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(edit) @2835   13 years sorber Added option to toggle automatic spreadsheet launch. Misc small changes to …
(edit) @2828   13 years sorber Removed unnecessary import.
(edit) @2827   13 years sorber Removed dependency on jgoodies.looks classes not in current looks jar.
(edit) @2826   13 years sorber Added basic automatic spreadsheet launching.
(edit) @2824   13 years sorber (sorry) Removed left-over conflict marks.
(edit) @2823   13 years sorber Replaced statistic name strings with constants. Added separate …
(edit) @2725   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @2719   13 years sorber Added Dr. Inman's smoothing algorithm (ticket #116) for OverlayFreeforms. …
(edit) @2718   13 years curtis Remove old OverlayUtil from loci.visbio.util package.
(edit) @2717   13 years sorber Return null if no valid sets in noded object selection layer.
(edit) @2716   13 years sorber Added missing support for negative node coordinates in loadOverlays …
(edit) @2715   13 years sorber Removed unnecessary import of OverlayUtil
(edit) @2714   13 years sorber Fixed bug #104 (bad array length FieldException when filling some …
(edit) @2702   13 years sorber Made OverlayArrow width a function of length.
(edit) @2697   13 years sorber Selection layers returned by OverlayUtil.getSelectionLayer() are now …
(edit) @2692   13 years curtis Fix deprecation warnings.
(edit) @2682   13 years melissa * Converted OME uploader to use the IFormatWriter API; updated VisBio and …
(edit) @2672   13 years curtis * Eliminate unnecessary exceptions from new method signatures * Update …
(edit) @2667   13 years sorber Moved getSelectionGrid() methods to OverlayUtil. Removed …
(edit) @2666   13 years sorber Added utility class OverlayUtil.
(edit) @2663   13 years curtis Tweak "2D with overlays" option text.
(edit) @2658   13 years curtis Tweak Javadoc comments.
(edit) @2657   13 years curtis Add clockwise and counterclockwise rotation buttons.
(edit) @2653   13 years sorber Invisible overlay objects aren't rendered. Invisible overlay objects …
(edit) @2634   13 years curtis Take advantage of new visad.util.CursorUtil.evaluate method.
(edit) @2633   13 years curtis Filter out mappings inappropriate to the display.
(edit) @2632   13 years curtis Add note about AppleJavaExtensions.jar being part of the SVN repository.
(edit) @2623   13 years curtis Migrate pixelToDomain and related functions into visad.util.CursorUtil …
(edit) @2622   13 years curtis Add temporary hack to suppress options of "Overlays" type.
(edit) @2621   13 years curtis Add note about problem with setId call.
(edit) @2615   13 years sorber Set getData to return null for zero-length arrows.
(edit) @2614   13 years curtis Avoid exception when setting transparency type for Java2D displays.
(edit) @2612   13 years curtis Fix bug with micron width and height scaling.
(edit) @2610   13 years curtis Auto-detect calibration values from converted OME-XML.
(edit) @2609   13 years curtis Temporarily comment out more undo/redo menu item code.
(edit) @2605   13 years curtis Temporarily comment out state save/restore/undo/redo logic.
(edit) @2594   13 years curtis Pass TransformLink to getData method as optional first parameter. This can …
(edit) @2593   13 years sorber Added X and Y column headers for noded lists to overlays spreadsheet.
(edit) @2592   13 years sorber Switched radio button layout to vertical in "Would you like to …
(edit) @2591   13 years sorber Replaced hollow selection grid with filled.
(edit) @2587   13 years melissa Eliminated remaining deprecation warnings; moved all deprecated methods to …
(edit) @2582   13 years sorber Added 2D w/ overlays option to "Would you like to visualize" dialog.
(edit) @2581   13 years sorber Added feature to update polyline curve length dynamically. Made slight …
(edit) @2579   13 years curtis Eliminate deprecation warnings relating to save vs saveImage.
(edit) @2565   13 years sorber Added static field and method to store and retrieve the VisBioFrame. …
(edit) @2562   13 years sorber Some cleanup to both files.
(edit) @2561   13 years sorber Tweaked OverlayLine selection layer to extend beyond end of line. Fixed …
(edit) @2559   13 years sorber Export stats to Excel.
(edit) @2558   13 years sorber Added OverlayStat class.
