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(edit) @6684   10 years melissa Updated what's new and switch trunk component version numbers to 5.0-DEV.
(edit) @6585   10 years curtis Update component version numbers from 4.1.1 to 4.2-DEV.
(edit) @6517   10 years melissa Fixed warnings.
(edit) @6495   10 years melissa Updated email address.
(edit) @6458   10 years melissa Moved ome.xml.r201004.* to ome.xml.model.* in trunk.
(edit) @6294   10 years melissa Added API for tiled image and multi-file export (see #413 and #486). …
(edit) @6235   10 years curtis Add ome-xml.jar to Eclipse classpath, hopefully as a temporary workaround.
(edit) @6234   10 years melissa * Fixed compile errors introduced in r6230. * Added transformations from …
(edit) @6165   10 years curtis Fix up Eclipse classpaths: * Use build-eclipse instead of build/classes …
(edit) @6045   10 years curtis Fix various dependency problems exposed by
(edit) @6026   10 years melissa Merging cleanup branch back into trunk.
(edit) @6016   10 years curtis Move a bunch of Ant junk into its own folder.
(edit) @5989   10 years curtis More cleanup of URLs.
(edit) @5987   10 years curtis Update a bunch of URLs. Still more to be done in various packages though.
(edit) @5666   10 years curtis Fix OSGi version numbers to match latest 4.1.0 release.
(edit) @5605   10 years curtis Clean up import statements.
(edit) @5551   10 years curtis Fix up Ant build system; add OSGi bundle export to JAR production.
(edit) @5501   10 years curtis Some work on OmeroReader implementation of IFormatReader, for OMERO 4.0.x.
(edit) @5495   10 years curtis Fix toplevel Findbugs target.
(edit) @5300   11 years curtis Clean up DataTools byte translation methods: * Deprecate superfluous …
(edit) @5191   11 years curtis Progress on elimination of AWT references from core Bio-Formats packages. …
(edit) @5115   11 years curtis Fix up Eclipse classpath dependencies. This new way uses "External …
(edit) @5093   11 years curtis Fix a bunch of Eclipse warnings.
(edit) @5092   11 years curtis Progress on LOCI plugins refactoring.
(edit) @5043   11 years curtis * Begin code cleanup for LOCI plugins. * Disable deprecation warnings …
(edit) @4953   11 years melissa Switched licenses from GPL v3 or later to GPL v2 or later.
(edit) @4822   11 years curtis Better build system for Bio-Formats C++ bindings on Linux.
(edit) @4612   11 years curtis * Add exec target to each component. * Miscellaneous tweaks to build …
(edit) @4609   11 years curtis * Update Eclipse projects to match the latest codebase. * Add Eclipse …
(edit) @4584   11 years curtis * Add SVN revision token to source code filtering, so that About …
(edit) @4551   11 years curtis Remove *.class and *.swp from SVN ignore lists.
(edit) @4550   11 years curtis Split out AWT-specific functionality from loci.formats.ImageTools into new …
(edit) @4533   11 years curtis Add sanity test that compares scanned dependencies with each component's …
(edit) @4529   11 years curtis Move forked projects into components/forks subtree.
(edit) @4521   11 years melissa Moved several common I/O and utility classes to new component.
(edit) @4472   11 years curtis Add separate Eclipse project for each component.
(edit) @4367   11 years curtis Fix references to ome-java.jar vs ome-xml.jar in component build …
(edit) @4359   11 years curtis Update Trac and SVN javadoc links.
(add) @4357   11 years curtis First cut at component-driven source code modularization. * Preserves …
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