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(edit) @4048   12 years curtis Licensing and packaging changes. * Change Bio-Formats and SLIM Plotter …
(edit) @3624   12 years curtis * Move ImageProcessorSource to loci.plugins; use Util.openProcessor …
(edit) @3534   12 years curtis Fix jikes warnings.
(edit) @3522   12 years curtis Add toString method, for debugging.
(edit) @3506   12 years melissa Added caching thread to data browser and fixed a few bugs in …
(edit) @3355   12 years melissa * Added two new API methods - 'boolean isInCache(int[])' and 'boolean …
(edit) @3015   13 years curtis Add source code links to the Javadoc for every class. I automated the …
(edit) @3004   13 years curtis Some work on cache GUI component (not finished yet).
(edit) @3003   13 years curtis Progress on caching logic: * CacheEvent for reporting caching events * …
(edit) @2984   13 years curtis Simply cache source interface a bit.
(edit) @2980   13 years curtis Some work on the cache component; add "gui" command to cache tester.
(edit) @2976   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @2975   13 years curtis Use LogTools instead of System.out.
(edit) @2974   13 years curtis Use conservative default caching range.
(edit) @2973   13 years curtis Woo, cache logic appears to be working.
(edit) @2969   13 years curtis A bit of cleanup.
(edit) @2968   13 years curtis Rewrite cache strategy logic.
(edit) @2961   13 years curtis A bunch of work on the caching logic. Still broken though.
(edit) @2952   13 years melissa Added main method to Cache; fixed package names in sources.
(edit) @2951   13 years melissa Allow sources to be constructed with either a filename or a reader; fixed …
(edit) @2948   13 years curtis With only a couple of strategies and sources, it is fine for everything to …
(edit) @2947   13 years curtis Eliminate superfluous Utils class.
(edit) @2871   13 years melissa Ignore class files; remove unused constants.
(add) @2866   13 years melissa First draft of cache package.
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