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(edit) @2725   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @2718   13 years curtis Remove old OverlayUtil from loci.visbio.util package.
(edit) @2702   13 years sorber Made OverlayArrow width a function of length.
(edit) @2697   13 years sorber Selection layers returned by OverlayUtil.getSelectionLayer() are now …
(edit) @2666   13 years sorber Added utility class OverlayUtil.
(edit) @2623   13 years curtis Migrate pixelToDomain and related functions into visad.util.CursorUtil …
(edit) @2555   13 years curtis * Centralize all dependencies on ij.* into loci.visbio.util.ImageJUtil. …
(edit) @2506   13 years curtis Clean up dependencies for loci.visbio.util package.
(edit) @2331   13 years sorber Enable DisplayEvent.MOUSE_MOVED events. Convert whole array of floats …
(edit) @2298   13 years curtis Update Windows browser launcher command to more robust version.
(edit) @2262   13 years curtis Fix Windows browser launching.
(edit) @2250   13 years sorber Added additional getDistSegWt method to accept double precision arrays.
(edit) @2202   13 years curtis Remove debugging statements.
(edit) @2201   13 years curtis Fix bug in domainToPixel (use 0 instead of Double.NaN for missing axes).
(edit) @2199   13 years curtis Totally untested new domainToPixel method.
(edit) @2164   13 years sorber Added method to convert from domain to pixel coordinates
(edit) @1989   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @1975   13 years sorber hexToColor now throws exception.
(edit) @1795   13 years sorber Added method getDistSegWt to
(edit) @1763   13 years curtis Add methods for disabling individual panel placement arrows.
(edit) @1762   13 years curtis Add API method for getting text area component.
(edit) @1746   13 years sorber Switch from visad.ReflectedUniverse to loci.formats.ReflectedUniverse.
(edit) @1691   13 years sorber loci.visbio.util.MathUtil I split getDistance(double[] a, double[] b, …
(edit) @1590   13 years curtis Remove debugging statement.
(edit) @1492   14 years curtis On-the-fly Look & Feel changes; fix some layout bugs
(edit) @1438   14 years curtis Use LookUtils.IS_OS_* instead of System.getProperty("") when …
(edit) @1432   14 years curtis Turn on indentation check, fix a few style issues in VisBio.
(edit) @1390   14 years curtis Clean up some style issues in VisBio.
(edit) @1388   14 years curtis Some work on style checking targets; fix some style issues.
(edit) @1380   14 years curtis Add package descriptions for the remaining packages.
(edit) @1347   14 years curtis Eliminate silly centering behavior.
(edit) @1339   14 years curtis Add setVisible API for use with SlimPlotter.
(edit) @1316   14 years curtis Change "@" in email address to " at ".
(edit) @1311   14 years curtis Remove obsolete VisUtil class.
(edit) @1300   14 years curtis Remove obsolete CVS files.
(edit) @1284   14 years curtis Eliminate "LOCI common classes" package.
(edit) @1264   14 years curtis Change copyright blurb to use @year@ variable instead of hardcoded 2006.
(edit) @1176   14 years curtis Remove XML parsing hack, since it is no longer necessary.
(edit) @1016   14 years curtis Filter out Java 1.5 XML parser warnings
(edit) @911   14 years curtis Progress toward external Bio-Formats support. Move a couple of classes to …
(edit) @714   14 years curtis Begin adaptation to new loci.formats package. Current code works, but …
(edit) @630   14 years curtis 2006 copyright update.
(edit) @620   14 years curtis Avoid NullPointerExceptions by checking for nulls.
(edit) @619   14 years curtis Use setVisible instead of show and hide.
(edit) @590   14 years curtis Progress on external system call interface.
(edit) @588   14 years curtis Allow IDS as valid extension for ICS format.
(edit) @587   14 years curtis Add hooks for ICS format.
(edit) @581   14 years curtis Add IPW to file chooser list.
(edit) @573   14 years curtis Add support for Image-Pro SEQ; other file format documentation updates.
