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(edit) @2725   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @2692   13 years curtis Fix deprecation warnings.
(edit) @2682   13 years melissa * Converted OME uploader to use the IFormatWriter API; updated VisBio and …
(edit) @2587   13 years melissa Eliminated remaining deprecation warnings; moved all deprecated methods to …
(edit) @2499   13 years curtis Use Bio-Formats Status events instead of Task events.
(edit) @2446   13 years curtis Only upload data once per dataset.
(edit) @2327   13 years curtis Rearrange Bio-Formats OME logic into loci.formats.ome package.
(edit) @2230   13 years curtis Change loci.ome package references to loci.ome.util.
(edit) @2184   13 years melissa Gracefully handle canceled OMETablePanel.
(edit) @2183   13 years melissa Added OME image browser to VisBio. Also moved much of the connection and …
(edit) @2146   13 years melissa - Updated ImageUploader to use loci.ome.upload API. - Updated OMEImage to …
(edit) @1989   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @1390   14 years curtis Clean up some style issues in VisBio.
(edit) @1380   14 years curtis Add package descriptions for the remaining packages.
(edit) @1300   14 years curtis Remove obsolete CVS files.
(edit) @1284   14 years curtis Eliminate "LOCI common classes" package.
(edit) @1264   14 years curtis Change copyright blurb to use @year@ variable instead of hardcoded 2006.
(edit) @916   14 years curtis Fix incredibly stupid bug prevents some image pixels from being downloaded …
(edit) @913   14 years curtis Register data initialization task with TaskManager.
(edit) @911   14 years curtis Progress toward external Bio-Formats support. Move a couple of classes to …
(edit) @630   14 years curtis 2006 copyright update.
(edit) @590   14 years curtis Progress on external system call interface.
(edit) @587   14 years curtis Add hooks for ICS format.
(edit) @555   14 years curtis Progress toward better multidimensional file recognition.
(edit) @538   14 years curtis Don't proceed with upload if user cancels at bit depth selection dialog.
(edit) @533   14 years curtis Some more task tweaks; update bugs list.
(edit) @531   14 years curtis Initial implementation of streamlined VisBio interface with dedicated …
(edit) @513   15 years curtis Fix minor formatting issues.
(edit) @495   15 years curtis "omeul" -- a command-line tool for uploading to OME. Update version to …
(edit) @492   15 years curtis Fix bugs with upload to OME function.
(edit) @445   15 years curtis Improve OME image's HTML description.
(edit) @405   15 years curtis Add options for adjusting thumbnailing parameters.
(edit) @346   15 years curtis Comment out references to old loci.ome.xml package.
(edit) @343   15 years curtis Better TODO comment.
(edit) @333   15 years curtis Don't crap out just because there was an error retrieving the image list.
(edit) @310   15 years curtis Slightly reorganize construction of data transform help topics.
(edit) @261   15 years curtis add argument for automatically downloading an image ID from an OME server.
(edit) @259   15 years curtis Little tweak.
(edit) @256   15 years curtis Switch all combo boxes over to BioComboBox, to more robustly work around …
(edit) @253   15 years curtis Fix whatever the crap happened to the newlines in this file.
(edit) @250   15 years curtis Begin work on OME Image data transform.
(edit) @248   15 years curtis Modularize OME upload logic; begin work on OME download logic.
(edit) @223   15 years curtis Change method signature to work with updated data package (ignore cache).
(edit) @205   15 years curtis Update managers to use revamped help system.
(edit) @169   15 years curtis Fix a bunch of dialog centering issues.
(edit) @155   15 years curtis Tweak import statements.
(edit) @59   15 years curtis Some minor tweaks?
(edit) @50   15 years curtis Add generic status bar for reporting progress on various tasks.
(add) @2   16 years curtis Initial revision
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