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(edit) @2658   13 years curtis Tweak Javadoc comments.
(edit) @2657   13 years curtis Add clockwise and counterclockwise rotation buttons.
(edit) @2634   13 years curtis Take advantage of new visad.util.CursorUtil.evaluate method.
(edit) @2633   13 years curtis Filter out mappings inappropriate to the display.
(edit) @2623   13 years curtis Migrate pixelToDomain and related functions into visad.util.CursorUtil …
(edit) @2614   13 years curtis Avoid exception when setting transparency type for Java2D displays.
(edit) @2612   13 years curtis Fix bug with micron width and height scaling.
(edit) @2594   13 years curtis Pass TransformLink to getData method as optional first parameter. This can …
(edit) @2579   13 years curtis Eliminate deprecation warnings relating to save vs saveImage.
(edit) @2555   13 years curtis * Centralize all dependencies on ij.* into loci.visbio.util.ImageJUtil. …
(edit) @2097   13 years curtis Add option to disable texture mapping.
(edit) @1989   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @1492   14 years curtis On-the-fly Look & Feel changes; fix some layout bugs
(edit) @1438   14 years curtis Use LookUtils.IS_OS_* instead of System.getProperty("") when …
(edit) @1432   14 years curtis Turn on indentation check, fix a few style issues in VisBio.
(edit) @1390   14 years curtis Clean up some style issues in VisBio.
(edit) @1380   14 years curtis Add package descriptions for the remaining packages.
(edit) @1300   14 years curtis Remove obsolete CVS files.
(edit) @1264   14 years curtis Change copyright blurb to use @year@ variable instead of hardcoded 2006.
(edit) @1009   14 years curtis Add transparency mode and 3D texturing options.
(edit) @714   14 years curtis Begin adaptation to new loci.formats package. Current code works, but …
(edit) @630   14 years curtis 2006 copyright update.
(edit) @590   14 years curtis Progress on external system call interface.
(edit) @568   15 years curtis Fix Z axis bug with multiple data objects in a single 3D display, where …
(edit) @566   15 years curtis Remove volume reference when transform is unlinked.
(edit) @565   15 years curtis Fix X and Y ranges according to first transform using those maps.
(edit) @564   15 years curtis Remove trailing spaces.
(edit) @555   15 years curtis Progress toward better multidimensional file recognition.
(edit) @534   15 years curtis Fix NullPointerException with non-ImageTransform DataTransforms.
(edit) @532   15 years curtis More progress on streamlined, multitask-oriented GUI.
(edit) @531   15 years curtis Initial implementation of streamlined VisBio interface with dedicated …
(edit) @524   15 years curtis Eliminate ugly status messages with ImageRendererJ3D and volume rendering.
(edit) @520   15 years curtis Use ImageRendererJ3D when possible, for efficiency.
(edit) @513   15 years curtis Fix minor formatting issues.
(edit) @506   15 years curtis Add setEnabled method for enabling or disabling a slider widget.
(edit) @505   15 years curtis More work on SendToIJPane.
(edit) @503   15 years curtis Split VisUtil into DataUtil and DisplayUtil; begin work on SendToIJPane.
(edit) @493   15 years curtis Add option to configure eye separation distance for stereo displays.
(edit) @465   15 years curtis Update copyright; begin work on native MATLAB and Octave support.
(edit) @451   15 years curtis Fix bugs with data sampling transform when microns are specified.
(edit) @438   15 years curtis Use new VisUtil.makeField signature with set unit.
(edit) @437   15 years curtis More micron-related bugfixes.
(edit) @431   15 years curtis Fix bug in cursor probe when micron units are used; improve aspect ratio …
(edit) @428   15 years curtis Switch image stacks to run from 0 to numSlices-1, instead of -1 to 1. Some …
(edit) @423   15 years curtis Use new switchTypes with units.
(edit) @417   15 years curtis Fix bugs in color restoration.
(edit) @416   15 years curtis Fix bug with initial capture window state.
