14:15 Changeset [3147] by curtis
Smarter XML validation using SAX to parse out the schema path first.


16:10 Changeset [3146] by curtis
Add Charles's 4D Java apps to archive.
14:42 Changeset [3145] by curtis
Add command line XML validation tool.
14:37 Changeset [3144] by curtis
Add command line tool for indenting XML.
14:34 Changeset [3143] by curtis
Split non-OME-XML-specific XML functionality into separate XMLTools class. …
14:33 Changeset [3142] by curtis
Add macro extensions to what's new list.
14:32 Changeset [3141] by curtis
Tweak what's new.
11:14 Changeset [3140] by melissa
Updated ND2 doc and what's new for next release.
10:51 Changeset [3139] by melissa
Finished indexed color logic.


17:33 Changeset [3138] by curtis
Point command line tools to new locations in loci.formats.tools package.
17:32 Changeset [3137] by curtis
Migrate complex command line tools into their own package, to provide a …
16:58 Changeset [3136] by curtis
Remove comment about CDATA not being handled (since it is now).
13:25 Changeset [3135] by curtis
Add "wavelength" and "time" as prefixes for C and T, respectively. This …
13:11 Changeset [3134] by melissa
Removed debugging stuff.
13:09 Changeset [3133] by melissa
Preliminary support for tiled ZVI images - still need to remove …
08:32 Changeset [3132] by melissa
Marked a bunch of readers as having complete metadata.


12:47 Changeset [3131] by melissa
More work on indexed color stuff; minor bugfixes in ZVI and Perkin Elmer.


15:25 Changeset [3130] by curtis
Add -version command line flag.
14:40 Changeset [3129] by curtis
14:40 Changeset [3128] by curtis
Fix jikes warnings.
12:02 Changeset [3127] by melissa
Oops, forgot to add IndexedColorModel.
11:37 Changeset [3126] by melissa
For now, attempting to merge/separate indexed images has no effect.
10:45 Changeset [3125] by melissa
Added API methods for working with indexed color images, and implemented …


16:40 Ticket #171 (Improve OME-TIFF grouping logic) created by curtis
Right now, the OME-TIFF reader relies on filename stitching with …
15:58 Ticket #170 (Investigate ImageJ's VirtualStack objects) created by curtis
ImageJ now has a [ http://rsb.info.nih.gov/ij/source/ij/VirtualStack.java
15:11 Changeset [3124] by curtis
* Preserve existing codec if none has been set using the IFormatWriter …
15:07 Ticket #169 (LegacyQTWriter cannot save using Motion JPEG-B codec) created by curtis
When attempting to save using the Motion JPEG-B codec, there is a failure …
15:00 Ticket #168 (LegacyQTWriter is broken) created by curtis
Using ImageJ to save to a codec other than Uncompressed or Animation …
14:03 Ticket #167 (Motion JPEG-B support for single-image QuickTime movies is broken) created by curtis
When attempting to read the single-frame QuickTime movies compressed with …
13:50 Ticket #166 (LegacyQTReader is broken) created by curtis
When reading any QuickTime file with a codec that requires QTJava, an …
12:31 Changeset [3123] by melissa
Commented out Motion JPEG-B codec.
11:55 Changeset [3122] by curtis
A simple utility to filter out duplicate stack traces.
10:38 Changeset [3121] by curtis
Fix compile errors.


08:16 Changeset [3120] by melissa
Miscellaneous bugfixes.


16:49 Ticket #165 (Another arbitrary slicing NullPointerException) closed by curtis
fixed: Fixed in r3119 (updating to the latest VisAD made the problem disappear).
16:48 Changeset [3119] by curtis
Latest VisAD library.
16:42 Ticket #165 (Another arbitrary slicing NullPointerException) created by curtis
When attempting to slice the dub dataset: […]
16:36 Changeset [3118] by curtis
Initial skeleton for Bio-Formats Metadata Guide.
12:17 Changeset [3117] by curtis
Add link to online Javadocs.
12:00 Changeset [3116] by curtis
Remove unused MetadataStoreException.
11:51 Changeset [3115] by curtis
Add DummyMetadata as default metadata retrieval object. Throw …
11:49 Changeset [3114] by curtis
Rename DummyMetadataStore to DummyMetadata, and implement …
08:57 Changeset [3113] by melissa
Fixed offset calculation heuristic.
08:31 Changeset [3112] by curtis
Remove unnecessary createRoot calls.
08:26 Changeset [3111] by curtis
Fix more compile errors.
08:23 Changeset [3110] by curtis
Fix more compile errors.


