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(edit) @6972   10 years melissa Only apply LUTs to sliced stacks if the original CompositeImage used the …
(edit) @6971   10 years melissa Updated upgrade check status message to be a bit more clear.
(edit) @6949   10 years melissa Ensure that LUTs are properly preserved when using a virtual stack. …
(edit) @6948   10 years melissa Don't apply lookup tables if there is more than one channel and we cannot …
(edit) @6891   10 years melissa Disable color mode options when the stack view is set to "Standard …
(edit) @6889   10 years melissa Added system properties to ImageJ plugin log. Closes #547.
(edit) @6881   10 years curtis Update SVN and Trac paths.
(edit) @6874   10 years curtis Better series handling when number of series is extremely large.
(edit) @6873   10 years curtis Update location of LegacyQTTools class.
(edit) @6869   10 years curtis Add a note stating that metadata can also be viewed in Image Info.
(edit) @6859   10 years curtis Remove bogus quote escape characters.
(edit) @6858   10 years curtis Clarify 'Display metadata' option to be less misleading.
(edit) @6807   10 years melissa * Fixed bug in StringOption that prevented macro keys from being parsed …
(edit) @6798   10 years melissa Added 'Object getSeriesMetadataValue(String)' to IFormatReader.
(edit) @6792   10 years melissa Preserve LUTs in virtual stack mode. Closes #528.
(edit) @6788   10 years melissa If ImporterOptions.getId() returns null, prompt for a file regardless of …
(edit) @6773   10 years curtis Update minimum ImageJ version to 1.43, since …
(edit) @6750   10 years curtis Add Bio-Formats Importer to the File>Import menu.
(edit) @6721   10 years bdezonia whitespace only - a hudson test
(edit) @6718   10 years bdezonia no change except whitespace - hudson test
(edit) @6716   10 years curtis More fixes to LWF license code handling.
(edit) @6714   10 years curtis Fix up support for LWF license codes.
(edit) @6710   10 years melissa * Fixed how ICS files with > 4 channels are read. * Fixed Channel …
(edit) @6707   10 years melissa Fixed problems with exporting multi-channel data.
(edit) @6704   10 years melissa * Reverted r6703 stupidity. * Fixed Image5D display mode to work with …
(edit) @6703   10 years melissa Disable the "concatenate series" option when displaying with Image5D. See …
(edit) @6702   10 years melissa * Fixed ROI retrieval logic in ImageJ import plugin. * Updated FV1000 …
(edit) @6701   10 years melissa Fixed View5D instantiation; see #514.
(edit) @6698   10 years curtis Fix problem with GUI locking when using LOCI Plugins Shortcut Window.
(edit) @6686   10 years curtis Fix up test targets in Ant build scripts.
(edit) @6684   10 years melissa Updated what's new and switch trunk component version numbers to 5.0-DEV.
(edit) @6682   10 years curtis Add a flag to disable tests with special requirements. All tests now pass.
(edit) @6676   10 years curtis Fix bug with dimensional extents between multiple series.
(edit) @6674   10 years melissa Fixed how Images are removed from a MetadataStore when exporting one …
(edit) @6673   10 years curtis Better error handling when constructing base reader object.
(edit) @6672   10 years curtis Fix typo.
(edit) @6668   10 years curtis Fix autoscaling bugs, and rework autoscaling tests.
(edit) @6660   10 years curtis Remove unnecessary thumbnail autoscaling logic.
(edit) @6659   10 years curtis Disable 'Record modifications to virtual stack' option (broken anyway).
(edit) @6658   10 years curtis Fix problem with virtual stack pixel types.
(edit) @6657   10 years curtis Use 'uncalibrated' values for CompositeImage min/max.
(edit) @6656   10 years curtis If TimeIncrement is missing, average DeltaT values for ImageJ time …
(edit) @6654   10 years curtis Progress on Bio-Formats Importer: * Readd support for Ext.openImage and …
(edit) @6640   10 years bdezonia minor edits. did change maxPixel calc for UINT32.
(edit) @6639   10 years curtis Update autoscale test to check CompositeImage LUT ranges.
(edit) @6638   10 years curtis Enable toggling of debug print statements using DEBUG flag.
