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(edit) @6585   10 years curtis Update component version numbers from 4.1.1 to 4.2-DEV.
(edit) @6581   10 years curtis Preserve dimensional extents on concatenation.
(edit) @6580   10 years curtis Update color mode documentation a bit.
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(edit) @6575   10 years curtis Disable calibration function for INT32, since FloatProcessor is used. Also …
Diff Rev Age Author Log Message
(edit) @6571   10 years curtis Fix indexing bug when reading only a subset of planes.
(edit) @6570   10 years curtis Minor tweaks.
(edit) @6563   10 years curtis Remove debugging statement.
(edit) @6561   10 years curtis Do not fill indices for true color data if LUT is compatible with ImageJ.
Diff Rev Age Author Log Message
(edit) @6554   10 years curtis Progress on proper handling of color modes.
Diff Rev Age Author Log Message
(edit) @6522   10 years curtis Fix problem with Stack Slicer macro keys.
(edit) @6521   10 years curtis Use explicit version number for JUnit JAR.
(edit) @6519   10 years bdezonia minor refactorings
(edit) @6518   10 years bdezonia further work on various methods
(edit) @6517   10 years melissa Fixed warnings.
(edit) @6514   10 years melissa Javadoc tweaks.
(edit) @6513   10 years bdezonia edits towards a general getColorTable() based testing method. Also enabled …
(edit) @6512   10 years melissa Fixed a couple of minor channel bugs. testColorizeSubcases should pass …
(edit) @6511   10 years bdezonia remove print statements to simplify debugging
(edit) @6510   10 years bdezonia further work related to testColorizedSubcases()
(edit) @6506   10 years melissa * Updated JUnit version so that ImageJ plugin tests compile. * Overrode …
(edit) @6502   10 years melissa Implemented colorizing when SizeC == 1, and fixed color handling when …
(edit) @6500   10 years melissa Apply one LUT to each channel if the original file contains its own LUTs. …
(edit) @6499   10 years melissa Fixed bug introduced in r6497, for real this time.
(edit) @6498   10 years melissa Fixed bug introduced in r6497.
(edit) @6497   10 years melissa Throw an exception if ImageProcessor types don't match.
(edit) @6495   10 years melissa Updated email address.
(edit) @6493   10 years bdezonia improved a number of methods (testComboCropAutoscale, testDatasetGroup, …
(edit) @6488   10 years bdezonia Fixed issue in adjustColorRange() with calculation of max and min
(edit) @6481   10 years curtis Remove debugging statements.
(edit) @6480   10 years curtis Tweak creation of ColorModel.
(edit) @6478   10 years curtis Readd support for obsolete "Standard ImageJ" stack view option.
(edit) @6476   10 years curtis Add compatibility later for obsolete color options. This should allow old …
(edit) @6475   10 years curtis Organize methods a little better.
(edit) @6474   10 years curtis Add a note about the use of ImporterPrompter in BF.openImagePlus.
(edit) @6473   10 years curtis Clarify and expound on some TODOs.
(edit) @6471   10 years bdezonia in middle of writing testColorColorizedSubcases() - incomplete
(edit) @6470   10 years curtis Fix some Eclipse warnings.
(edit) @6469   10 years curtis Force non-overlapping ZCT order when swapping dimensions.
(edit) @6467   10 years curtis Fix a couple of minor Mac OS X specific bugs.
(edit) @6466   10 years curtis Fix some problems with the series chooser. If there are more than 200 …
(edit) @6458   10 years melissa Moved ome.xml.r201004.* to ome.xml.model.* in trunk.
(edit) @6456   10 years bdezonia testComboManyOptions() - added verification of crop size
(edit) @6455   10 years bdezonia testComboManyOptions() - enhanced range testing
(edit) @6454   10 years bdezonia testComboManyOptions() - improved and working
(edit) @6453   10 years bdezonia testComboManyOptions - save working version with debug code in place
(edit) @6450   10 years curtis Better indexed color logic; still broken in various cases though.
(edit) @6449   10 years bdezonia testComboManyOptions - temp/wrong implementation. Various other changes.
(edit) @6447   10 years curtis Fix testDatasetSwapDims.
(edit) @6442   10 years curtis Clean up indexed color table generation a bit.
(edit) @6441   10 years bdezonia Fixed comboConcatSplit code. BF broken here.
(edit) @6439   10 years bdezonia Added comboConcatSplitTest(). Other small edits.
(edit) @6434   10 years curtis Throw IllegalArgumentException for invalid Z/C/T step.
(edit) @6433   10 years curtis Fix intensity scaling issue with signed and float pixel types.
(edit) @6432   10 years curtis Fix problem with step size of 0.
(edit) @6431   10 years bdezonia Clarified TODOs at top of file
(edit) @6421   10 years bdezonia further work on testColorComposite
(edit) @6410   10 years bdezonia some refactoring, some composite test code
(edit) @6408   10 years curtis Fix image calibration bug.
(edit) @6403   10 years bdezonia Minor edits
(edit) @6394   10 years bdezonia More work on color tests
(edit) @6393   10 years bdezonia Some work on color tests
(edit) @6387   10 years bdezonia Made testColorCustom work with corrected BF code
(edit) @6385   10 years curtis Fix rounding error in LUT generation.
(edit) @6348   10 years bdezonia minor edits
(edit) @6347   10 years bdezonia minor edit in MemoryRecordTest
(edit) @6346   10 years bdezonia simplified MemoryRecordTest
(edit) @6345   10 years curtis Remove some obsolete code.
(edit) @6344   10 years bdezonia more work on color tests. work on memoryRecord test too.
(edit) @6342   10 years curtis Initial implementation for custom color mode.
(edit) @6340   10 years curtis Tweak comments.
(edit) @6338   10 years curtis Fix DataBrowser bugs with newer versions of ImageJ.
(edit) @6331   10 years bdezonia Stubbed out color tests
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