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(edit) @4689   11 years curtis Increase javadoc memory to 512MB, and fail on error.
(edit) @4665   11 years curtis Fix tools targets to play nicely with new copy-jars logic.
(edit) @4664   11 years curtis * Add copy-jars target to fix runtime classpath dependencies. * Remove …
(edit) @4617   12 years curtis Remove test targets from root build file (use targets in …
(edit) @4612   12 years curtis * Add exec target to each component. * Miscellaneous tweaks to build …
(edit) @4594   12 years curtis Add findbugs target to check a component for program bugs. Closes #321.
(edit) @4563   12 years curtis Add Bio-Formats Ice framework to build system.
(edit) @4559   12 years curtis Fix more depends clauses in root build script.
(edit) @4558   12 years ansari Fixed dependencies for flow cytometry
(edit) @4540   12 years curtis Make "clean" target clear out old JARs.
(edit) @4537   12 years curtis Fix docs target.
(edit) @4534   12 years curtis Update dependency documentation.
(edit) @4532   12 years curtis In build.xml comment, use text generated by dependency scanning program.
(edit) @4530   12 years curtis Tweak dependency list, and separate out reflected (optional) dependencies.
(edit) @4529   12 years curtis Move forked projects into components/forks subtree.
(edit) @4527   12 years curtis Increase max memory for docs target.
(edit) @4521   12 years melissa Moved several common I/O and utility classes to new component.
(edit) @4503   12 years melissa * Added JAI ImageIO component, with modifications to support YCbCr color …
(edit) @4449   12 years melissa Re-added test targets.
(edit) @4432   12 years curtis Add new components to project notes.
(edit) @4429   12 years curtis Add MDB Tools to LOCI Tools dependencies.
(edit) @4426   12 years melissa Fixed a couple of problems with new components.
(edit) @4424   12 years melissa Added MDB tools and POI components.
(edit) @4413   12 years curtis Fix tools targets.
(edit) @4411   12 years curtis Fix slim-dist target.
(edit) @4407   12 years curtis Be more explicit about which jars are required for tools targets.
(edit) @4382   12 years curtis Shuffle around dist targets -- still broken though.
(edit) @4371   12 years curtis Add hacky deletion of build directory to global clean target.
(edit) @4367   12 years curtis Fix references to ome-java.jar vs ome-xml.jar in component build …
(edit) @4365   12 years curtis Bring project documentation up to date; switch ome-java.jar to …
(edit) @4361   12 years curtis * Add OME-XML Java library component. * Fix problems with LOCI Software …
(edit) @4357   12 years curtis First cut at component-driven source code modularization. * Preserves …
(edit) @4299   12 years curtis Better support for mixed Java versions; more OMEROWriter cleanup.
(edit) @4289   12 years curtis Add logos for OME and Bio-Formats to About dialog boxes.
(edit) @4284   12 years melissa Slightly modified jmagick.jar to fix class loading problem in ImageJ.
(edit) @4278   12 years curtis Update Javadoc links.
(edit) @4265   12 years curtis Reorganize some packages: * Move OME/OMERO database connectivity layer …
(edit) @4258   12 years melissa Use JMagick to decompress JPEG-2000 data if JAI fails.
(edit) @4125   12 years curtis Fix build errors and clean up loci.apps.flow package.
(edit) @4082   12 years curtis Minor tweak.
(edit) @4048   12 years curtis Licensing and packaging changes. * Change Bio-Formats and SLIM Plotter …
(edit) @3922   12 years curtis Fix dev-compile by adding an explicit list of source files that need Java …
(edit) @3887   12 years curtis Add ability to test single files with testng.filename property.
(edit) @3860   12 years curtis Move list of libraries into external configuration file.
(edit) @3802   12 years melissa Propagate lurawave.license property when running the test suite.
(edit) @3800   12 years melissa Added JBoss JAR (required for OMERO connectivity).
(edit) @3797   12 years melissa Added spring.jar (required for OMERO 2.3 server connectivity) and updated …
(edit) @3730   12 years curtis Copy resources into classes directory up front, rather than within jar …
(edit) @3725   12 years curtis Lots of cleanup and tweaks to JVMLink.
(edit) @3717   12 years curtis Use factory instead of data provider to generate list of tests.
(edit) @3715   12 years curtis Progress on TestNG suite.
