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(edit) @2985   13 years melissa Scroll the window so that the next matching line is at the top. No longer …
(edit) @2984   13 years curtis Simply cache source interface a bit.
(edit) @2983   13 years curtis Remove mention of caching improvements until package is more stable.
(edit) @2982   13 years melissa Updated for next release.
(edit) @2981   13 years melissa Fixed to ignore audio tracks and all but the first video track.
(edit) @2980   13 years curtis Some work on the cache component; add "gui" command to cache tester.
(edit) @2979   13 years curtis Tweaks.
(edit) @2978   13 years melissa Reset template before opening a file.
(edit) @2977   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @2976   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @2975   13 years curtis Use LogTools instead of System.out.
(edit) @2974   13 years curtis Use conservative default caching range.
(edit) @2973   13 years curtis Woo, cache logic appears to be working.
(edit) @2972   13 years melissa For now, don't stitch files.
(edit) @2971   13 years melissa Fixed how non-standard pixel types are handled (no longer throws an …
(edit) @2970   13 years melissa * Added missing setLogicalChannel calls. * Added new metadata categories …
(edit) @2969   13 years curtis A bit of cleanup.
(edit) @2968   13 years curtis Rewrite cache strategy logic.
(edit) @2967   13 years curtis Temporarily comment out some obsolete logic.
(edit) @2966   13 years curtis Eliminate superfluous array allocation from raster/position methods.
(edit) @2965   13 years melissa - Changed default background color, so that all font colors are visible. - …
(edit) @2964   13 years melissa * Removed unnecessary imports from TiffReader. * Cleaned up ZVI reader …
(edit) @2963   13 years curtis Fix compile errors.
(edit) @2962   13 years curtis Tweak.
(edit) @2961   13 years curtis A bunch of work on the caching logic. Still broken though.
(edit) @2960   13 years melissa Converted HighInteger/LowInteger fields to real timestamp.
(edit) @2959   13 years melissa Fixed a couple of NullPointerExceptions, and several bugs in the editor …
(edit) @2958   13 years melissa Allow templates to specify the node number for each node in a map, e.g. if …
(edit) @2957   13 years melissa Added setOriginalMetadataPopulated(boolean) and …
(edit) @2956   13 years melissa Improved population logic.
(edit) @2955   13 years melissa Added searchable text window.
(edit) @2954   13 years curtis * Do not reload preview thumbnail if another used file is selected * …
(edit) @2953   13 years melissa Updated to reflect new cache package structure.
(edit) @2952   13 years melissa Added main method to Cache; fixed package names in sources.
(edit) @2951   13 years melissa Allow sources to be constructed with either a filename or a reader; fixed …
(edit) @2950   13 years curtis No need for package.html, as there are no Java source files in this …
(edit) @2949   13 years curtis Move text documents into doc folder.
(edit) @2948   13 years curtis With only a couple of strategies and sources, it is fine for everything to …
(edit) @2947   13 years curtis Eliminate superfluous Utils class.
(edit) @2946   13 years curtis Update to latest OME-CA2OME.xslt with PixelSizeT -> TimeIncrement bugfix.
(edit) @2945   13 years melissa OME plugin now works with macros.
(edit) @2944   13 years curtis Minor tweaks.
(edit) @2943   13 years melissa Added OME-TIFF reader; removed OME-TIFF logic from TiffReader.
(edit) @2942   13 years melissa Ignore class files.
(edit) @2941   13 years melissa Fixed how CustomImage works with ImageJ < 1.38n.
(edit) @2940   13 years melissa Added TCS reader - turns out we have a multi-plane TCS TIFF after all.
(edit) @2939   13 years melissa Added Visitech and Leica TCS TIFF.
(edit) @2938   13 years melissa Moved all documentation to 'doc' directory.
(edit) @2937   13 years melissa Added new reader for Improvision TIFFs.
(edit) @2936   13 years melissa Fixed channel merging prompt to work with macros.
(edit) @2927   13 years melissa Updated what's new.
(edit) @2926   13 years melissa Added support for 8 bit compressed data.
