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(edit) @3016   13 years curtis Fix problem with generated Javadocs not filling in the footer's year …
(edit) @2877   13 years curtis Add TestNG JAR file to list of external libraries.
(edit) @2794   13 years curtis Remove Movie Stitcher targets.
(edit) @2763   13 years curtis Rename OME Notebook to OME Notes; rename MetadataNotebook to …
(edit) @2644   13 years curtis Update build scripts to include targets for both new 'OME Notebook' …
(edit) @2639   13 years melissa Updated to reflect changes in loci.formats and loci.ome.notebook package …
(edit) @2507   13 years curtis Simpler for Slim Plotter to depend on entire loci.formats.util package …
(edit) @2468   13 years curtis Remove Leica Converter targets from build script.
(edit) @2434   13 years curtis Remove omeul from VisBio distribution.
(edit) @2278   13 years curtis Update JAR classpaths.
(edit) @2231   13 years curtis Include loci.ome.upload and loci.ome.util package trees in VisBio and LOCI …
(edit) @1929   13 years curtis Use JUnit 3.8, not 4.1, since 4.1 requires Java 5.
(edit) @1916   13 years curtis Change JJ2000 to JAI Image I/O in ant build files.
(edit) @1902   13 years curtis Add junit-4.1.jar to list of external libraries.
(edit) @1863   14 years curtis Flag Slim Plotter's JavaApplicationStub as executable.
(edit) @1782   14 years curtis Add jj2000-5.1.jar to ant targets, as appropriate.
(edit) @1768   14 years curtis Update Slim Plotter required classes.
(edit) @1736   14 years curtis Use loci.plugins.IJLauncher, not ij.ImageJ directly.
(edit) @1734   14 years curtis Bundle everything into ij-jws.jar; add more clean targets.
(edit) @1730   14 years curtis Add build target for ij-jws.jar (ImageJ Java Web Start bundle); no more …
(edit) @1726   14 years curtis Fix bugs in dist-visbio targets.
(edit) @1690   14 years curtis Add "tools" task for building a JAR file containing many LOCI tools plus …
(edit) @1656   14 years curtis Slim Plotter now uses Bio-Formats library externally.
(edit) @1619   14 years curtis Add package for LOCI custom Checkstyle checks.
(edit) @1602   14 years curtis Rely on external jars for MovieStitcher.jar, instead of bundling …
(edit) @1600   14 years curtis Fix MovieStitcher targets; eliminate some hardcoding from build.xml.
(edit) @1595   14 years curtis Update build rules to reflect loci.apps.qt -> loci.apps.stitcher change.
(edit) @1495   14 years curtis Add poi-loci.jar dependency for Bio-Formats.
(edit) @1426   14 years curtis No more need for loci.ome.viewer with loci_plugins.jar.
(edit) @1378   14 years curtis Add compile targets to build each package separately. Add target to check …
(edit) @1353   14 years curtis Fix typo in variable.
(edit) @1344   14 years curtis Add lma.jar to compilation classpath.
(edit) @1341   14 years curtis Add lma.jar dependency to Slim Plotter.
(edit) @1318   14 years curtis No need to ignore *.tar.gz.
(add) @1313   14 years curtis Add targets for VisBio source and docs; split properties into separate …
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