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(edit) @6748   10 years melissa Temporarily commented out URLHandleTest.
(edit) @6747   10 years melissa * Added 'int getSeries()' method to IFormatWriter. * Implemented …
(edit) @6746   10 years melissa Remainder of type checking fixes. Closes #273.
(edit) @6745   10 years melissa Updated overridden test targets to make Ant fail if any of the tests …
(edit) @6744   10 years melissa Force buffer reallocation if the previously allocated buffer is too small.
(edit) @6743   10 years melissa Resolve references immediately, so that they are not lost with the …
(edit) @6742   10 years melissa More informative failure messages in sane used files test.
(edit) @6741   10 years melissa Several more type checking fixes, see #273. Includes a fix for a very, …
(edit) @6740   10 years bselinsky comments
(edit) @6739   10 years curtis Extend the Boost_ADDITIONAL_VERSIONS hack to help CMake on Windows.
(edit) @6738   10 years curtis Prevent Windows build from requiring dynamic Boost libraries (courtesy of …
(edit) @6737   10 years curtis Fix errors with array allocation.
(edit) @6736   10 years curtis More speed improvements and other cleanup to bfopen.m.
(edit) @6735   10 years melissa * Handful of type checking fixes. See #273. * Strip whitespace from …
(edit) @6734   10 years bselinsky new
(edit) @6733   10 years bselinsky Update
(edit) @6732   10 years curtis Add a showinf easter egg. ;-)
(edit) @6731   10 years curtis Stop using BufferedImageReader, for faster plane extraction.
(edit) @6729   10 years melissa Ignore IFDs that do not contain an IMAGE_WIDTH entry. See QA #2570.
(edit) @6728   10 years melissa Switch calls to MetadataTools.populatePixels and …
(edit) @6727   10 years melissa Allow double images to be saved to TIFF.
(edit) @6726   10 years melissa A few more type checking fixes. See #273.
(edit) @6725   10 years curtis Close file when finished reading data.
(edit) @6724   10 years melissa Fixed a bunch of type detection problems. See #273.
(edit) @6723   10 years curtis Readd support for "-debug" flag to showinf and bfconvert.
(edit) @6722   10 years curtis Add a utility method for enabling log4j logging without a configuration …
(edit) @6721   10 years bdezonia whitespace only - a hudson test
(edit) @6720   10 years melissa Populate physical pixel sizes, if present. Closes #515.
(edit) @6719   10 years melissa Set BinData.Length to "0" to prevent validation errors.
(edit) @6718   10 years bdezonia no change except whitespace - hudson test
(edit) @6717   10 years curtis Eliminate excessive xmlvalid output.
(edit) @6716   10 years curtis More fixes to LWF license code handling.
(edit) @6715   10 years melissa Close open files to prevent "too many open files" error when exporting …
(edit) @6714   10 years curtis Fix up support for LWF license codes.
(edit) @6713   10 years melissa Prevent ArithmeticException if stage coordinates are not present.
(edit) @6712   10 years melissa Allow sane used file test to be run separately; useful for testing #273.
(edit) @6711   10 years melissa Speed up plane access by using one reader for each constituent file.
(edit) @6710   10 years melissa * Fixed how ICS files with > 4 channels are read. * Fixed Channel …
(edit) @6709   10 years melissa Added utility that prints out all of the files in a directory that are …
(edit) @6708   10 years melissa Added one more date format to the list of acceptable TIFF date formats.
(edit) @6707   10 years melissa Fixed problems with exporting multi-channel data.
(edit) @6706   10 years melissa Tweaked isThisType to automatically return false if the TIFF comment is an …
(edit) @6705   10 years melissa Fixed bytes per pixel calculation for RGB data.
(edit) @6704   10 years melissa * Reverted r6703 stupidity. * Fixed Image5D display mode to work with …
(edit) @6703   10 years melissa Disable the "concatenate series" option when displaying with Image5D. See …
(edit) @6702   10 years melissa * Fixed ROI retrieval logic in ImageJ import plugin. * Updated FV1000 …
(edit) @6701   10 years melissa Fixed View5D instantiation; see #514.
(edit) @6700   10 years melissa More robust Z position parsing. The value of 'absoluteZ' is now taken …
(edit) @6699   10 years melissa Fixed pixel data offset.
(edit) @6698   10 years curtis Fix problem with GUI locking when using LOCI Plugins Shortcut Window.
(edit) @6697   10 years melissa First attempt at parsing stage coordinates from LSM files.
