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(edit) @7997   8 years avivekan trial ratio method added
(edit) @7995   8 years avivekan bugfix
(edit) @7984   8 years avivekan
(edit) @7981   8 years avivekan reverted bad code
(edit) @7980   8 years avivekan changed byte[] to short[] and ByteProcessor to ShortProcessor…
(edit) @7973   8 years avivekan
(edit) @7972   8 years avivekan going crazy with modifications...2 new methods created in …
(edit) @7971   8 years avivekan major plugin update
(edit) @7964   8 years avivekan somewhat working flow...ratio still too slow
(edit) @7955   8 years avivekan changes to plugin, and new flowcyto class created with only the methods …
(edit) @7948   8 years curtis Remove unnecessary cppwrap plugin reference
(edit) @7943   8 years curtis Update projects to use release version of parent Projects are now …
(edit) @7934   8 years curtis Fix JDK6 compile errors Switching on Strings only works with JDK7+.
(edit) @7932   8 years avivekan refactoring (1 of many to come)
(edit) @7920   8 years avivekan new openFile method created
(edit) @7919   8 years avivekan open file method created for wiscscan
(edit) @7918   8 years avivekan changed some ints to floats to preserve precision, needed
(edit) @7917   8 years avivekan
(edit) @7916   8 years avivekan major flow code changes
(edit) @7913   8 years curtis Set parent.relativePath for subprojects properly
(edit) @7908   8 years curtis Use scijava parent POM See:
(edit) @7906   8 years curtis Generalize comment about project parent
(edit) @7905   8 years curtis Change base POM name to pom-loci This is more consistent with imagej2, …
(edit) @7893   8 years avivekan small bugfix
(edit) @7877   8 years avivekan
(edit) @7876   8 years avivekan java code change to flow...again...edited plugin after meeting with …
(edit) @7871   8 years avivekan modified flow code and macro
(edit) @7870   8 years avivekan added check for null, accidentally overlooked in previous commit
(edit) @7869   8 years avivekan hopefully working change to getBFParticleAreas(), was previously returning …
(edit) @7868   8 years avivekan
(edit) @7863   8 years avivekan
(edit) @7854   8 years chainani fixed some scifio issue
(edit) @7852   8 years avivekan
(edit) @7827   8 years avivekan Flow update. still testing…
(edit) @7730   9 years curtis Fix SVN path to license files.
(edit) @7668   9 years curtis Clean up headers, and add a script to check them.
(edit) @7657   9 years curtis Silence more Maven warnings.
(edit) @7639   9 years curtis Fix some Eclipse warnings and formatting.
(edit) @7628   9 years curtis Enable cppwrap for flow-cytometry project.
(edit) @7612   9 years curtis Serve Maven artifacts using Apache on port 80. Previously it was done via …
(edit) @7595   9 years curtis Fix up LOCI Software POM structure.
(copy) @7587   9 years curtis Remove Bio-Formats projects, and merge Maven branch. Bio-Formats has …
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(edit) @7399   9 years curtis Update 3rd party repositories in LOCI base POM.
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