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(edit) @3100   13 years melissa Better error messages in the exporter.
(edit) @3099   13 years melissa Added missing import.
(edit) @3098   13 years melissa Fixed how metadata is split between series.
(edit) @3097   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @3096   13 years curtis Fix bug in buffer allocation.
(edit) @3095   13 years curtis Remove .2, .3 and .4 from valid extensions list.
(edit) @3094   13 years melissa Fixed bug reported by Venu Kesireddy.
(edit) @3093   13 years melissa Fixed Z/T size bug.
(edit) @3092   13 years melissa Fixed to work with omebf.
(edit) @3091   13 years melissa Fixed how custom LUTs are handled in Leica LEI files.
(edit) @3090   13 years curtis Fix XML error with javadoc element.
(edit) @3089   13 years curtis Do not include deprecated methods in Javadoc.
(edit) @3088   13 years curtis Fix the series name fix.
(edit) @3087   13 years curtis More verbose error reporting.
(edit) @3086   13 years curtis Initial skeleton for Bio-Formats ImageJ macro extensions. Several key …
(edit) @3085   13 years curtis Tweak.
(edit) @3084   13 years curtis Add Melissa as an author.
(edit) @3083   13 years curtis Move file grouping constants into format reader interface.
(edit) @3082   13 years curtis Fix bug Christophe Leterrier found with missing series names.
(edit) @3081   13 years curtis Minor UI tweaks.
(edit) @3080   13 years curtis Fix problem with getZCTCoords and getIndex for YX dimension orders.
(edit) @3079   13 years curtis Add option to override dimension order (tests DimensionSwapper class).
(edit) @3078   13 years curtis * Fix bug in dimension swapper with incorrect OME-XML Pixels population. …
(edit) @3077   13 years curtis Reorganize display controls to be tabbed instead of sprawling. This will …
(edit) @3076   13 years melissa Fixed to work with omebf.
(edit) @3075   13 years curtis Fix arbitrary slicing efficiency bug.
(edit) @3074   13 years melissa Preserve user-specified file ordering.
(edit) @3073   13 years melissa Fixed Prairie and ICS readers to work with omebf.
(edit) @3072   13 years curtis Fix typo.
(edit) @3071   13 years curtis Minor tweaks.
(edit) @3070   13 years curtis Update copyright notice to include Abe.
(edit) @3069   13 years curtis Clean up tutorial a little.
(edit) @3068   13 years curtis * Include PNGs for overlays tutorial in VisBio resources. * Remove …
(edit) @3067   13 years curtis Guess at good default opacity settings when volume rendering is first …
(edit) @3066   13 years curtis Disable save check until state logic can be thoroughly fixed.
(edit) @3065   13 years curtis Use reasonable default name when saving or exporting overlay data.
(edit) @3064   13 years curtis Allow 4 range components in ImageFlatField.
(edit) @3063   13 years curtis Refix initial skeleton schemaLocation attribute.
(edit) @3062   13 years curtis Only report no errors if, in fact, there were no errors.
(edit) @3061   13 years curtis Output all XML validation errors, not just the first.
(edit) @3060   13 years melissa Set the file name as the default image name.
(edit) @3059   13 years melissa Removed plane flipping logic.
(edit) @3058   13 years curtis Workaround for NullPointerException.
(edit) @3057   13 years curtis Add option to toggle stereo displays on or off.
(edit) @3056   13 years curtis Fix stupid dimensional position bug.
(edit) @3055   13 years curtis Fix compile error.
(edit) @3054   13 years curtis Several bugfixes to ImprovisionTiffReader.isThisType.
(edit) @3053   13 years curtis Fix color reset bug when adding transforms to a display. Temporary fix; …
(edit) @3052   13 years curtis Fix problem with OME-XML validation on Linux.
(edit) @3051   13 years curtis Add option to brute force past accessibility restrictions.
(edit) @3050   13 years curtis Better Javadoc.
(edit) @3049   13 years curtis Some improvements to reflected universe functionality: * direct variable …
(edit) @3048   13 years curtis More optimizations for ND2 initialization step.