(edit) @6696   10 years curtis Add toString method to StatusEvent, for debugging.
(edit) @6695   10 years melissa Fixed problems with unaligned RLE-compressed images. Closes #511.
(edit) @6694   10 years melissa Adjust SizeC internally when writing RGB OME-TIFF files. Closes #513.
(edit) @6693   10 years melissa Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when opening sub-images from 16- and …
(edit) @6692   10 years melissa * Updated CellWorXReader to delegate to DeltavisionReader when reading …
(edit) @6690   10 years melissa Initial version of CellWorX .pnl reader.
(edit) @6689   10 years melissa Fixed emission wavelength parsing.
(edit) @6688   10 years curtis Whitespace.
(edit) @6687   10 years melissa Fixed channel data is parsed from Leica LIF files that have had one or …
(edit) @6686   10 years curtis Fix up test targets in Ant build scripts.
(edit) @6684   10 years melissa Updated what's new and switch trunk component version numbers to 5.0-DEV.
(edit) @6682   10 years curtis Add a flag to disable tests with special requirements. All tests now pass.
(edit) @6681   10 years melissa Only populate Objective.NominalMagnification if the magnification is …
(edit) @6679   10 years curtis Better handling of 5+ channel data.
(edit) @6676   10 years curtis Fix bug with dimensional extents between multiple series.
(edit) @6675   10 years curtis Fix some Eclipse warnings.
(edit) @6674   10 years melissa Fixed how Images are removed from a MetadataStore when exporting one …
(edit) @6673   10 years curtis Better error handling when constructing base reader object.
(edit) @6672   10 years curtis Fix typo.
(edit) @6671   10 years curtis Define some constants for FakeReader defaults.
(edit) @6670   10 years curtis Use native line endings for Bio-Formats C++ source code.
(edit) @6668   10 years curtis Fix autoscaling bugs, and rework autoscaling tests.
(edit) @6667   10 years melissa * Updated undeclared namespace stripping logic to look for namespaces in …
(edit) @6666   10 years melissa Catch NullPointerException when attempting to parse OME-XML comments.
(edit) @6665   10 years melissa Only overwrite the dimensions if the new values are sane.
(edit) @6664   10 years melissa OMETiffReader.isThisType now checks whether or not the OME-XML block can …
(edit) @6662   10 years melissa Removed some obsolete hacks that prevented physical sizes from being …
(edit) @6661   10 years melissa Better physical X/Y size parsing.
(edit) @6660   10 years curtis Remove unnecessary thumbnail autoscaling logic.
(edit) @6659   10 years curtis Disable 'Record modifications to virtual stack' option (broken anyway).
(edit) @6658   10 years curtis Fix problem with virtual stack pixel types.
(edit) @6657   10 years curtis Use 'uncalibrated' values for CompositeImage min/max.
(edit) @6656   10 years curtis If TimeIncrement is missing, average DeltaT values for ImageJ time …
(edit) @6655   10 years melissa Added MetadataLevel.NO_OVERLAYS, and updated readers accordingly.
(edit) @6654   10 years curtis Progress on Bio-Formats Importer: * Readd support for Ext.openImage and …
(edit) @6653   10 years callan Move reference handling until after attribute population for FilterSet …
(edit) @6652   10 years callan Re-run of code generation. ( ome-xml:r649)
(edit) @6651   10 years callan Handle class cast exceptions in ROI shape transformation.
(edit) @6650   10 years callan Handle namespace prefixes on nodes during parsing of the DOM.
(edit) @6649   10 years callan Re-run of code generation; laser pumps can be any light source. …
(edit) @6648   10 years melissa Remove any BinData elements from the OME-XML before it is written to the …
(edit) @6647   10 years callan Messed up logging by having an old version of the enum handler template, …
(edit) @6646   10 years melissa Updated schema location to 2010-06.
(edit) @6645   10 years melissa Fixed Objective parsing when Immersion and Correction are reversed.
(edit) @6644   10 years callan Re-run of code generation; DRY as a possible value for AIR immersion. …
(edit) @6643   10 years curtis Fix Jace paths to work pre-r46, with commented out code for r46+. Add …
(edit) @6642   10 years curtis Update ome-xml.h to reflect r6631.
(edit) @6641   10 years curtis Update paths to work with new Jace path structure (r52+).
(edit) @6640   10 years bdezonia minor edits. did change maxPixel calc for UINT32.
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