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(edit) @6563   10 years curtis Remove debugging statement.
(edit) @6561   10 years curtis Do not fill indices for true color data if LUT is compatible with ImageJ.
(edit) @6560   10 years curtis Add a TODO note about discontinuous 16-bit LUT resampling.
(edit) @6558   10 years curtis Use composite mode by default for formerly-indexed images.
(edit) @6556   10 years curtis Fix problem with signed LUT indices.
(edit) @6554   10 years curtis Progress on proper handling of color modes.
(edit) @6553   10 years melissa Fixed a handful of core metadata and pixels offset bugs in Visitech …
(edit) @6552   10 years bdezonia minor edits
(edit) @6551   10 years callan Updating stylesheets. ( ome-xml:r640)
(edit) @6550   10 years callan Fixing enumeration handler logging when the requested value is null.
(edit) @6549   10 years callan More verbose tracing to track problems with stylesheet transforms.
(edit) @6548   10 years callan Moving transformed XML logging dump to the TRACE level.
(edit) @6547   10 years callan Make sure 2010-04-to-2010-06.xsl makes it into bio-formats.jar
(edit) @6546   10 years melissa Fixed compile errors introduced in r6531.
(edit) @6545   10 years curtis For indexed color fake data, return a different LUT for each channel.
(edit) @6544   10 years melissa Reverting r6536, as r6543 fixes the underlying problems in ListAnnotation.
(edit) @6543   10 years callan Re-run of code generation; superclass reference support. Added test case …
(edit) @6542   10 years callan Adding Xalan and its serializer dependency JAR to the Eclipse CLASSPATH.
(edit) @6541   10 years bdezonia Improved falseColor support in getPixelValue().
(edit) @6540   10 years callan Support for 2010-06 schema translation.
(edit) @6539   10 years callan Fixing "External libraries" Eclipse project CLASSPATH.
(edit) @6538   10 years callan Updating stylesheets from  ome-xml:r635.
(edit) @6537   10 years bdezonia minor changes
(edit) @6536   10 years melissa Temporarily commented out ListAnnotationRef population.
(edit) @6535   10 years bdezonia refactoring
(edit) @6534   10 years melissa Fixed a few issues with 16-bit LUTs.
(edit) @6533   10 years bdezonia more refactoring
(edit) @6532   10 years bdezonia mostly refactoring
(edit) @6531   10 years callan Re-run of code generation; working copy schema. Huge merge. (See …
(edit) @6530   10 years bdezonia Further support for indexed data
(edit) @6529   10 years bdezonia testColorCompositeSubcases() implemented for nonindexed data
(edit) @6528   10 years bdezonia started work on testCompositeSubcases(). Began refactor for general …
(edit) @6527   10 years melissa Tweaked Metamorph reader's type detection so that TIFFs are not …
(edit) @6526   10 years melissa Fixed Detector indices so that Detectors are properly populated and linked …
(edit) @6522   10 years curtis Fix problem with Stack Slicer macro keys.
(edit) @6521   10 years curtis Use explicit version number for JUnit JAR.
(edit) @6520   10 years curtis Remove dependency on OME Notes, in favor of loci.formats.gui.XMLWindow. …
(edit) @6519   10 years bdezonia minor refactorings
(edit) @6518   10 years bdezonia further work on various methods
(edit) @6517   10 years melissa Fixed warnings.
(edit) @6516   10 years melissa Eliminated several deprecation warnings.
(edit) @6515   10 years melissa Allow Metamorph reader to pick up TIFF files.
(edit) @6514   10 years melissa Javadoc tweaks.
(edit) @6513   10 years bdezonia edits towards a general getColorTable() based testing method. Also enabled …
(edit) @6512   10 years melissa Fixed a couple of minor channel bugs. testColorizeSubcases should pass …
(edit) @6511   10 years bdezonia remove print statements to simplify debugging
(edit) @6510   10 years bdezonia further work related to testColorizedSubcases()
(edit) @6509   10 years melissa Adjust strip offsets if 32-bit signed values are being used in > 2 GB …
(edit) @6508   10 years melissa * Added basic TIFF tile export. Closes #413. * Throw an exception in …
(edit) @6507   10 years melissa Couple of minor reader fixes.
(edit) @6506   10 years melissa * Updated JUnit version so that ImageJ plugin tests compile. * Overrode …
(edit) @6504   10 years melissa Finished adding Xalan dependency.
