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(edit) @7781   8 years paulbarber Added GPL license to all source code.
(edit) @7780   8 years aivar Tidied up.
(edit) @7779   8 years aivar Go back to using Gaussian method to solve and invert matrices.
(edit) @7778   8 years aivar Fixed bug in NOISE_MLE case.
(edit) @7737   9 years aivar Removed code that requires C99 extensions to allow compilation in Visual …
(edit) @7724   9 years curtis Remove executable property from header file.
(edit) @7723   9 years curtis Fix capitalization of Ecf.h when including.
(edit) @7722   9 years curtis Fix capitalization of Ecf.h.
(edit) @7720   9 years aivar Updated GCI_marquardt_global_compute_exps_fn.
(edit) @7719   9 years aivar Fixed tabs. Moved newly added variables to start of method.
(edit) @7715   9 years aivar Got GCI_marquardt_compute_fn working, in testing it agrees with the old …
(edit) @7710   9 years aivar Work in progress.
(edit) @7708   9 years aivar Work in progress. Working on GCI_marquardt_compute_fn, code is commented …
(edit) @7706   9 years aivar Changed GCI_gauss_jordan to be GCI_solve and GCI_invert. The current …
(edit) @7695   9 years aivar Bug: was substituting z for a!
(edit) @7693   9 years aivar Include file method signatures weren't up to date. The c file needed to …
(edit) @7691   9 years aivar Changes to get JNI working (vs JNA).
(edit) @7678   9 years aivar Visual Studio 2008 when called from Maven wants C89 syntax, not C99.
(edit) @7675   9 years aivar Got rid of the global old_chisquare, it's passed in as a parameter now. …
(edit) @7611   9 years aivar Added float chisq_delta parameter to …
(edit) @7608   9 years paulbarber Utility.h not needed.
(edit) @7607   9 years paulbarber Added single frequency phasor routine for lifetime. Added Non-negative …
(edit) @7606   9 years paulbarber To compile in TRI2, moved declarations to top of relevant block. Added …
(edit) @7594   9 years aivar Commented out unused #include <ansi.h>
(copy) @7587   9 years curtis Remove Bio-Formats projects, and merge Maven branch. Bio-Formats has …
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(edit) @7390   9 years curtis Remove old ECF folder.
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