(edit) @3710   12 years curtis Progress on testing framework.
(edit) @3687   12 years curtis Add JVMLink targets to Ant script.
(edit) @3660   12 years curtis Remove references to loci.formats.test package.
(edit) @3659   12 years curtis Reorganize test suite and integrate with Ant.
(edit) @3624   12 years curtis * Move ImageProcessorSource to loci.plugins; use Util.openProcessor …
(edit) @3471   12 years curtis Note that the OMERO JAR files are Bio-Formats dependencies.
(edit) @3452   12 years curtis Fix problem with clean target failing on Windows due to locked files.
(edit) @3451   12 years curtis Since some environments do not install the antcontrib tasks properly from …
(edit) @3432   12 years melissa * Added OMERO JARs; updated build scripts appropriately. * Updated what's …
(edit) @3381   13 years curtis Remove cruft.
(edit) @3379   13 years curtis Move native code to libs folder; update build script.
(edit) @3347   13 years curtis Exclude package from bio-formats.jar build.
(edit) @3310   13 years curtis Add NetCDF libraries to build properties.
(edit) @3309   13 years melissa Added support for Imaris 5.5 (HDF-based).
(edit) @3090   13 years curtis Fix XML error with javadoc element.
(edit) @3089   13 years curtis Do not include deprecated methods in Javadoc.
(edit) @3016   13 years curtis Fix problem with generated Javadocs not filling in the footer's year …
(edit) @2794   13 years curtis Remove Movie Stitcher targets.
(edit) @2763   13 years curtis Rename OME Notebook to OME Notes; rename MetadataNotebook to …
(edit) @2644   13 years curtis Update build scripts to include targets for both new 'OME Notebook' …
(edit) @2468   13 years curtis Remove Leica Converter targets from build script.
(edit) @2020   13 years curtis Fix problem where dev-compile always compiled all files.
(edit) @1916   13 years curtis Change JJ2000 to JAI Image I/O in ant build files.
(edit) @1909   13 years melissa * Added LociUploader to the list of ImageJ plugins. This plugin uploads …
(edit) @1861   14 years curtis Update SlimPlotter Mac OS X launcher to use JAR files in main folder.
(edit) @1793   14 years curtis Propagate year variable.
(edit) @1782   14 years curtis Add jj2000-5.1.jar to ant targets, as appropriate.
(edit) @1757   14 years curtis Tweak Slim Plotter dependencies.
(edit) @1742   14 years curtis Fix bug in dist-slim target.
(edit) @1734   14 years curtis Bundle everything into ij-jws.jar; add more clean targets.
(edit) @1732   14 years curtis Propagate visbio.version variable to source code properly.
(edit) @1730   14 years curtis Add build target for ij-jws.jar (ImageJ Java Web Start bundle); no more …
(edit) @1729   14 years curtis Move some ImageJ JWS logic into loci/plugins; add handling of IJ_Props.txt …
(edit) @1726   14 years curtis Fix bugs in dist-visbio targets.
(edit) @1702   14 years curtis Add dev-clean and dev-compile targets for compiling and removing *.class …
(edit) @1690   14 years curtis Add "tools" task for building a JAR file containing many LOCI tools plus …
(edit) @1656   14 years curtis Slim Plotter now uses Bio-Formats library externally.
(edit) @1624   14 years curtis Include jar-checks in jars target.
(edit) @1622   14 years curtis Better docs target; fix javadoc warnings.
(edit) @1619   14 years curtis Add package for LOCI custom Checkstyle checks.
(edit) @1602   14 years curtis Rely on external jars for MovieStitcher.jar, instead of bundling …
(edit) @1600   14 years curtis Fix MovieStitcher targets; eliminate some hardcoding from build.xml.
(edit) @1595   14 years curtis Update build rules to reflect loci.apps.qt -> loci.apps.stitcher change.
(edit) @1510   14 years curtis Add descriptions for distribution bundle targets.
(edit) @1499   14 years curtis Make "jars" the default build operation.
(edit) @1495   14 years curtis Add poi-loci.jar dependency for Bio-Formats.
(edit) @1412   14 years curtis Set debug flag to true, to preserve line numbers for stack traces.
(edit) @1388   14 years curtis Some work on style checking targets; fix some style issues.
(edit) @1378   14 years curtis Add compile targets to build each package separately. Add target to check …
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