(edit) @3047   13 years melissa Remove invalid metadata.
(edit) @3046   13 years melissa Removed some unused variables.
(edit) @3045   13 years melissa More efficient initialization of uncompressed files.
(edit) @3044   13 years curtis Return 1 for default pixel/domain multiplier.
(edit) @3043   13 years curtis Validate against OME-XML, not OMECA-XML.
(edit) @3042   13 years curtis * Use an internal ID generation mechanism that produces valid IDs. * Fix …
(edit) @3041   13 years curtis Add OME-XML validation to showinf.
(edit) @3040   13 years curtis Add a hack to filter out stupid clipboard stack traces on Mac OS X.
(edit) @3039   13 years melissa Better pixel type/channel detection.
(edit) @3038   13 years curtis Gracefully handle case where clipboard contents are unavailable (except on …
(edit) @3037   13 years melissa 32-bit uncompressed data is now interpreted as 4 channels, 8 bits per …
(edit) @3036   13 years melissa Fixed bug with multi-channel files that aren't RGB.
(edit) @3035   13 years melissa Remove garbage data from channel name.
(edit) @3034   13 years melissa Fixed bug with Fluoview files that have sizeY == 1.
(edit) @3033   13 years melissa Fixed to work with Java 1.4
(edit) @3032   13 years curtis * Clean up overlay GUI controls a little. * Fix bug with text field not …
(edit) @3023   13 years melissa Updated MetadataStore.setLogicalChannel to be more complete; updated …
(edit) @3022   13 years melissa Bugfixes.
(edit) @3021   13 years melissa Previous ome-java.jar didn't strip invalid characters out of the XML …
(edit) @3020   13 years melissa Fixed dimension order bug.
(edit) @3019   13 years melissa Populate original metadata if OME-XML is to be displayed.
(edit) @3018   13 years melissa Fixed NullPointerException.
(edit) @3017   13 years curtis Tweak Apache Axis2 hack to work better.
(edit) @3016   13 years curtis Fix problem with generated Javadocs not filling in the footer's year …
(edit) @3015   13 years curtis Add source code links to the Javadoc for every class. I automated the …
(edit) @3014   13 years curtis Remove old temporary import statements.
(edit) @3013   13 years melissa Added OME-TIFF writer. Also added API for writing multi-series files, …
(edit) @3012   13 years melissa Removed date parsing logic from ZVI - no matter how we do it, the date is …
(edit) @3011   13 years curtis Apply workaround for the Apache Axis2 bug in more places.
(edit) @3010   13 years curtis Workaround for bug in Apache Axis2.
(edit) @3009   13 years melissa Moved date conversion logic to DataTools; significant improvements to ZVI …
(edit) @3008   13 years curtis Update cache GUI component to respond to cache events. Now the GUI updates …
(edit) @3007   13 years melissa Make sure RGB flag gets propagated.
(edit) @3006   13 years curtis Tweaked OME2OME-CA.xslt to eliminate Java XSLT compiler warnings.
(edit) @3005   13 years melissa One last series name fix.
(edit) @3004   13 years curtis Some work on cache GUI component (not finished yet).
(edit) @3003   13 years curtis Progress on caching logic: * CacheEvent for reporting caching events * …
(edit) @3002   13 years curtis Fix NullPointerException with null objects.
(edit) @3001   13 years melissa Better folder support, including proper handling of nested folders.
(edit) @3000   13 years melissa Prepend folder name to series name.
(edit) @2999   13 years melissa Overrode isMetadataComplete implementation for formats supported by OMERO.
(edit) @2998   13 years melissa Added "boolean isMetadataComplete()" to IFormatReader API.
(edit) @2997   13 years melissa Fixed timestamps and added a fix for the change to the memory chunk …
(edit) @2996   13 years melissa Don't throw an exception if a parentless file is given to isThisType.
(edit) @2995   13 years melissa Don't assume dimension information is present.
(edit) @2994   13 years melissa Added support for 16-bit and < 8-bit data.
(edit) @2985   13 years melissa Scroll the window so that the next matching line is at the top. No longer …
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