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(edit) @6759   10 years curtis Update OmeroReader to use OMERO 4.2 API.
(edit) @6542   10 years callan Adding Xalan and its serializer dependency JAR to the Eclipse CLASSPATH.
(edit) @6539   10 years callan Fixing "External libraries" Eclipse project CLASSPATH.
(edit) @6521   10 years curtis Use explicit version number for JUnit JAR.
(edit) @6506   10 years melissa * Updated JUnit version so that ImageJ plugin tests compile. * Overrode …
(edit) @6504   10 years melissa Finished adding Xalan dependency.
(edit) @6182   10 years curtis Fix up logging with Bio-Formats command line tools. This removes the hard …
(edit) @6167   10 years curtis Add a very simple log4j configuration file for use with various main …
(edit) @6166   10 years curtis Tweak (irrelevant) "External libraries" build directory.
(edit) @6165   10 years curtis Fix up Eclipse classpaths: * Use build-eclipse instead of build/classes …
(edit) @6047   10 years curtis Fix Eclipse compile errors with VisBio tests, and remove unneeded …
(edit) @6045   10 years curtis Fix various dependency problems exposed by
(edit) @6026   10 years melissa Merging cleanup branch back into trunk.
(edit) @5551   11 years curtis Fix up Ant build system; add OSGi bundle export to JAR production.
(edit) @5534   11 years curtis Update Eclipse JARs and remove a couple of unused imports.
(edit) @5508   11 years curtis Remove obsolete OMERO JARs; fix tools-ome target.
(edit) @5501   11 years curtis Some work on OmeroReader implementation of IFormatReader, for OMERO 4.0.x.
(edit) @5475   11 years callan Fixed Eclipse classpath.
(edit) @5462   11 years curtis Update Ice library to 3.3.1 from 3.2.1.
(edit) @5115   11 years curtis Fix up Eclipse classpath dependencies. This new way uses "External …
(edit) @5049   11 years curtis Update to ImageJ v1.42n.
(edit) @4634   12 years gbonamy Added to facilitate import under Eclipse
(edit) @4594   12 years curtis Add findbugs target to check a component for program bugs. Closes #321.
(edit) @4563   12 years curtis Add Bio-Formats Ice framework to build system.
(edit) @4503   12 years melissa * Added JAI ImageIO component, with modifications to support YCbCr color …
(edit) @4433   12 years curtis Fix typo in OME-Java library's classpath dependencies.
(edit) @4424   12 years melissa Added MDB tools and POI components.
(edit) @4422   12 years melissa Recompiled with Java 1.4.
(edit) @4366   12 years curtis Add JAR containing deprecated org.openmicroscopy.xml package, for use with …
(edit) @4284   12 years melissa Slightly modified jmagick.jar to fix class loading problem in ImageJ.
(edit) @4258   12 years melissa Use JMagick to decompress JPEG-2000 data if JAI fails.
(edit) @4184   12 years allison Update OMERO libraries to 3.0 Beta 3.
(edit) @4176   12 years melissa Fixed a couple of offset bugs in mdbtools - the constituent MDB files in …
(edit) @4170   12 years ansari Updating ij.jar to nightly build (1.41f)
(edit) @4125   12 years curtis Fix build errors and clean up loci.apps.flow package.
(edit) @4098   12 years curtis Readd missing TiffData methods to 2003-FC Pixels node.
(edit) @4097   12 years curtis Better back references for 2003-FC schema.
(edit) @4088   12 years curtis Fix some CDATA bugs that resulted in certain OME attributes being dropped.
(edit) @4087   12 years curtis Latest OME-Java with correct Correction and Immersion handling.
(edit) @4084   12 years curtis Enable Correction and Immersion for 2008-02 schema.
(edit) @4075   12 years curtis Fix SPW class node detection; closes ticket #298.
(edit) @4065   12 years curtis Update MetadataStore to handle SPW data model in ome.xml.r20xxxx.spw …
(edit) @4064   12 years curtis MetadataStore improvements paving the way for a better OME-TIFF reader: …
(edit) @4058   12 years melissa Initial version of ScreenPlateWell support. FlexReader is currently the …
(edit) @3988   12 years curtis Add TiffData entity and properties to MetadataStore.
(edit) @3982   12 years curtis Fixed multi-schema OME-XML support, and added 2008-02 schema version.
(edit) @3958   12 years curtis Initial version of direct 2003-FC schema hierarchy.
(edit) @3931   12 years curtis Allow construction of legacy OME-XML documents using OMEXMLFactory.
(edit) @3840   12 years curtis Fix some problems with OME-XML metadata store logic.
