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#1 fixed Leica Reader openBytes() Exception somebody callan

Reported by callan, 13 years ago.


The Leica reader currently throws and exception when the openBytes(String id, int no, byte[] buf) method is called.

#2 fixed Bio-Formats Importer plugin loses some channels when merging melissa curtis

Reported by curtis, 13 years ago.


When using "Merge to RGB" with the Bio-Formats Importer plugin, datasets with more than three channels have some of their channels dropped. For example:

  • data/ics/nico/rotifer488spectral.ics: 32-channel dataset. Produces three RGB images (nine channels of information) when merging is enabled, with 23 channels missing.
  • data/leica-lif/fabrice/test 1.lif: 4-channel dataset. Produces an RGB image, dropping the fourth channel.

Proper behavior in these cases is up for debate, but I would suggest opening each "triple" of channels in its own window. So for rotifer488spectral, you would get 11 windows, with the first 10 being RGB, and the last being grayscale. With test 1, there would be 2 windows, with the first being RGB and the second being grayscale.

#3 duplicate Support for Volocity databases melissa curtis

Reported by curtis, 13 years ago.


Several people, including Michael Schell, Jeremy Sanderson, Kurt De Vos and Johannes Schindelin, would benefit from direct support for Volocity's database format; Jeremy sent .acff files; Mike sent .mvd2 (Multi-file Library version 2), .atsf, .aiix, .aisf and .dat.

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