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(edit) @3301   13 years melissa Temporarily commented out Cinepak logic.
(edit) @3300   13 years melissa Changed TiffIFDEntry's 'offset' field to 'long'; calls to …
(edit) @3299   13 years melissa Alpha channel is now handled correctly.
(edit) @3298   13 years melissa Fixed filename parsing logic.
(edit) @3297   13 years melissa Fixed openBytes(int, byte[]) so it no longer returns all zeros.
(edit) @3296   13 years curtis Print a message if no TIFF comment is found, rather than throwing an …
(edit) @3287   13 years melissa Updated what's new for today's release.
(edit) @3286   13 years melissa Fixed Z/T reversal.
(edit) @3285   13 years melissa If bmpColorsUsed == 0, set it to 2bitsPerPixel.
(edit) @3284   13 years melissa Corrected pixel type for 5-5-5 RGB data.
(edit) @3283   13 years melissa Make sure elementLength/compression indicators are reset.
(edit) @3282   13 years melissa Fixed case logic for setting pixel scale value.
(edit) @3281   13 years melissa Finished logic to correctly handle signed data.
(edit) @3280   13 years melissa Correctly handle signed data.
(edit) @3279   13 years melissa * Added new API method to loci.formats.codec.Codec to allow decompressing …
(edit) @3278   13 years melissa Fixed indexed to RGB conversion.
(edit) @3277   13 years curtis Fix problems with duplicate macro options.
(edit) @3276   13 years melissa * Fixed bug with "open each channel in new window" + "specify range". * …
(edit) @3275   13 years melissa Fixed ZCT calculation for indexed color images.
(edit) @3274   13 years melissa Don't need to manually prepend directory name to file name.
(edit) @3273   13 years curtis Fix little bug in arg parsing.
(edit) @3272   13 years melissa More tiling/BigTIFF fixes.
(edit) @3271   13 years melissa Corrected image count calculation if we have indexed color planes.
(edit) @3270   13 years melissa Fixed tiling bug and added remaining BigTIFF types.
(edit) @3269   13 years melissa Initial implementation of BigTIFF.
(edit) @3268   13 years melissa Removed several hacks that added an extra blank channel if C == 2.
(edit) @3267   13 years melissa Added new ColorSpace for 2-channel images; updated ImageTools accordingly.
(edit) @3266   13 years melissa Fixed plane number -> IFD mapping for primary file.
(edit) @3265   13 years curtis Clean up and debug image construction methods.
(edit) @3264   13 years curtis Use BYTES_PER_ENTRY instead of hardcoded 12 where relevant.
(edit) @3263   13 years curtis Rename "used" to "usedFiles" so it is easier to search.
(edit) @3262   13 years curtis Remove unnecessary imports.
(edit) @3261   13 years melissa Only parse the primary file once.
(edit) @3260   13 years curtis TiffComment now has a trivial implementation thanks to …
(edit) @3259   13 years curtis * Add TiffTools.getComment convenience method. * Some efficiency …
(edit) @3258   13 years melissa Removed option to force compatible pixel type.
(edit) @3257   13 years curtis Standardize getPixels methods to use a single sample model checker method …
(edit) @3256   13 years curtis Comment out reference to broken makeType method.
(edit) @3255   13 years curtis Comment out reference to broken makeType method.
(edit) @3254   13 years curtis Fix getPixels implementations to never use makeType, and get rid of …
(edit) @3253   13 years melissa All byte array to float array conversions are now handled by …
(edit) @3252   13 years melissa Fixed bug in fake rows per strip calculation.
(edit) @3251   13 years melissa Added default saveBytes implementations. To use saveBytes, a …
(edit) @3250   13 years curtis Disable editing of file path text boxes for now.
(edit) @3249   13 years melissa Fixed pixel type mismatch.
(edit) @3248   13 years melissa Fixed series/currentSeries typo; update file map along with IFD map.
(edit) @3247   13 years melissa Added support for JPEG-compressed ZVI images.
(edit) @3246   13 years melissa Fixed one last bug.
(edit) @3245   13 years melissa Parse XML using SAX.
(edit) @3244   13 years melissa Added option to open each plane in a separate window; fixed CustomImage …
(edit) @3243   13 years curtis Echo status message events to the ImageJ status bar.
