtable. …
(edit) @6402   10 years callan Merging r6401 from Trunk.
(edit) @6400   10 years callan Merging r6398,r6399 from Trunk
(edit) @6395   10 years melissa Read tags into a byte array, so that non-String tags are preserved. See …
(edit) @6392   10 years melissa Fixed LUT ordering bug. See  omero:2438.
(edit) @6391   10 years callan Merging r6382,r6390 from Trunk
(edit) @6389   10 years melissa Prevent each EmissionFilterRef from being populated multiple times.
(edit) @6388   10 years melissa Fixed a bunch of Leica LIF metadata population bugs.
(edit) @6383   10 years melissa Make sure that references get resolved before dumping OME-XML; otherwise, …
(edit) @6381   10 years melissa Fixed bug in file renaming logic.
(edit) @6380   10 years callan Merging r6379 from Trunk
(edit) @6378   10 years melissa Tweaked MetamorphReader.isThisType so that Prairie TIFFs are not picked …
(edit) @6376   10 years melissa Updated remaining readers to use enumeration handlers.
(edit) @6375   10 years callan Merging r6272,r6373,r6374 from Trunk
(edit) @6370   10 years melissa Updated Deltavision and Flex readers to use …
(edit) @6369   10 years melissa Fixed a few SimplePCI dimension bugs.
(edit) @6368   10 years melissa A few more LSM-related fixes.
(edit) @6367   10 years melissa Prevent StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.
(edit) @6366   10 years callan Merging r6365 from Trunk
(edit) @6364   10 years callan Merging r6359,r6360,r6362,r6263 from Trunk into 4.2 branch.
(edit) @6361   10 years melissa Fixed several TIFF, Zeiss LSM and Zeiss ZVI bugs exposed during testing.
(edit) @6358   10 years melissa Added missing implementations of isSingleFile(String), …
(edit) @6357   10 years melissa Ported r6356 to 4.2 branch.
(edit) @6355   10 years melissa Don't swap bits if the number of bits per pixel is less than or equal to …
(edit) @6354   10 years melissa Prevent NumberFormatException from being thrown when parsing the number of …
(edit) @6353   10 years melissa Call MetadataTools.populatePixels(...) after all of the CoreMetadata …
(edit) @6352   10 years melissa Fixed Well -> WellSample linkage. See  omero:2406.
(edit) @6350   10 years melissa Skip over TIFF tiles/strips that have StripByteCounts == 0. See …
(edit) @6349   10 years melissa Fixed various bugs exposed by test suite.
(edit) @6343   10 years curtis Merge bugfixes for custom color mode.
(edit) @6341   10 years curtis Merge DataBrowser bugfixes to 4.2 branch.
(edit) @6339   10 years melissa Fixed IFD entry count calculation for BigTIFF files. See  omero:2390.
(edit) @6337   10 years melissa Fixed LightPath and Image population to prevent AIOOB exceptions. See …
(edit) @6336   10 years melissa Fixed Image -> ROI link. See  omero:2381.
(edit) @6335   10 years melissa Moved SizeT population to prevent it from being 0. See  omero:2377.
(edit) @6334   10 years melissa * Prevent PICT reader from reporting width or height less than 0. * Fixd …
(edit) @6333   10 years melissa * Removed hopefully obsolete hack from RandomAccessInputStream.findString. …
(edit) @6332   10 years melissa Fixed ROI transformation population, see  omero:2373.
(copy) @6330   10 years melissa Created 4.2 branch.
copied from trunk/components:
(edit) @6329   10 years melissa Fixed a couple of bugs exposed by the test suite.
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