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(edit) @6521   10 years curtis Use explicit version number for JUnit JAR.
(edit) @6517   10 years melissa Fixed warnings.
(edit) @6237   10 years curtis Temporarily disable bf-ice and ome-notes components in dependency checker.
(edit) @6224   10 years curtis Better error output for scan-deps.
(edit) @6182   10 years curtis Fix up logging with Bio-Formats command line tools. This removes the hard …
(edit) @6165   10 years curtis Fix up Eclipse classpaths: * Use build-eclipse instead of build/classes …
(edit) @6052   10 years curtis Add scan-deps target to toplevel Ant script.
(edit) @6050   10 years curtis Clean up some copyright notices, and fix handling of …
(edit) @6045   10 years curtis Fix various dependency problems exposed by
(edit) @6026   10 years melissa Merging cleanup branch back into trunk.
(edit) @5508   11 years curtis Remove obsolete OMERO JARs; fix tools-ome target.
(edit) @5503   11 years curtis Fix test suite build path.
(edit) @5495   11 years curtis Fix toplevel Findbugs target.
(edit) @5488   11 years curtis Clean up dependencies.
(edit) @5122   11 years curtis Add reminder to fix Eclipse dependency checking later.
(edit) @4779   11 years curtis Update org.apache.poi to loci.poi in documentation and configuration …
(edit) @4612   12 years curtis * Add exec target to each component. * Miscellaneous tweaks to build …
(edit) @4609   12 years curtis * Update Eclipse projects to match the latest codebase. * Add Eclipse …
(edit) @4608   12 years curtis Reorganize data structures to be more component-centric.
(edit) @4594   12 years curtis Add findbugs target to check a component for program bugs. Closes #321.
(edit) @4563   12 years curtis Add Bio-Formats Ice framework to build system.
(edit) @4559   12 years curtis Fix more depends clauses in root build script.
(edit) @4534   12 years curtis Update dependency documentation.
(edit) @4533   12 years curtis Add sanity test that compares scanned dependencies with each component's …
(edit) @4532   12 years curtis In build.xml comment, use text generated by dependency scanning program.
(add) @4531   12 years curtis Script to scan source code for dependencies and print a nice summary.
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