(edit) @3242   13 years curtis Add Javadoc for getReorderedIndex.
(edit) @3241   13 years curtis Another status message, indicating parsing of each constituent OME-TIFF …
(edit) @3240   13 years curtis Add status message for each TIFF file checked.
(edit) @3239   13 years melissa Fixed bug with >2GB files.
(edit) @3238   13 years melissa Improved logic for mapping plane numbers to IFDs - scrambled TiffData …
(edit) @3237   13 years melissa Fixed sizeC calculation for RGBA TIFFs.
(edit) @3236   13 years curtis Use, not org.openmicroscopy, for IDs.
(edit) @3235   13 years curtis Fix typo in Pixels IDs.
(edit) @3234   13 years curtis Brief what's new for minor 2007 Oct 5 Bio-Formats release.
(edit) @3233   13 years curtis Fix bug with scramble feature.
(edit) @3232   13 years curtis Fix multi-Image and multi-Pixels TiffData tags; first cut at IFD …
(edit) @3231   13 years curtis Generator now distinguishes between multiple Images vs multiple Pixels.
(edit) @3230   13 years melissa Fixed width/height mismatch detection, TiffData scrambling in single-file …
(edit) @3229   13 years curtis OME-TIFF sample data generator now writes OME-TIFF with multiple series. …
(edit) @3228   13 years curtis Progress on OME-TIFF sample file generator. Currently generates plain …
(edit) @3227   13 years melissa Fixed min TiffData calculation.
(edit) @3226   13 years melissa Look for the smallest TiffData tag, instead of always using the first one.
(edit) @3225   13 years melissa Multi-series OME-TIFF files should now work.
(edit) @3224   13 years curtis Begin work on utility for generating OME-TIFF sample datasets.
(edit) @3223   13 years curtis Gray out time slider when no format reader is specified.
(edit) @3222   13 years curtis Allow null IFormatReader, and add corresponding setImages signature.
(edit) @3221   13 years melissa Only group files if the Image LSID is present, and print warnings if the …
(edit) @3220   13 years melissa Added support for MS Video 1 codec.
(edit) @3219   13 years melissa Fixed how files are grouped.
(edit) @3218   13 years curtis Allow processing from stdin.
(edit) @3217   13 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @3216   13 years melissa Set metadataComplete flag.
(edit) @3207   13 years curtis Clean up what's new list a bit for October 1 release.
(edit) @3206   13 years melissa Updated what's new for next release.
(edit) @3205   13 years melissa Don't create a StageLabel if all values are null.
(edit) @3204   13 years melissa Removed obsolete 'valid bits' logic; minor cleanup/bugfixes.
(edit) @3203   13 years melissa Don't autoscale images in the data browser.
(edit) @3202   13 years melissa Added support for Photoshop PSD files.
(edit) @3201   13 years curtis Miscellaneous tweaks.
(edit) @3200   13 years curtis Fix some problems with XML validation.
(edit) @3199   13 years curtis Add hack to work around negative SizeZ/C/T values.
(edit) @3198   13 years melissa Added support for uncompressed LIM files.
(edit) @3197   13 years melissa * Added isFalseColor() to IFormatReader API; updated ChannelFiller …
(edit) @3196   13 years melissa Added option to turn off autoscaling.
(edit) @3195   13 years melissa Fixed NPE in get*BitLookupTable().
(edit) @3194   13 years curtis Add printout of indexed color and LUT information to showinf.
(edit) @3193   13 years curtis Print series names in core metadata listing if metadata store is set.
(edit) @3192   13 years curtis Comment out unnecessary imports.
(edit) @3191   13 years melissa Slight speed improvement when reading intensity data.
(edit) @3190   13 years melissa Fixed ClassCastException.
(edit) @3189   13 years melissa Added support for JPEG and RLE-compressed DICOM images.
(edit) @3188   13 years melissa Added hack to compute emission/excitation wavelengths from channel name.
(edit) @3187   13 years curtis Comment out File menu for now.
(edit) @3186   13 years curtis Use AWT menu bar instead of Swing menu bar to avoid Java3D heavyweight …
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