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(edit) @4549   12 years curtis Add hack to exclude LOCI source code URLs from long line reporting.
(edit) @4486   12 years curtis Graphical TIFF comment editor.
(edit) @4266   12 years curtis Close file at the end of the Bio-Formats MATLAB script.
(edit) @4204   12 years melissa Changed Util.openProcessor methods to Util.openProcessors. These methods …
(edit) @4193   12 years curtis Add "Bio-Formats Mass Importer" example plugin.
(edit) @4078   12 years curtis Use TiffTools.getComment (but leave IFD entry approach commented out).
(edit) @4046   12 years curtis Simplify TIFF comment surgery utility to use latest API.
(edit) @4038   12 years curtis No more need for this utility.
(edit) @4036   12 years curtis Update to version-agnostic OME-XML metadata store logic.
(edit) @4028   12 years curtis Macro from Wayne Rasband that uses the BF macro extensions to open files.
(edit) @4013   12 years curtis Add another example Bio-Formats macro from Sebastien Huart.
(edit) @4011   12 years curtis Use ChannelSeparator for now to avoid problems with Util.openProcessor.
(edit) @4010   12 years curtis Add some ImageJ macros that demonstrate how to call Bio-Formats.
(edit) @3991   12 years curtis Utility for extracting raw values from SDT files.
(edit) @3882   12 years curtis Simple wget-style Java command line tool for downloading URLs.
(edit) @3878   12 years curtis Fix annoying compile error (I can't have "\u" in a COMMENT? Seriously?).
(edit) @3771   12 years curtis Add comment with some results.
(edit) @3770   12 years curtis Add simple utility for testing performance of file system operations.
(edit) @3571   12 years curtis Add brief installation notes.
(edit) @3570   12 years curtis Updated bfopen MATLAB script incorporating additional suggestions from …
(edit) @3560   12 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @3557   12 years curtis Fix bugs Gerald Gordon found.
(edit) @3556   12 years curtis A simple example of an ImageJ plugin that uses Bio-Formats to read a file.
(edit) @3524   12 years curtis Initial version of LOCI codebase with multi-version OME-XML support. This …
(edit) @3490   12 years curtis Minor tweak for consistency.
(edit) @3489   12 years curtis Add suggestion from Ville Rantanen to improve performance.
(edit) @3488   12 years curtis Initial version of M function for reading images into MATLAB using …
(edit) @3474   12 years curtis Move TiffComment utility into command line tools suite as "tiffcomment."
(edit) @3456   12 years melissa Added convenience method to TiffTools for retrieving the image description …
(edit) @3350   13 years curtis Use properly capitalized pixel type for Uint8.
(edit) @3349   13 years curtis Fix xsi:schemaLocation.
(edit) @3296   13 years curtis Print a message if no TIFF comment is found, rather than throwing an …
(edit) @3273   13 years curtis Fix little bug in arg parsing.
(edit) @3260   13 years curtis TiffComment now has a trivial implementation thanks to …
(edit) @3236   13 years curtis Use, not org.openmicroscopy, for IDs.
(edit) @3235   13 years curtis Fix typo in Pixels IDs.
(edit) @3233   13 years curtis Fix bug with scramble feature.
(edit) @3232   13 years curtis Fix multi-Image and multi-Pixels TiffData tags; first cut at IFD …
(edit) @3231   13 years curtis Generator now distinguishes between multiple Images vs multiple Pixels.
(edit) @3229   13 years curtis OME-TIFF sample data generator now writes OME-TIFF with multiple series. …
(edit) @3228   13 years curtis Progress on OME-TIFF sample file generator. Currently generates plain …
(edit) @3224   13 years curtis Begin work on utility for generating OME-TIFF sample datasets.
(edit) @3169   13 years curtis Update code to use most recent API.
(edit) @3168   13 years curtis Update OME-TIFF conversion program to use most current API.
(edit) @3166   13 years curtis Use simpler overwriteComment instead of overwriteIFDValue.
(edit) @3143   13 years curtis Split non-OME-XML-specific XML functionality into separate XMLTools class. …
(edit) @3136   13 years curtis Remove comment about CDATA not being handled (since it is now).
(edit) @3122   13 years curtis A simple utility to filter out duplicate stack traces.
(edit) @3121   13 years curtis Fix compile errors.
(edit) @2856   13 years curtis Utility for summing together image planes.
(edit) @2776   13 years curtis Small bugfix.
(edit) @2765   13 years curtis Fix compile errors and deprecation warnings.
(edit) @2606   13 years curtis Pretty print XML output when using showinf's -omexml option.
(edit) @2587   13 years melissa Eliminated remaining deprecation warnings; moved all deprecated methods to …
(edit) @2490   13 years curtis Crappy binary diff utility.
(edit) @2368   13 years melissa Fixed compile errors.
(edit) @2283   13 years curtis Fix critical OME-TIFF conversion bug (insert required TiffData element).
(edit) @2272   13 years curtis Fix compile error.
(edit) @1853   14 years melissa Fixed compiler error in SewTiffs.
(edit) @1710   14 years curtis Example utility for editing an OME-XML Image name attribute.
(edit) @1708   14 years curtis Example utility for converting third-party formats into OME-TIFF.
(edit) @1707   14 years curtis Rename EditOMETIFF to EditTiff.
(edit) @1661   14 years curtis Bugfixes.
(edit) @1660   14 years curtis Fix file pattern detection; report whether OME-TIFF comment was saved.
(edit) @1659   14 years curtis No more need to specify number of time points (but still allowed).
(edit) @1655   14 years curtis Minor tweaks.
(edit) @1628   14 years curtis Add support for removing consecutive blank lines.
(edit) @1577   14 years curtis Little utility for combining TIFFs (workaround for WiscScan bug + crash).
(edit) @1468   14 years curtis Simple utility for pretty printing XML (does not handle CDATA properly).
(edit) @1245   14 years curtis Utility for determining if a directory structure is older than a certain …
(edit) @1237   14 years curtis Better spacing.
(edit) @1236   14 years curtis Add option to specify maximum character to list in the table; default …
(edit) @1221   14 years curtis Add command line option to print a warning for each duplicate.
(edit) @1220   14 years curtis Make method public.
(edit) @1217   14 years curtis Use new TiffTools.overwriteIFDValue method to update TIFF comment.
(edit) @1216   14 years curtis Utility for generating random 8-character passwords. Probably duplicates …
(edit) @1197   14 years curtis Utility class for dumping information about a Java class.
(edit) @1181   14 years curtis Update utilities to function with latest Bio-Formats API; remove obsolete …
(edit) @1166   14 years curtis Ignore *.class.
(edit) @1151   14 years curtis Use 80, not 79, for maximum line length.
(edit) @1095   14 years curtis Fix typos in output.
(edit) @1094   14 years curtis Avoid NullPointerExceptions when doing directory listings; output more …
(edit) @1026   14 years curtis Miscellaneous useful and/or silly utilities written at home.
(edit) @975   14 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @974   14 years curtis Use new TiffTools getIFDs RandomAccessStream.
(add) @953   14 years curtis Initial revision
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