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(edit) @4048   12 years curtis Licensing and packaging changes. * Change Bio-Formats and SLIM Plotter …
(edit) @4021   12 years curtis Tweak usage.
(edit) @3872   12 years curtis Eliminate some unused variables.
(edit) @3813   12 years curtis Default to 2007-06, not 2003 (FC), for OME-XML output.
(edit) @3796   12 years melissa Added support for exporting to BigTIFF. You can test this from the …
(edit) @3760   12 years melissa Added support for writing multi-series OME-TIFF files.
(edit) @3584   12 years melissa Temporarily force 2003-FC OME-XML to be generated.
(edit) @3580   12 years curtis Fix problems with bfconvert not filtering original metadata key/value …
(edit) @3568   12 years curtis Better OME-XML generation error messages.
(edit) @3563   12 years curtis Simplify -series option and clean up whitespace.
(edit) @3558   12 years allison Added -series option to BFconvert
(edit) @3554   12 years melissa Removed '-fill' option, as it is a duplicate of '-expand'.
(edit) @3545   12 years curtis Include new command line parameters in usage string.
(edit) @3539   12 years curtis Report schema version of OME-XML being generated.
(edit) @3532   12 years melissa Added subimage options to ImageInfo and importer plugin.
(edit) @3524   12 years curtis Initial version of LOCI codebase with multi-version OME-XML support. This …
(edit) @3475   12 years curtis List command line script name with usage instead of "java …
(edit) @3474   12 years curtis Move TiffComment utility into command line tools suite as "tiffcomment."
(edit) @3469   12 years melissa Added "-preload" option: reads the given file into a byte array, then uses …
(edit) @3307   12 years melissa Added command-line flags to ImageConverter (-merge, -separate, -stitch, …
(edit) @3281   12 years melissa Finished logic to correctly handle signed data.
(edit) @3218   13 years curtis Allow processing from stdin.
(edit) @3201   13 years curtis Miscellaneous tweaks.
(edit) @3197   13 years melissa * Added isFalseColor() to IFormatReader API; updated ChannelFiller …
(edit) @3194   13 years curtis Add printout of indexed color and LUT information to showinf.
(edit) @3193   13 years curtis Print series names in core metadata listing if metadata store is set.
(edit) @3180   13 years melissa Added indexed color -> RGB option to ImageInfo; modified …
(edit) @3145   13 years curtis Add command line XML validation tool.
(edit) @3143   13 years curtis Split non-OME-XML-specific XML functionality into separate XMLTools class. …
(add) @3137   13 years curtis Migrate complex command line tools into their own package, to provide a …
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