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(edit) @6881   10 years curtis Update SVN and Trac paths.
(edit) @6186   10 years curtis Simple utility for printing out Java system properties.
(edit) @6165   10 years curtis Fix up Eclipse classpaths: * Use build-eclipse instead of build/classes …
(edit) @6133   10 years curtis Fix some minor unchecked warnings.
(edit) @5834   10 years curtis Move Bio-Formats-specific utilities into Bio-Formats component utility …
(edit) @5768   10 years curtis Fix some comments.
(edit) @5767   10 years curtis Improvements to bfopen.m suggested by Cris Luengo.
(edit) @5624   11 years curtis Use Double instead of Float for all floating point OME metadata.
(edit) @5606   11 years curtis A little bit of utils cleanup.
(edit) @5605   11 years curtis Clean up import statements.
(edit) @5598   11 years curtis Fix up utils to work with latest code, and add utils Ant targets.
(edit) @5500   11 years curtis Add compilation instructions for Windows.
(edit) @5445   11 years melissa Added utility to check for unused imports.
(edit) @5443   11 years curtis Fix some Eclipse warnings.
(edit) @5442   11 years curtis Fix Eclipse compile errors.
(edit) @5391   11 years curtis Add "-nosymbols" argument for generating alphanumeric passwords.
(edit) @5335   11 years curtis Update to latest TIFF API.
(edit) @5332   11 years curtis Tweak text.
(edit) @5331   11 years curtis More reflection testing.
(edit) @5330   11 years curtis Benchmark utility for testing reflection performance.
(edit) @5325   11 years melissa Updated examples to work with recent revisions. Moved component-specific …
(edit) @5290   11 years melissa Fixed macro options to work with 4.0.1 and trunk versions of the importer …
(edit) @5284   11 years melissa Updated plugin arguments to work with 4.0.1 and trunk versions of …
(edit) @5253   11 years curtis Add "formatlist" tool to Bio-Formats command line tools.
(edit) @5237   11 years curtis Remove example of connectivity with old OME server.
(edit) @5236   11 years curtis Simple example for extracting LensNA.
(edit) @5217   11 years curtis Update example programs to use new BufferedImageReader API.
(edit) @5211   11 years melissa Added very basic example of working with multiple files. Could use a …
(edit) @5201   11 years curtis Add call to printTimingPerPlane.
(edit) @5200   11 years curtis Example of timestamp extraction using Bio-Formats.
(edit) @5191   11 years curtis Progress on elimination of AWT references from core Bio-Formats packages. …
(edit) @5141   11 years curtis Fix import statement package for LociImporter.
(edit) @5127   11 years melissa Added utility for printing a list of supported formats, courtesy of Dmitry …
(edit) @5107   11 years curtis Minor tweaks.
(edit) @5106   11 years gbonamy Merged with old 5101 revision
(edit) @5105   11 years gbonamy Merged in R5083
(edit) @5101   11 years gbonamy Fixed bug. Only itterates over FLEX files
(edit) @5100   11 years gbonamy Updated the comments
(edit) @5097   11 years gbonamy Tool to extract Flex file XML.
(edit) @5092   11 years curtis Progress on LOCI plugins refactoring.
(edit) @5083   11 years melissa Cleaned up ExtractFlexMetadata utility.
(edit) @5081   11 years melissa Fixed how ConvertToOmeTiff handles multi-series files.
(edit) @5080   11 years gbonamy Tool to extract the FLEX file metadata
(edit) @5074   11 years gbonamy Takes into consideration the number of series
(edit) @5073   11 years gbonamy Small modifs Included Data Compression set (commented out).
(edit) @5062   11 years curtis Fix problem with file paths starting with dot slash.
(edit) @5060   11 years melissa MinimumWriter now populates LogicalChannel.SamplesPerPixel.
(edit) @5059   11 years curtis * Rename RandomAccessStream to RandomAccessInputStream, and RA* …
(edit) @5055   11 years curtis * Perform a standard check for minimum necessary metadata for writing. * …
(edit) @5054   11 years curtis * Update package references for loci.plugins. * Uncomment working byte …
(edit) @4979   11 years curtis Call close when finished reading the image planes.
(edit) @4953   11 years melissa Switched licenses from GPL v3 or later to GPL v2 or later.
