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(edit) @4048   12 years curtis Licensing and packaging changes. * Change Bio-Formats and SLIM Plotter …
(edit) @4015   12 years curtis Some improvements to the image viewer: * Display "no image plane" …
(edit) @3983   12 years curtis Tweak documentation.
(edit) @3872   12 years curtis Eliminate some unused variables.
(edit) @3820   12 years curtis JTree cell renderer for displaying syntax highlighted XML.
(edit) @3699   12 years melissa Fixed another shuffleAllTypesToFront bug.
(edit) @3698   12 years curtis Fixed shuffleAllTypesToFront again. Ha ha, testing is good.
(edit) @3697   12 years curtis Fix bug in shuffleAllTypesToFront (hopefully).
(edit) @3695   12 years melissa Added base case, where "All supported file types" filter is already first …
(edit) @3693   12 years curtis Make JFileChooser file filter logic work with the recent isThisType …
(edit) @3681   12 years curtis More preview pane bugfixes.
(edit) @3680   12 years curtis Improve preview pane.
(edit) @3639   12 years curtis CacheIndicator can work with Components other than JScrollBar.
(edit) @3624   12 years curtis * Move ImageProcessorSource to loci.plugins; use Util.openProcessor …
(edit) @3622   12 years curtis Add missing copyright.
(edit) @3549   12 years curtis Fix some Eclipse warnings.
(edit) @3255   12 years curtis Comment out reference to broken makeType method.
(edit) @3250   12 years curtis Disable editing of file path text boxes for now.
(edit) @3223   12 years curtis Gray out time slider when no format reader is specified.
(edit) @3222   12 years curtis Allow null IFormatReader, and add corresponding setImages signature.
(edit) @3108   13 years curtis 1. Cleaned up MetadataStore and MetadataRetrieve interface usage: * …
(edit) @3105   13 years curtis Add notes on loci.formats.ome dependencies; comment out some code.
(edit) @3104   13 years curtis A bunch of miscellaneous bugfixes and tweaks: * Remove some faulty …
(edit) @3072   13 years curtis Fix typo.
(edit) @3015   13 years curtis Add source code links to the Javadoc for every class. I automated the …
(edit) @3008   13 years curtis Update cache GUI component to respond to cache events. Now the GUI updates …
(edit) @3004   13 years curtis Some work on cache GUI component (not finished yet).
(edit) @3003   13 years curtis Progress on caching logic: * CacheEvent for reporting caching events * …
(edit) @2980   13 years curtis Some work on the cache component; add "gui" command to cache tester.
(edit) @2979   13 years curtis Tweaks.
(edit) @2976   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @2967   13 years curtis Temporarily comment out some obsolete logic.
(edit) @2963   13 years curtis Fix compile errors.
(edit) @2954   13 years curtis * Do not reload preview thumbnail if another used file is selected * …
(edit) @2953   13 years melissa Updated to reflect new cache package structure.
(edit) @2884   13 years curtis Normalize floating point thumbnails.
(edit) @2883   13 years curtis Clean up code and add javadocs; eliminate reliance on dubious (probably …
(edit) @2881   13 years curtis Preview pane component for use with file chooser.
(edit) @2869   13 years melissa First draft of GUI component that controls cache parameters.
(edit) @2857   13 years curtis Fix up Bio-Formats logging to use a simple, common logging infrastructure.
(edit) @2809   13 years curtis Fix bug in ZCT coordinate conversions after image planes are done being …
(edit) @2801   13 years curtis Style.
(edit) @2790   13 years curtis Move Movie Stitcher into Bio-Formats GUI package as "Data Converter."
(edit) @2766   13 years curtis More OME Notebook renaming.
(edit) @2687   13 years curtis * Switch IFormatWriter over to setId model * Switch SDTReader API …
(edit) @2601   13 years curtis Style fixes.
(edit) @2583   13 years melissa Deprecated all methods that take the 'id' parameter. The id should be st …
(edit) @2576   13 years curtis Eliminate deprecation warnings for save vs saveImage.
(edit) @2571   13 years curtis Change the way "allow open" stuff works, so that ComboFileFilter need not …
(edit) @2542   13 years curtis Tweak some comments.
(add) @2538   13 years curtis * Move JFileChooser and FileFilter logic (Swing stuff) into separate …
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