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(edit) @7903   8 years aivar SLIM Plugin: Changing start/stop bin integers to time value doubles to …
(edit) @7892   8 years aivar SLIM Plugin: Work in progress; make sure fits agree with TRI2.
(edit) @7889   8 years aivar Fixed some channel bugs; started Estimator.
(edit) @7886   8 years aivar SLIMPlugin: Tidied up a bit. Fixed minor bugs in decay graph, histogram, …
(edit) @7875   8 years aivar Continued refactoring. Fitted image working better now.
(edit) @7864   8 years aivar Refactoring.
(edit) @7842   8 years aivar UI panel now has noise model, fitted images, and chi square target
(edit) @7839   8 years aivar UI Changes
(edit) @7838   8 years aivar Continued work on histogram, add fields to user interface.
(edit) @7837   8 years aivar Still working on fitted images, starting UI changes
(edit) @7824   8 years aivar Miscellaneous work in progress.
(edit) @7804   8 years aivar Don't pop up multiple DecayGraphs
(edit) @7697   9 years aivar Was using a listener w/o checking for null value first.
(edit) @7674   9 years aivar CurveFitData needs to keep track of how many pixels went into each data …
(edit) @7672   9 years aivar Loading/using IRFs. Estimate decay cursors.
(edit) @7671   9 years aivar Moved loading an Excitation and setting up the ExcitationPanel to …
(edit) @7668   9 years curtis Clean up headers, and add a script to check them.
(edit) @7658   9 years aivar Fixed various bugs. Made export to text better.
(edit) @7654   9 years aivar Added new RLD+LMA fit option. Consistency with TRI2. Added excitation …
(edit) @7653   9 years aivar Added new RLD+LMA fit option.
(edit) @7648   9 years aivar New class listens for excitation graph cursor changes.
(edit) @7647   9 years aivar New class contains excitation graph and cursor info.
(edit) @7646   9 years aivar New class displays excitation and its cursors.
(copy) @7587   9 years curtis Remove Bio-Formats projects, and merge Maven branch. Bio-Formats has …
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(edit) @7308   9 years aivar Added binning, moved some enums, changed parameter order.
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