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(edit) @6322   10 years curtis Initial version of color mode selector. Not yet working.
(edit) @6321   10 years bdezonia Some generalization done. Got autoscale test to pass.
(edit) @6314   10 years bdezonia Minor reorganization to simplify tracing a BF bug
(edit) @6307   10 years bdezonia more work on autoscale so that its expected min is not always 0.
(edit) @6302   10 years bdezonia minor modification to autoscale testing. refactored memoryRecord test.
(edit) @6297   10 years bdezonia partial impl of autoscale
(edit) @6291   10 years curtis Fix testDatasetConcatenate.
(edit) @6288   10 years bdezonia fixed split tests. partial implementation of color tests. minor edits.
(edit) @6287   10 years curtis Fix testSplitChannels.
(edit) @6286   10 years curtis Fix bugs in splitZ/C/T tests.
(edit) @6285   10 years bdezonia Added memoryRecord test. Also some code cleanup. Added tests in …
(edit) @6283   10 years bdezonia minor changes. some more code in color tests.
(edit) @6282   10 years bdezonia Fixed swapdims test to handle all pixel formats.
(edit) @6281   10 years bdezonia Incorporated merge changes. Put in test for out of bounds in range test.
(edit) @6277   10 years curtis Fix range test indices.
(edit) @6276   10 years curtis Make ZCT index extraction methods smarter about FloatProcessor. Still …
(edit) @6275   10 years bdezonia added an additional test for swapDims
(edit) @6274   10 years bdezonia various impls and improvements. updated swapDimsTest to check order of …
(edit) @6273   10 years curtis Progress on Bio-Formats Importer refactoring: * Fix problem with …
(edit) @6271   10 years curtis Cleaner import preparation process (ImportProcess & ImportStep).
(edit) @6270   10 years bdezonia fixed bug in splits tests
(edit) @6269   10 years bdezonia Fixed expected values for split tests
(edit) @6268   10 years bdezonia Merged changes from repository. Improved coverage of test code for …
(edit) @6265   10 years curtis Progress on Bio-Formats Importer refactoring and tests.
(edit) @6261   10 years bdezonia more work on splitting tests
(edit) @6260   10 years bdezonia initial impl of the split routines
(edit) @6259   10 years bdezonia further work: group files, open indiv files
(edit) @6258   10 years curtis Fix bug with dimensional extents.
(edit) @6253   10 years bdezonia added reflection code for testing private vars of ImagePlus
(edit) @6251   10 years bdezonia Further test implementation
(edit) @6250   10 years bdezonia Further implementation
(edit) @6248   10 years bdezonia partial implementation
(edit) @6247   10 years curtis Progress on Bio-Formats Importer refactoring.
(edit) @6246   10 years curtis Add API to ImporterOptions for setting series, range and crop values.
(edit) @6242   10 years curtis Specify a pixel type for the importer tests.
(add) @6240   10 years curtis Initial version of some simple tests for Bio-Formats Importer.
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