(edit) @2555   13 years curtis * Centralize all dependencies on ij.* into loci.visbio.util.ImageJUtil. …
(edit) @2546   13 years curtis Remove note about rubber band box renderer (Abe solved it differently).
(edit) @2534   13 years sorber Began overlay statistics save/export feature. Made a small side-effect …
(edit) @2528   13 years sorber Improved OverlayMarker selection layer.
(edit) @2524   13 years sorber Added (preliminary) new, translucent selection layers to all overlays
(edit) @2506   13 years curtis Clean up dependencies for loci.visbio.util package.
(edit) @2500   13 years sorber File chooser for export button.
(edit) @2499   13 years curtis Use Bio-Formats Status events instead of Task events.
(edit) @2488   13 years sorber Overlays help update: polyline tool.
(edit) @2487   13 years sorber Commenting.
(edit) @2477   13 years sorber TransientSelectBox now based on pixel coordinates, no longer rotates with …
(edit) @2446   13 years curtis Only upload data once per dataset.
(edit) @2433   13 years curtis Remove old scripts.
(edit) @2431   13 years sorber Polyline last node highlights on mouse-over.
(edit) @2429   13 years sorber Replaced instances of deprecated HSSF.setCellValue(String) method.
(edit) @2428   13 years sorber Basic export overlays to .xls format.
(edit) @2393   13 years sorber Can erase polyline nodes. Add indicator for closed polyline. Polyline …
(edit) @2374   13 years sorber Select and drag individual polyline nodes.
(edit) @2372   13 years sorber Provisional fix of indexing 0/1 bug for loading, saving overlays.
(edit) @2365   13 years curtis Load metadata from just the first file, rather than all constituent files.
(edit) @2364   13 years curtis HLT_ALPHA should be final.
(edit) @2333   13 years sorber Polyline button .png
(edit) @2332   13 years sorber During drawing, polyline start/end nodes become highlighted when mouse is …
(edit) @2331   13 years sorber Enable DisplayEvent.MOUSE_MOVED events. Convert whole array of floats …
(edit) @2327   13 years curtis Rearrange Bio-Formats OME logic into loci.formats.ome package.
(edit) @2298   13 years curtis Update Windows browser launcher command to more robust version.
(edit) @2284   13 years sorber New classes for drawing polylines. Typos and small changes.
(edit) @2282   13 years sorber Fixed bug which allowed multiple freeforms to become selected as each was …
(edit) @2263   13 years curtis Assume links starting with http: are web links rather than internal.
(edit) @2262   13 years curtis Fix Windows browser launching.
(edit) @2259   13 years sorber Cleaned up logic of mouseDown method
(edit) @2254   13 years sorber No more single-node freeforms. They are either never constructed or …
(edit) @2250   13 years sorber Added additional getDistSegWt method to accept double precision arrays.
(edit) @2249   13 years sorber Changed FreeformTool to use pixel coordinates instead of domain …
(edit) @2246   13 years sorber Misc small changes: removed visible flag from TransientSelect Box, …
(edit) @2230   13 years curtis Change loci.ome package references to loci.ome.util.
(edit) @2202   13 years curtis Remove debugging statements.
(edit) @2201   13 years curtis Fix bug in domainToPixel (use 0 instead of Double.NaN for missing axes).
(edit) @2199   13 years curtis Totally untested new domainToPixel method.
(edit) @2191   13 years sorber Screenshot.
(edit) @2190   13 years sorber Disable text field and fill checkbox for non-text, non-fillable objs.
(edit) @2184   13 years melissa Gracefully handle canceled OMETablePanel.
(edit) @2183   13 years melissa Added OME image browser to VisBio. Also moved much of the connection and …
(edit) @2170   13 years sorber Enabled dragging multiple objects.
(edit) @2164   13 years sorber Added method to convert from domain to pixel coordinates
(edit) @2147   13 years melissa Fixed to allow arguments with escaped spaces.
(edit) @2146   13 years melissa - Updated ImageUploader to use loci.ome.upload API. - Updated OMEImage to …
(edit) @2125   13 years sorber Text rendering toggles off while selecting multiple overlays.
(edit) @2124   13 years curtis Remove executable property from batch files.
(edit) @2123   13 years sorber Removed auto-padding feature. Zero-area objects now disappear on mouseUp.
(edit) @2115   13 years sorber Added dynamic list refreshing when selecting overlays with a …
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