(edit) @6637   10 years bdezonia minor edits
(edit) @6636   10 years bdezonia added UINT16 support to all colorTests. added back all virtual modes to …
(edit) @6634   10 years bdezonia datasetGroupFiles() improved. Constants fixed for correct style.
(edit) @6633   10 years bdezonia fixed lut testing in testColorCustom. enhanced testColorComposite to …
(edit) @6625   10 years curtis Fix autoscaling problem with >8-bit CompositeImages.
(edit) @6623   10 years bdezonia make flesh for the color tests. remove unfinished tests. comment out some …
(edit) @6620   10 years bdezonia some work on composite testing and some code on dimension swapping tests. …
(edit) @6610   10 years curtis Change default stack order to XYCZT, to match Hyperstack view option.
(edit) @6609   10 years curtis Fix bug in 'Metadata only' stack view option.
(edit) @6604   10 years curtis Readd "Standard ImageJ" stack view option. Note that non-hyperstacks …
(edit) @6603   10 years curtis Cosmetic tweaks.
(edit) @6598   10 years curtis Preserve channel-specific LUTs. Fixes #495 (again).
(edit) @6595   10 years curtis Better error handling when reading thumbnails.
(edit) @6594   10 years bdezonia put most all virtual subcases in place
(edit) @6592   10 years curtis Update required ImageJ version to 1.42+, due to CompositeImage.setLUTs …
(edit) @6591   10 years bdezonia more virtual test code
(edit) @6590   10 years bdezonia Added some virtual testing methods
(edit) @6588   10 years curtis Update copyright notice for LOCI plugins.
(edit) @6587   10 years bdezonia modified comboConcatSplit methods to work with BF's latest changes
(edit) @6585   10 years curtis Update component version numbers from 4.1.1 to 4.2-DEV.
(edit) @6581   10 years curtis Preserve dimensional extents on concatenation.
(edit) @6580   10 years curtis Update color mode documentation a bit.
(edit) @6579   10 years bdezonia more options.setVirtual() support
(edit) @6578   10 years bdezonia started adding code to test everything with VirtualStacks also
(edit) @6575   10 years curtis Disable calibration function for INT32, since FloatProcessor is used. Also …
(edit) @6574   10 years bdezonia minor edits. enabled openAllSeries with concatenate in the combo tests.
(edit) @6572   10 years bdezonia Fixed the two split timepoints tests to match against modified CZT order
(edit) @6571   10 years curtis Fix indexing bug when reading only a subset of planes.
(edit) @6570   10 years curtis Minor tweaks.
(edit) @6563   10 years curtis Remove debugging statement.
(edit) @6561   10 years curtis Do not fill indices for true color data if LUT is compatible with ImageJ.
(edit) @6560   10 years curtis Add a TODO note about discontinuous 16-bit LUT resampling.
(edit) @6558   10 years curtis Use composite mode by default for formerly-indexed images.
(edit) @6554   10 years curtis Progress on proper handling of color modes.
(edit) @6552   10 years bdezonia minor edits
(edit) @6541   10 years bdezonia Improved falseColor support in getPixelValue().
(edit) @6537   10 years bdezonia minor changes
(edit) @6535   10 years bdezonia refactoring
(edit) @6534   10 years melissa Fixed a few issues with 16-bit LUTs.
(edit) @6533   10 years bdezonia more refactoring
(edit) @6532   10 years bdezonia mostly refactoring
(edit) @6531   10 years callan Re-run of code generation; working copy schema. Huge merge. (See …
(edit) @6530   10 years bdezonia Further support for indexed data
(edit) @6529   10 years bdezonia testColorCompositeSubcases() implemented for nonindexed data
(edit) @6528   10 years bdezonia started work on testCompositeSubcases(). Began refactor for general …
(edit) @6522   10 years curtis Fix problem with Stack Slicer macro keys.
(edit) @6521   10 years curtis Use explicit version number for JUnit JAR.
(edit) @6519   10 years bdezonia minor refactorings
(edit) @6518   10 years bdezonia further work on various methods
(edit) @6517   10 years melissa Fixed warnings.
(edit) @6514   10 years melissa Javadoc tweaks.
(edit) @6513   10 years bdezonia edits towards a general getColorTable() based testing method. Also enabled …
(edit) @6512   10 years melissa Fixed a couple of minor channel bugs. testColorizeSubcases should pass …
(edit) @6511   10 years bdezonia remove print statements to simplify debugging
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