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(edit) @2725   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @2692   13 years curtis Fix deprecation warnings.
(edit) @2672   13 years curtis * Eliminate unnecessary exceptions from new method signatures * Update …
(edit) @2621   13 years curtis Add note about problem with setId call.
(edit) @2610   13 years curtis Auto-detect calibration values from converted OME-XML.
(edit) @2594   13 years curtis Pass TransformLink to getData method as optional first parameter. This can …
(edit) @2587   13 years melissa Eliminated remaining deprecation warnings; moved all deprecated methods to …
(edit) @2582   13 years sorber Added 2D w/ overlays option to "Would you like to visualize" dialog.
(edit) @2579   13 years curtis Eliminate deprecation warnings relating to save vs saveImage.
(edit) @2555   13 years curtis * Centralize all dependencies on ij.* into loci.visbio.util.ImageJUtil. …
(edit) @2506   13 years curtis Clean up dependencies for loci.visbio.util package.
(edit) @2499   13 years curtis Use Bio-Formats Status events instead of Task events.
(edit) @2365   13 years curtis Load metadata from just the first file, rather than all constituent files.
(edit) @2327   13 years curtis Rearrange Bio-Formats OME logic into loci.formats.ome package.
(edit) @1989   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @1885   13 years curtis Don't let dataset name be null.
(edit) @1848   13 years chris fix of line 149, because ImageTools.scale() method no longer takes two …
(edit) @1746   13 years sorber Switch from visad.ReflectedUniverse to loci.formats.ReflectedUniverse.
(edit) @1562   13 years melissa Changed signature of ImageTools.scale to "void scale(BufferedImage, int, …
(edit) @1460   13 years curtis No need to catch MetadataStoreException anymore.
(edit) @1390   14 years curtis Clean up some style issues in VisBio.
(edit) @1380   14 years curtis Add package descriptions for the remaining packages.
(edit) @1366   14 years curtis Trim down VisBio file formats documentation.
(edit) @1360   14 years curtis Change UnsupportedMetadataStoreException to MetadataStoreException.
(edit) @1312   14 years curtis Import TiffWriter from proper location.
(edit) @1300   14 years curtis Remove obsolete CVS files.
(edit) @1284   14 years curtis Eliminate "LOCI common classes" package.
(edit) @1264   14 years curtis Change copyright blurb to use @year@ variable instead of hardcoded 2006.
(edit) @1235   14 years curtis Get rid of direct uses of unmappable micron character.
(edit) @1208   14 years curtis Use new MetadataStore API for Bio-Formats.
(edit) @1069   14 years curtis Remove debugging rainbow around arbitrary slice.
(edit) @1020   14 years curtis Fix Y-orientation problem in arbitrary slice algorithm.
(edit) @1019   14 years curtis Avoid scroll bars appearing when resolution slider is increased.
(edit) @1018   14 years curtis Handle ~ properly when Next is clicked.
(edit) @1017   14 years curtis Strip off junk characters from the end of guessed dataset name.
(edit) @980   14 years curtis Use new openImage method.
(edit) @927   14 years curtis Rename loci.ome.xml to org.openmicroscopy.xml.
(edit) @911   14 years curtis Progress toward external Bio-Formats support. Move a couple of classes to …
(edit) @727   14 years curtis Switch away from ImageFamily to directly using ImageReader and …
(edit) @714   14 years curtis Begin adaptation to new loci.formats package. Current code works, but …
(edit) @630   14 years curtis 2006 copyright update.
(edit) @591   14 years curtis Progress on external program interface; works. Move MATLAB support to …
(edit) @590   14 years curtis Progress on external system call interface.
(edit) @587   14 years curtis Add hooks for ICS format.
(edit) @586   14 years curtis Add horizontal differencing to features list.
(edit) @579   14 years curtis Add Image-Pro IPW format; tweaks to LZW support.
(edit) @578   14 years curtis Fix grayed out thumbnail generation stop button.
(edit) @576   14 years curtis Use new TIFF code or TIFF export.