(edit) @3832   12 years melissa Recompiled with 1.4 (instead of 1.6).
(edit) @3831   12 years melissa omeul now uploads the original file(s).
(edit) @3800   12 years melissa Added JBoss JAR (required for OMERO connectivity).
(edit) @3797   12 years melissa Added spring.jar (required for OMERO 2.3 server connectivity) and updated …
(edit) @3788   12 years curtis Update to final version of ImageJ v1.39.
(edit) @3715   12 years curtis Progress on TestNG suite.
(edit) @3605   12 years curtis Initial version of metadata framework with working object references …
(edit) @3603   12 years curtis Fix method mismatch.
(edit) @3602   12 years curtis Performance improvements for metadata population.
(edit) @3567   12 years curtis * Lots of improvements and bugfixes to OME-XML MetadataTools methods. * …
(edit) @3551   12 years curtis Fix problem with Class.getPackage() within ImageJ.
(edit) @3544   12 years curtis OME Java build with needed xslt stylesheets.
(edit) @3542   12 years curtis OME Java version with OMEXMLNode.makeID(String) method needed for …
(edit) @3524   12 years curtis Initial version of LOCI codebase with multi-version OME-XML support. This …
(edit) @3481   12 years curtis Use Velocity template engine for metadata logic autogenerator.
(edit) @3458   12 years melissa Updated to v1.39l.
(edit) @3452   13 years curtis Fix problem with clean target failing on Windows due to locked files.
(edit) @3432   13 years melissa * Added OMERO JARs; updated build scripts appropriately. * Updated what's …
(edit) @3379   13 years curtis Move native code to libs folder; update build script.
(edit) @3375   13 years melissa Added JAR/native library files needed to read lossless JPEG.
(edit) @3372   13 years melissa * Updated POI to use significantly less memory, which required a few …
(edit) @3366   13 years melissa Updated poi-loci.jar - fixes a couple of bugs with files that have a big …
(edit) @3309   13 years melissa Added support for Imaris 5.5 (HDF-based).
(edit) @3200   13 years curtis Fix some problems with XML validation.
(edit) @3119   13 years curtis Latest VisAD library.
(edit) @3086   13 years curtis Initial skeleton for Bio-Formats ImageJ macro extensions. Several key …
(edit) @3075   13 years curtis Fix arbitrary slicing efficiency bug.
(edit) @3064   13 years curtis Allow 4 range components in ImageFlatField.
(edit) @3063   13 years curtis Refix initial skeleton schemaLocation attribute.
(edit) @3042   13 years curtis * Use an internal ID generation mechanism that produces valid IDs. * Fix …
(edit) @3033   13 years melissa Fixed to work with Java 1.4
(edit) @3021   13 years melissa Previous ome-java.jar didn't strip invalid characters out of the XML …
(edit) @3017   13 years curtis Tweak Apache Axis2 hack to work better.
(edit) @3011   13 years curtis Apply workaround for the Apache Axis2 bug in more places.
(edit) @3010   13 years curtis Workaround for bug in Apache Axis2.
(edit) @3006   13 years curtis Tweaked OME2OME-CA.xslt to eliminate Java XSLT compiler warnings.
(edit) @2946   13 years curtis Update to latest OME-CA2OME.xslt with PixelSizeT -> TimeIncrement bugfix.
(edit) @2872   13 years melissa Updated testing framework to use TestNG (instead of JUnit); added pixel …
(edit) @2654   13 years curtis Fix problem with ImageFlatField and 16-bit image data.
(edit) @2635   13 years curtis 2007 Apr 17 VisAD jar with CursorUtil class.
(edit) @2596   13 years curtis ImageJ v1.38n.
(edit) @2580   13 years curtis Updated VisAD JAR to work properly with latest Bio-Formats API.
(edit) @2505   13 years curtis 2007 Mar 23 build of VisAD.
(edit) @2411   13 years curtis Update to ImageJ v1.38l.
(edit) @2266   13 years curtis Change method signatures from OMEXMLNode.getChildren to …
(edit) @2264   13 years curtis Better internal ID generation (based on element names instead of global).
(edit) @2223   13 years curtis Add OMEXMLNode.getChildren() method.
(edit) @1930   13 years curtis No need for these JAR files to be in the repository.
(edit) @1929   13 years curtis Use JUnit 3.8, not 4.1, since 4.1 requires Java 5.
(edit) @1917   13 years melissa Integrated Image5D and View5D with importer.
(edit) @1903   14 years melissa * Fixed ND2/JPEG-2000 bug. This required switching from JJ2000 to JAI; …
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