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(edit) @2835   13 years sorber Added option to toggle automatic spreadsheet launch. Misc small changes to …
(edit) @2622   13 years curtis Add temporary hack to suppress options of "Overlays" type.
(edit) @2609   13 years curtis Temporarily comment out more undo/redo menu item code.
(edit) @2605   13 years curtis Temporarily comment out state save/restore/undo/redo logic.
(edit) @2565   13 years sorber Added static field and method to store and retrieve the VisBioFrame. …
(edit) @2555   13 years curtis * Centralize all dependencies on ij.* into loci.visbio.util.ImageJUtil. …
(edit) @2506   13 years curtis Clean up dependencies for loci.visbio.util package.
(edit) @1989   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @1380   14 years curtis Add package descriptions for the remaining packages.
(edit) @1300   14 years curtis Remove obsolete CVS files.
(edit) @1264   14 years curtis Change copyright blurb to use @year@ variable instead of hardcoded 2006.
(edit) @911   14 years curtis Progress toward external Bio-Formats support. Move a couple of classes to …
(edit) @714   14 years curtis Begin adaptation to new loci.formats package. Current code works, but …
(edit) @630   14 years curtis 2006 copyright update.
(edit) @621   14 years curtis Remove VisBioFrame.MAC_OS_X constant in favor of LookUtils.IS_OS_MAC.
(edit) @590   14 years curtis Progress on external system call interface.
(edit) @562   14 years curtis Additional menu shortcuts.
(edit) @531   14 years curtis Initial implementation of streamlined VisBio interface with dedicated …
(edit) @507   15 years curtis Use BioComboBox instead of normal JComboBox.
(edit) @499   15 years curtis Fix bug in state file cleanup on Windows (actually, it was a bug where …
(edit) @497   15 years curtis Fix bug in state saving and visbio.tmp deletion.
(edit) @496   15 years curtis More robust state file deletion on program exit.
(edit) @493   15 years curtis Add option to configure eye separation distance for stereo displays.
(edit) @465   15 years curtis Update copyright; begin work on native MATLAB and Octave support.
(edit) @404   15 years curtis Add option for adjusting maximum image stack resolution.
(edit) @403   15 years curtis Add flag for mashing all options into a single tab for now (not enough …
(edit) @402   15 years curtis Improve immediate visualization dialog.
(edit) @368   15 years curtis Fix visbio.ini-related NullPointerExceptions; update version number to …
(edit) @364   15 years curtis Save state information to VisBio XML state file.
(edit) @360   15 years curtis Options are saved in XML INI file again.
(edit) @358   15 years curtis Prepare infrastructure for new state logic in simple XML format.
(edit) @354   15 years curtis Remove pointless save changes and crash prompts, for now.
(edit) @353   15 years curtis Remove old XML constants.
(edit) @351   15 years curtis Eliminate all references to old loci.ome.xml package, permanently. Restore …
(edit) @346   15 years curtis Comment out references to old loci.ome.xml package.
(edit) @225   15 years curtis Disable state control menu items for now (too buggy).
(edit) @155   15 years curtis Tweak import statements.
(edit) @138   15 years curtis Add ability to register a tab preemptively, to ensure tabs appear in the …
(edit) @85   15 years curtis New TransformLink-based color dialog box almost sort of works.
(edit) @79   15 years curtis Change state file extension from .txt to .xml.
(edit) @50   15 years curtis Add generic status bar for reporting progress on various tasks.
(edit) @35   15 years curtis Documentation fix.
(edit) @30   15 years curtis Some more work on native Mac OS X features.
(edit) @15   16 years curtis Obsolete.
(edit) @8   16 years curtis More work on Look & Feel options. Works on Linux now. Needs testing on …
(edit) @7   16 years curtis First stab at Look&Feel support within VisBio. Needs work.
(add) @2   16 years curtis Initial revision
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