(edit) @2925   13 years melissa Added Visitech reader; possibly fixed Openlab bug.
(edit) @2924   13 years melissa Added Visitech reader to readers.txt; updated what's new for next release.
(edit) @2923   13 years melissa Removed OriginalMetadata population, for real this time.
(edit) @2922   13 years melissa - Don't automatically populate OriginalMetadata nodes in …
(edit) @2921   13 years melissa Use ij.CompositeImage when possible; fixed a few bugs in CustomImage.
(edit) @2920   13 years curtis Add counts information to FWHM print-out.
(edit) @2919   13 years melissa Don't fail the writeConfig test if the file is invalid.
(edit) @2918   13 years melissa Added method to read a string.
(edit) @2917   13 years melissa Moved MS-RLE codec out of AVIReader.
(edit) @2916   13 years melissa Added multi-series support.
(edit) @2915   13 years melissa Added support for composite image stacks.
(edit) @2914   13 years melissa Cleaned up QuickTime reader - all codec implementations have been moved to …
(edit) @2913   13 years sorber Style checks.
(edit) @2912   13 years sorber Style checks.
(edit) @2911   13 years sorber Reordered API methods for consistency.
(edit) @2910   13 years sorber Reordered OverlayObject API methods for consistency.
(edit) @2909   13 years sorber Added comments to several files in overlays package. Added overlays/test …
(edit) @2908   13 years sorber Added test folder; moved MathUtilTest inside. Added class Segment2D and …
(edit) @2907   13 years sorber Removed accidentally committed testing code.
(edit) @2906   13 years sorber Added measuring tutorial to built-in help.
(edit) @2905   13 years callan * Optimizations to avoid millions of getSeries() invocations * Optimizing …
(edit) @2904   13 years sorber Reinstated green circles highlighting polyline nodes (OverlayUtil). Added …
(edit) @2903   13 years sorber Incorporated checks into several OverlayNodedObject methods to prevent …
(edit) @2902   13 years melissa Added list of sample data we would like, organized by format.
(edit) @2901   13 years sorber Added JUnit unit tests for MathUtil. Added another vector math method to …
(edit) @2900   13 years sorber Fixed bug in selection layer generation for OverlayNodedObjects exposed by …
(edit) @2899   13 years sorber Corrected over-synchronization causing deadlock.
(edit) @2898   13 years melissa Fixed floating point and RGB images.
(edit) @2897   13 years melissa Fixed bug in byte->short conversion.
(edit) @2896   13 years sorber Synchronized access to node array in OverlayNodedObject.
(edit) @2895   13 years curtis Override setId to clear last image cache.
(edit) @2886   13 years sorber Misc. small changes.
(edit) @2885   13 years sorber Added class FreeformExtension; moved some FreeformTool logic to this …
(edit) @2884   13 years curtis Normalize floating point thumbnails.
(edit) @2883   13 years curtis Clean up code and add javadocs; eliminate reliance on dubious (probably …
(edit) @2882   13 years melissa Ignore problematic color models in makeBuffered.
(edit) @2881   13 years curtis Preview pane component for use with file chooser.
(edit) @2880   13 years melissa ReaderTest now compiles with jikes.
(edit) @2879   13 years melissa Don't assume sizeC == 1 in new ND2 files.
(edit) @2878   13 years melissa Added support for new version of ND2.
(edit) @2877   13 years curtis Add TestNG JAR file to list of external libraries.
(edit) @2876   13 years melissa Fixed a couple of small bugs; updated "what's new" for next release.
(edit) @2875   13 years sorber First try at improving Freeform erasing. Misc. changes to …
(edit) @2874   13 years melissa Updated info on automated testing.
(edit) @2873   13 years melissa Removed debugging statements.
(edit) @2872   13 years melissa Updated testing framework to use TestNG (instead of JUnit); added pixel …
(edit) @2871   13 years melissa Ignore class files; remove unused constants.
(edit) @2870   13 years sorber Fixed omission in floats-to-doubles convenience method.
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