(edit) @573   14 years curtis Add support for Image-Pro SEQ; other file format documentation updates.
(edit) @572   14 years curtis Add support for Gatan DM3; fix bug with single-image datasets.
(edit) @571   14 years curtis Add Leica and PerkinElmer help topics.
(edit) @569   14 years curtis Fix bug where buttons stay disabled after an error occurs.
(edit) @564   14 years curtis Remove trailing spaces.
(edit) @563   14 years curtis Rewrite arbitrary slicing logic to be more efficient.
(edit) @562   14 years curtis Additional menu shortcuts.
(edit) @559   14 years curtis Add PerkinElmer to list of formats.
(edit) @556   14 years curtis Only dump DatasetPane stack traces when debug mode is enabled.
(edit) @555   14 years curtis Progress toward better multidimensional file recognition.
(edit) @553   14 years curtis Add method for obtaining prefix before each numerical block.
(edit) @552   14 years curtis Add Leica to file formats list.
(edit) @551   14 years curtis Add "Spectra" to list of common dimensional axis types.
(edit) @550   14 years curtis Update expired message to reflect that reinstalling QT now fixes things.
(edit) @547   14 years curtis Add ability to view OME-XML tree in dataset metadata viewer.
(edit) @543   14 years curtis Show thumbnail recomputation task when a data object's parameters change.
(edit) @536   14 years curtis Better error handling when QuickTime is not installed.
(edit) @533   14 years curtis Some more task tweaks; update bugs list.
(edit) @532   14 years curtis More progress on streamlined, multitask-oriented GUI.
(edit) @531   14 years curtis Initial implementation of streamlined VisBio interface with dedicated …
(edit) @529   14 years curtis Report more information during initial dataset creation.
(edit) @522   14 years curtis Finish tying in support for IPLab.
(edit) @517   14 years curtis Add efficiency hack to always check last successful form first in initId.
(edit) @512   15 years curtis Add "Exporting data directly to ImageJ" help topic.
(edit) @508   15 years curtis Finish Send Data to ImageJ function; update version number to v3.09.
(edit) @505   15 years curtis More work on SendToIJPane.
(edit) @503   15 years curtis Split VisUtil into DataUtil and DisplayUtil; begin work on SendToIJPane.
(edit) @502   15 years curtis Add folder chooser to export dialog.
(edit) @490   15 years curtis Fix bug where some axes do not work properly.
(edit) @465   15 years curtis Update copyright; begin work on native MATLAB and Octave support.
(edit) @451   15 years curtis Fix bugs with data sampling transform when microns are specified.
(edit) @448   15 years curtis Update data info panel when selected data changes.
(edit) @443   15 years curtis Fix bug in micron error checking.
(edit) @442   15 years curtis Remove debugging statements.
(edit) @440   15 years curtis Use new makeField signature with set unit.
(edit) @437   15 years curtis More micron-related bugfixes.
(edit) @436   15 years curtis Fix stupid typo.
(edit) @430   15 years curtis Use distinct names for RealTypes with micron units vs null units.
(edit) @429   15 years curtis Add micron information to HTML description; better organization of …
(edit) @427   15 years curtis Fix Z micron unit.
(edit) @425   15 years curtis Units should be null if use microns is unchecked.
(edit) @423   15 years curtis Use new switchTypes with units.
(edit) @421   15 years curtis Check for valid micron parameters before continuing.
(edit) @419   15 years curtis Begin work on support for specifying micron dimensions for datasets.
(edit) @415   15 years curtis Improve data info sizing.
(edit) @407   15 years curtis Make displays behave reasonably when thumbnail generation is turned off.
(edit) @405   15 years curtis Add options for adjusting thumbnailing parameters.
(edit) @400   15 years curtis Add canDisplay2D and canDisplay3D methods to DataTransform for …
(edit) @398   15 years curtis Improve error messages when number of asterisks is incorrect.
(edit) @395   15 years curtis Tweak some comments.
(edit) @393   15 years curtis More memory leaks fixed.
(edit) @392   15 years curtis Fix bug preventing memory from being reclaimed when non-leaf data object …
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