(edit) @414   15 years curtis Restore capture window positions properly.
(edit) @413   15 years curtis Save and restore breakaway panel's current edge properly.
(edit) @409   15 years curtis Improve stack link initState logic.
(edit) @408   15 years curtis Gray out some invalid stack link options based on current state.
(edit) @407   15 years curtis Make displays behave reasonably when thumbnail generation is turned off.
(edit) @405   15 years curtis Add options for adjusting thumbnailing parameters.
(edit) @404   15 years curtis Add option for adjusting maximum image stack resolution.
(edit) @402   15 years curtis Improve immediate visualization dialog.
(edit) @394   15 years curtis Some work to try and make DisplayWindow, or at least its handlers, GC …
(edit) @390   15 years curtis Some work on state save/restore logic.
(edit) @381   15 years curtis Some work on color state restoration (still broken).
(edit) @375   15 years curtis Fix bug in capture window restoration.
(edit) @373   15 years curtis Some work on restoring state of displays.
(edit) @365   15 years curtis Tweak the state XML a little.
(edit) @364   15 years curtis Save state information to VisBio XML state file.
(edit) @359   15 years curtis Fix bug with movie recording when no file extension is given.
(edit) @358   15 years curtis Prepare infrastructure for new state logic in simple XML format.
(edit) @351   15 years curtis Eliminate all references to old loci.ome.xml package, permanently. Restore …
(edit) @346   15 years curtis Comment out references to old loci.ome.xml package.
(edit) @329   15 years curtis Add hack to force font size 8 (renders faster).
(edit) @303   15 years curtis Determine file extension automatically from selected file filter.
(edit) @299   15 years curtis Tweak "Add 2D" and "Add 3D" buttons.
(edit) @283   15 years curtis Remove all direct references to visad.java3d packages. Be paranoid and use …
(edit) @256   15 years curtis Switch all combo boxes over to BioComboBox, to more robustly work around …
(edit) @255   15 years curtis Readd as binary.
(edit) @254   15 years curtis Remove these, so they can be readded as binary.
(edit) @240   15 years curtis Gray out Remove, Up and Down buttons when not applicable.
(edit) @231   15 years curtis Do not delay burn-in if full-resolution data is present the cache.
(edit) @228   15 years curtis Data cache works pretty well now.
(edit) @224   15 years curtis Have each display make use of its own data cache, so that child data …
(edit) @209   15 years curtis Fix help topic typo.
(edit) @205   15 years curtis Update managers to use revamped help system.
(edit) @198   15 years curtis Add arrow key functionality for traversing displays.
(edit) @193   15 years curtis Fix keyboard shortcuts.
(edit) @190   15 years curtis Progress on arbitrary slicing.
(edit) @189   15 years curtis Progress on arbitrary slice transform.
(edit) @187   15 years curtis Change default rotation to 80 degrees.
(edit) @186   15 years curtis Fix a couple more window centering issues.
(edit) @185   15 years curtis Change default volume resolution to 96x96x96.
(edit) @179   15 years curtis Fix little combo box bug.
(edit) @175   15 years curtis Improve volume rendering efficiency.
(edit) @173   15 years curtis Volume rendering in v3.00!
(edit) @169   15 years curtis Fix a bunch of dialog centering issues.
(edit) @167   15 years curtis Change data controls button to say "Edit" (matches Data tab).
(edit) @157   15 years curtis Fix a couple of capture widget window centering bugs.
(edit) @155   15 years curtis Tweak import statements.
(edit) @151   15 years curtis Fix mnemonics.
(edit) @144   15 years curtis Better support for fonts
(edit) @140   15 years curtis Add font configuration logic to displays.
(edit) @116   15 years curtis Note that Linux resizing hack is also present in WindowInfo.showWindow …
(edit) @111   15 years curtis Better thread names.
(edit) @106   15 years curtis Support for immediate mode data transforms.
(edit) @104   15 years curtis Method hooks for volume rendering.
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