(edit) @6503   10 years melissa Fixed XZ/XT scans to display as they do in Olympus' software.
(edit) @6502   10 years melissa Implemented colorizing when SizeC == 1, and fixed color handling when …
(edit) @6501   10 years melissa Tweaked isThisType to only pick up valid TIFF files that are in the same …
(edit) @6500   10 years melissa Apply one LUT to each channel if the original file contains its own LUTs. …
(edit) @6499   10 years melissa Fixed bug introduced in r6497, for real this time.
(edit) @6498   10 years melissa Fixed bug introduced in r6497.
(edit) @6497   10 years melissa Throw an exception if ImageProcessor types don't match.
(edit) @6496   10 years melissa Updated bf-cpp to compile with latest ome.xml.* and loci.formats.meta.* …
(edit) @6495   10 years melissa Updated email address.
(edit) @6494   10 years melissa Added support for multi-file OME-TIFF export. Closes #485.
(edit) @6493   10 years bdezonia improved a number of methods (testComboCropAutoscale, testDatasetGroup, …
(edit) @6492   10 years melissa Fixed Channel indices in MetadataTools.verifyMinimumPopulated.
(edit) @6491   10 years melissa Updated MetadataTools.verifyMinimumPopulated and the MinimumWriter example …
(edit) @6489   10 years melissa Fixed Nikon tag parsing.
(edit) @6488   10 years bdezonia Fixed issue in adjustColorRange() with calculation of max and min
(edit) @6487   10 years melissa Minor fixes to make metadata level tests pass.
(edit) @6486   10 years melissa Make sure that CoreMetadata.indexed is set correctly, regardless of the …
(edit) @6485   10 years melissa Updated metadata level tests to check for isIndexed mismatches. See #496.
(edit) @6484   10 years melissa Updated Channel -> Laser linkage rule in accordance with r6076.
(edit) @6483   10 years melissa Populate Laser.Model, if present. See  omero:2475.
(edit) @6482   10 years melissa Fixed min calculation for cropped planes. See  imagej:59.
(edit) @6481   10 years curtis Remove debugging statements.
(edit) @6480   10 years curtis Tweak creation of ColorModel.
(edit) @6478   10 years curtis Readd support for obsolete "Standard ImageJ" stack view option.
(edit) @6476   10 years curtis Add compatibility later for obsolete color options. This should allow old …
(edit) @6475   10 years curtis Organize methods a little better.
(edit) @6474   10 years curtis Add a note about the use of ImporterPrompter in BF.openImagePlus.
(edit) @6473   10 years curtis Clarify and expound on some TODOs.
(edit) @6472   10 years curtis Remove superfluous StatusListener & StatusEvent classes.
(edit) @6471   10 years bdezonia in middle of writing testColorColorizedSubcases() - incomplete
(edit) @6470   10 years curtis Fix some Eclipse warnings.
(edit) @6469   10 years curtis Force non-overlapping ZCT order when swapping dimensions.
(edit) @6468   10 years melissa Fixed compile errors introduced in r6458.
(edit) @6467   10 years curtis Fix a couple of minor Mac OS X specific bugs.
(edit) @6466   10 years curtis Fix some problems with the series chooser. If there are more than 200 …
(edit) @6465   10 years melissa Added some debugging statements so that missing TIFF files are reported. …
(edit) @6463   10 years melissa Don't attempt to read IFDs with offsets beyond the end of the file.
(edit) @6462   10 years melissa Added test for checking IFormatReader.getCoreMetadata() against the values …
(edit) @6461   10 years melissa Fixed well ordering bug, courtesy of Rubén Muñoz.
(edit) @6460   10 years curtis ijview depends on loci_plugins.jar, not bio-formats.jar.
(edit) @6459   10 years melissa Synced up export/MetadataConverter fixes between trunk and 4.2. OME-TIFF …
(edit) @6458   10 years melissa Moved ome.xml.r201004.* to ome.xml.model.* in trunk.
(edit) @6456   10 years bdezonia testComboManyOptions() - added verification of crop size
(edit) @6455   10 years bdezonia testComboManyOptions() - enhanced range testing
(edit) @6454   10 years bdezonia testComboManyOptions() - improved and working
(edit) @6453   10 years bdezonia testComboManyOptions - save working version with debug code in place
(edit) @6452   10 years callan Ensure that Pixels LSIDs are created uniquely.
(edit) @6451   10 years callan Need fileLength parsed in parseSeriesTag() for parseImageTag() to be …
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