(edit) @572   14 years curtis Add support for Gatan DM3; fix bug with single-image datasets.
(edit) @561   14 years curtis More concise code to add file filters to file chooser.
(edit) @560   14 years curtis Default to "All VisBio file types" filter.
(edit) @559   14 years curtis Add PerkinElmer to list of formats.
(edit) @555   14 years curtis Progress toward better multidimensional file recognition.
(edit) @554   14 years curtis Make Z-rotation with keyboard work.
(edit) @552   14 years curtis Add Leica to file formats list.
(edit) @547   14 years curtis Add ability to view OME-XML tree in dataset metadata viewer.
(edit) @530   14 years curtis Don't create errors.log unless necessary.
(edit) @522   14 years curtis Finish tying in support for IPLab.
(edit) @519   15 years curtis Not sure... probably nothing important.
(edit) @510   15 years curtis Warn user if truncation will occur when converting to 24-bit RGB color.
(edit) @504   15 years curtis Split ImageJ-specific methods into separate ImageJ utility class.
(edit) @503   15 years curtis Split VisUtil into DataUtil and DisplayUtil; begin work on SendToIJPane.
(edit) @497   15 years curtis Fix bug in state saving and visbio.tmp deletion.
(edit) @493   15 years curtis Add option to configure eye separation distance for stereo displays.
(edit) @483   15 years curtis Add hack so VisBio doesn't quit the JVM when run from within MATLAB; fix …
(edit) @478   15 years curtis Remove old MATLAB utility class.
(edit) @476   15 years curtis Fix some compilation warnings.
(edit) @475   15 years curtis Fix bug in MATLAB output parsing.
(edit) @473   15 years curtis Initial implementation of MATLAB/Octave function transform.
(edit) @471   15 years curtis Remove unnecessary import statement.
(edit) @470   15 years curtis Implements MathManager.exec(String, FlatField) method.
(edit) @465   15 years curtis Update copyright; begin work on native MATLAB and Octave support.
(edit) @449   15 years curtis Move DataSampling.resample methods to VisUtil utilities.
(edit) @441   15 years curtis Preserve units in makeCube.
(edit) @439   15 years curtis Add makeField signatures that take unit for the domain set.
(edit) @437   15 years curtis More micron-related bugfixes.
(edit) @422   15 years curtis Add new switchTypes that also takes domain set units.
(edit) @420   15 years curtis Minor tweak.
(edit) @407   15 years curtis Make displays behave reasonably when thumbnail generation is turned off.
(edit) @402   15 years curtis Improve immediate visualization dialog.
(edit) @371   15 years curtis Utility method for handling text nodes.
(edit) @370   15 years curtis Better handling of null parameters.
(edit) @368   15 years curtis Fix visbio.ini-related NullPointerExceptions; update version number to …
(edit) @364   15 years curtis Save state information to VisBio XML state file.
(edit) @362   15 years curtis Tweak.
(edit) @360   15 years curtis Options are saved in XML INI file again.
(edit) @358   15 years curtis Prepare infrastructure for new state logic in simple XML format.
(edit) @330   15 years curtis A simple socket server that can be used to regulate multiple instances of …
(edit) @294   15 years curtis Add PNG to list of supported formats.
(edit) @291   15 years curtis Fix more parentheses errors.
(edit) @290   15 years curtis Fix mismatched parentheses.
(edit) @289   15 years curtis Import KeyEvent from proper package (java.awt.event).
(edit) @288   15 years curtis Import DisplayImplJ3D in reflected universe.
(edit) @283   15 years curtis Remove all direct references to visad.java3d packages. Be paranoid and use …
(edit) @258   15 years curtis Use JGoodies Plastic 3D by default if no Look & Feel is indicated.
(edit) @256   15 years curtis Switch all combo boxes over to BioComboBox, to more robustly work around …
(edit) @248   15 years curtis Modularize OME upload logic; begin work on OME download logic.
(edit) @202   15 years curtis Tweak browser launcher to try opening Firefox instances in a new tab.
(edit) @197   15 years curtis Cosmetic tweaks.
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