21:44 Changeset [3109] by melissa
Fixed compile errors.
21:35 Changeset [3108] by curtis
1. Cleaned up MetadataStore and MetadataRetrieve interface usage: * …
15:11 Changeset [3107] by melissa
Added support for zlib-compressed pixel data.
10:28 Changeset [3106] by curtis
Clean up isThisType(String, boolean) methods a little bit more.
10:12 Changeset [3105] by curtis
Add notes on loci.formats.ome dependencies; comment out some code.
10:03 Changeset [3104] by curtis
A bunch of miscellaneous bugfixes and tweaks: * Remove some faulty …


15:18 Changeset [3103] by curtis
Fix up spreadsheet process launcher -- but still broken on Mac OS X.
15:05 Changeset [3102] by curtis
Add hack to work around another WiscScan bug.
14:19 Changeset [3101] by curtis
Use exception chaining to preserve root causes of exceptions.


14:32 Changeset [3100] by melissa
Better error messages in the exporter.
14:31 Changeset [3099] by melissa
Added missing import.
11:51 Changeset [3098] by melissa
Fixed how metadata is split between series.


13:58 Changeset [3097] by curtis
13:57 Changeset [3096] by curtis
Fix bug in buffer allocation.
13:56 Changeset [3095] by curtis
Remove .2, .3 and .4 from valid extensions list.
12:04 Changeset [3094] by melissa
Fixed bug reported by Venu Kesireddy.
10:13 Changeset [3093] by melissa
Fixed Z/T size bug.


10:51 Changeset [3092] by melissa
Fixed to work with omebf.
08:53 Changeset [3091] by melissa
Fixed how custom LUTs are handled in Leica LEI files.


22:35 Changeset [3090] by curtis
Fix XML error with javadoc element.


14:21 Changeset [3089] by curtis
Do not include deprecated methods in Javadoc.
12:29 Changeset [3088] by curtis
Fix the series name fix.
12:13 Changeset [3087] by curtis
More verbose error reporting.
11:41 Changeset [3086] by curtis
Initial skeleton for Bio-Formats ImageJ macro extensions. Several key …
11:40 Changeset [3085] by curtis
11:40 Changeset [3084] by curtis
Add Melissa as an author.
11:40 Changeset [3083] by curtis
Move file grouping constants into format reader interface.
11:38 Changeset [3082] by curtis
Fix bug Christophe Leterrier found with missing series names.
11:08 Ticket #164 (Emissions spectrum view in 2D pane) created by curtis
An emission spectrum view in 2D would be a useful addition to Slim …


16:17 Changeset [3081] by curtis
Minor UI tweaks.
16:09 Changeset [3080] by curtis
Fix problem with getZCTCoords and getIndex for YX dimension orders.
16:05 Changeset [3079] by curtis
Add option to override dimension order (tests DimensionSwapper class).
16:05 Changeset [3078] by curtis
* Fix bug in dimension swapper with incorrect OME-XML Pixels population. …
15:33 Changeset [3077] by curtis
Reorganize display controls to be tabbed instead of sprawling. This will …
14:11 Changeset [3076] by melissa
Fixed to work with omebf.
11:50 Ticket #38 (Arbitrary slicing does not work for large data) closed by curtis
fixed: Fixed in r3075.
11:48 Changeset [3075] by curtis
Fix arbitrary slicing efficiency bug.
11:14 Changeset [3074] by melissa
Preserve user-specified file ordering.
11:12 Changeset [3073] by melissa
Fixed Prairie and ICS readers to work with omebf.


16:14 Changeset [3072] by curtis
Fix typo.
15:24 Changeset [3071] by curtis
Minor tweaks.
14:52 Ticket #160 (Clean up overlays tutorial) closed by curtis
fixed: Fixed in r3069. And r3070 adds Abe to the copyright.
14:51 Changeset [3070] by curtis
Update copyright notice to include Abe.
14:41 Changeset [3069] by curtis
Clean up tutorial a little.
14:29 Changeset [3068] by curtis
* Include PNGs for overlays tutorial in VisBio resources. * Remove …
14:22 Ticket #150 (Assorted peculiar VisBio exceptions) closed by curtis
worksforme: I could not duplicate the TransformLink NullPointerException. Even if a …
14:17 Ticket #161 (Make volume rendering checkbox friendlier to use) closed by curtis
fixed: Done in r3067.
14:16 Changeset [3067] by curtis
Guess at good default opacity settings when volume rendering is first …
14:04 Changeset [3066] by curtis
Disable save check until state logic can be thoroughly fixed.
13:56 Ticket #66 (Set default overlays filename) closed by curtis
fixed: Fixed in r3065.
13:55 Changeset [3065] by curtis
Use reasonable default name when saving or exporting overlay data.
13:42 Ticket #36 (4-channel data does not import correctly) closed by curtis
fixed: Fixed in r3064.
13:41 Changeset [3064] by curtis
Allow 4 range components in ImageFlatField.
13:32 Ticket #115 (Arbitrary slicing can throw NullPointerException) closed by curtis
fixed: Fixed in r3056.
11:44 Changeset [3063] by curtis
Refix initial skeleton schemaLocation attribute.
10:55 Changeset [3062] by curtis
Only report no errors if, in fact, there were no errors.
10:52 Changeset [3061] by curtis
Output all XML validation errors, not just the first.
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