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(edit) @7829   8 years aivar FLIMImageFitter is coming along
(edit) @7828   8 years aivar Working on the FittedImageManager that will build output fitted images.
(edit) @7826   8 years aivar Deleted some junk.
(edit) @7825   8 years aivar Misc work in progress
(edit) @7824   8 years aivar Miscellaneous work in progress.
(edit) @7822   8 years curtis Update to SezPoz 1.9 This matches the version we are using in ImageJ2.
(edit) @7821   8 years aivar Experimented with MyFloatProcessor and DataColorizer2 to get IJ LUTs …
(edit) @7811   9 years aivar Got the new style fitting engine working. Bit of a hack; SLIMProcessor …
(edit) @7807   9 years aivar Work in progress, refactoring fit process
(edit) @7806   9 years aivar Working on calling the curvefitter
(edit) @7805   9 years aivar Added 'imagej.slim' package files from my local TestFittingEngineConcepts …
(edit) @7804   9 years aivar Don't pop up multiple DecayGraphs
(edit) @7796   9 years aivar Added "refactor" package to avoid conflicts. Tidy up DecayGraph and allow …
(edit) @7795   9 years aivar Emulate TRI2 parameter estimation.
(edit) @7794   9 years aivar Better handle ICS excitation files.
(edit) @7770   9 years curtis Move assembly descriptor into src/main/assembly.
(edit) @7766   9 years curtis Move JAR plugin config out of default profile.
(edit) @7765   9 years curtis Remove superfluous slim-curve dependency.
(edit) @7759   9 years curtis Add maven-nar-plugin version to avoid warnings.
(edit) @7741   9 years aivar Uses ComplexType vs UnsignedShort previously. Added "@Override" where …
(edit) @7740   9 years aivar Misc. changes; took out fakeData and some debugging print outs.
(edit) @7730   9 years curtis Fix SVN path to license files.
(edit) @7716   9 years hinerm Fixed erroneous imglib1 dependencies.
(edit) @7704   9 years aivar Classifiers for 32/64 Windows and PPC/32/64 OSX. Linux is commented out …
(edit) @7703   9 years aivar The maven nar plugin aol for 64-bit windows is amd64-Windows-msvc.
(edit) @7701   9 years aivar Add complete set of "fileSet" tags.
(edit) @7699   9 years aivar Removed IJ.log debugging message.
(edit) @7697   9 years aivar Was using a listener w/o checking for null value first.
(edit) @7696   9 years aivar Getting the quit button to work correctly.
(edit) @7690   9 years aivar Added default profile to build default jar and "with-dependencies" profile …
(edit) @7688   9 years aivar Disabled maven-nar-plugin functionality.
(edit) @7684   9 years aivar Build one big happy jar with native shared libraries.
(edit) @7682   9 years aivar Fit parameters that were fixed were always displayed as black.
(edit) @7681   9 years aivar Fit parameters that were fixed were always displayed as black.
(edit) @7680   9 years curtis Update ImgLib references to use imglib1.
(edit) @7677   9 years aivar Fixed array out of bounds when grayscale image is zoomed and you click on …
(edit) @7676   9 years curtis Eliminate dependencies on old IJ2 projects.
(edit) @7674   9 years aivar CurveFitData needs to keep track of how many pixels went into each data …
(edit) @7672   9 years aivar Loading/using IRFs. Estimate decay cursors.
(edit) @7671   9 years aivar Moved loading an Excitation and setting up the ExcitationPanel to …
(edit) @7668   9 years curtis Clean up headers, and add a script to check them.
(edit) @7663   9 years aivar Export to text working.
(edit) @7658   9 years aivar Fixed various bugs. Made export to text better.
(edit) @7655   9 years aivar target/.irf added (?)
(edit) @7654   9 years aivar Added new RLD+LMA fit option. Consistency with TRI2. Added excitation …
(edit) @7653   9 years aivar Added new RLD+LMA fit option.
(edit) @7652   9 years aivar Work in progress. Broken.
(edit) @7651   9 years aivar Consistency with TRI2.
(edit) @7650   9 years aivar Fixed bugs in ROI fitting, et. al.
(edit) @7649   9 years aivar Changed excitation to be autoranging. Modified (some) colors in synch …
(edit) @7648   9 years aivar New class listens for excitation graph cursor changes.
(edit) @7647   9 years aivar New class contains excitation graph and cursor info.
(edit) @7646   9 years aivar New class displays excitation and its cursors.
(edit) @7645   9 years aivar New class loads and saves excitation files.
(edit) @7644   9 years aivar New class handles excitation (IRF curve).
(edit) @7643   9 years aivar New class computes excitation and decay cursors (start/stop/base limits).
(edit) @7616   9 years curtis Update slim-plugin dependencies to match latest ImageJ2 project structure.
(edit) @7612   9 years curtis Serve Maven artifacts using Apache on port 80. Previously it was done via …
(edit) @7605   9 years aivar I had inverted the image to correspond with SLIMPlotter, but the natural …
(edit) @7604   9 years aivar I had inverted the image to correspond with SLIMPlotter, but the natural …
(edit) @7603   9 years aivar Thought there might be a bug here, so made the display table more flexible …
(edit) @7602   9 years aivar Added TODO comment.
(edit) @7601   9 years aivar Needed an out of bounds strategy.
(edit) @7600   9 years aivar New 7x7 binner.
(edit) @7599   9 years aivar Deleted some vestigial files.
(edit) @7597   9 years aivar Fixed null pointer exception when library not found.
(edit) @7595   9 years curtis Fix up LOCI Software POM structure.
(edit) @7591   9 years curtis Remove obsolete class.
(copy) @7587   9 years curtis Remove Bio-Formats projects, and merge Maven branch. Bio-Formats has …
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(edit) @7468   9 years aivar Grayscale image wasn't showing up.
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