(edit) @4919   11 years melissa * Changed TiffTools.overwriteIFDValue to accept a String filename instead …
(edit) @4909   11 years curtis Use LogTools to print exceptions in MDB parser, and only when debug is …
(edit) @4848   11 years curtis Fix up MIPAV Bio-Formats plugin: * call calcMinMax() to correctly scale …
(edit) @4828   11 years curtis Add Bio-Formats plugin for MIPAV (mostly working).
(edit) @4788   11 years curtis Example demonstrating how to read image data from a byte array (and in the …
(edit) @4773   11 years curtis Fix compile errors.
(edit) @4732   11 years melissa Moved EditTiffG to and added an option to tiffcomment …
(edit) @4693   11 years curtis Add macro functions for querying plane timings, and add an example macro.
(edit) @4679   11 years curtis A little GUI for testing Java memory behavior.
(edit) @4635   12 years gbonamy Added to facilitate import in Eclipse. Classpath needs to be updated to …
(edit) @4588   12 years curtis More tweaks and notes.
(edit) @4587   12 years curtis Return metadata table as part of cell structure.
(edit) @4586   12 years curtis Add commented out LuraWave JAR file for Flex support.
(edit) @4585   12 years curtis Minor tweaks.
(edit) @4583   12 years curtis Improved version of bfopen MATLAB script that returns the entire dataset …
(edit) @4567   12 years curtis Allow command line parameter to override default number of characters.
(edit) @4549   12 years curtis Add hack to exclude LOCI source code URLs from long line reporting.
(edit) @4486   12 years curtis Graphical TIFF comment editor.
(edit) @4266   12 years curtis Close file at the end of the Bio-Formats MATLAB script.
(edit) @4204   12 years melissa Changed Util.openProcessor methods to Util.openProcessors. These methods …
(edit) @4193   12 years curtis Add "Bio-Formats Mass Importer" example plugin.
(edit) @4078   12 years curtis Use TiffTools.getComment (but leave IFD entry approach commented out).
(edit) @4046   12 years curtis Simplify TIFF comment surgery utility to use latest API.
(edit) @4038   12 years curtis No more need for this utility.
(edit) @4036   12 years curtis Update to version-agnostic OME-XML metadata store logic.
(edit) @4028   12 years curtis Macro from Wayne Rasband that uses the BF macro extensions to open files.
(edit) @4013   12 years curtis Add another example Bio-Formats macro from Sebastien Huart.
(edit) @4011   12 years curtis Use ChannelSeparator for now to avoid problems with Util.openProcessor.
(edit) @4010   12 years curtis Add some ImageJ macros that demonstrate how to call Bio-Formats.
(edit) @3991   12 years curtis Utility for extracting raw values from SDT files.
(edit) @3882   12 years curtis Simple wget-style Java command line tool for downloading URLs.
(edit) @3878   12 years curtis Fix annoying compile error (I can't have "\u" in a COMMENT? Seriously?).
(edit) @3771   12 years curtis Add comment with some results.
(edit) @3770   12 years curtis Add simple utility for testing performance of file system operations.
(edit) @3571   12 years curtis Add brief installation notes.
(edit) @3570   12 years curtis Updated bfopen MATLAB script incorporating additional suggestions from …
(edit) @3560   12 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @3557   12 years curtis Fix bugs Gerald Gordon found.
(edit) @3556   12 years curtis A simple example of an ImageJ plugin that uses Bio-Formats to read a file.
(edit) @3524   12 years curtis Initial version of LOCI codebase with multi-version OME-XML support. This …
(edit) @3490   12 years curtis Minor tweak for consistency.
(edit) @3489   12 years curtis Add suggestion from Ville Rantanen to improve performance.
(edit) @3488   12 years curtis Initial version of M function for reading images into MATLAB using …
(edit) @3474   12 years curtis Move TiffComment utility into command line tools suite as "tiffcomment."
(edit) @3456   12 years melissa Added convenience method to TiffTools for retrieving the image description …
(edit) @3350   13 years curtis Use properly capitalized pixel type for Uint8.
(edit) @3349   13 years curtis Fix xsi:schemaLocation.
(edit) @3296   13 years curtis Print a message if no TIFF comment is found, rather than throwing an …
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