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15:37 Ticket #59 (Create OME Notes web page) closed by curtis
fixed: I have made a note that development of OME Notes has ceased in favor of …
14:18 Ticket #69 (Adapt Data Converter into a Bio-Formats export GUI component) closed by curtis
wontfix: The Bio-Formats Importer plugin can now open a dataset in ImageJ as a …
14:10 Ticket #72 (More powerful template engine) closed by curtis
wontfix: Work on OME Notes has ceased in favor of …
14:10 Ticket #73 (Graphical template editor) closed by curtis
wontfix: Work on OME Notes has ceased in favor of …
14:09 Ticket #74 (Leverage the template engine across several distinct use cases) closed by curtis
wontfix: Work on OME Notes has ceased in favor of …
14:08 Ticket #101 (Look into existing electronic notebooks) closed by curtis
wontfix: Work on OME Notes has ceased in favor of …
14:08 Ticket #126 (Investigate leveraging existing ontology/terminology solutions) closed by curtis
wontfix: Work on OME Notes has ceased in favor of …
13:58 Ticket #81 (More OME-TIFF code examples) closed by curtis
duplicate: We've decided to go with Ice for access from native code, so this ticket …
13:56 Ticket #304 (Create documentation on using Bio-Formats with Ice) created by curtis
 Ice allows communication with Bio-Formats via a …
13:49 Ticket #58 (Update OME plugin for ImageJ web site) closed by curtis
fixed: I didn't update the screenshot yet, but the text has been changed to …
13:48 Ticket #70 (Additional OME-TIFF sample data) closed by curtis
fixed: As of a few weeks ago, the tubhiswt datasets have been updated to use the …


12:40 Ticket #303 (Add support for animated PNGs) created by melissa
Details on APNG at  http://animatedpng.com. There is a plugin for ImageJ …


12:22 Changeset [4136] by curtis
Add methods to facilitate generation of group statistics.
11:18 Changeset [4135] by curtis
Add first revision comment for each file format.
10:47 Changeset [4134] by curtis
Initial version of metadata property documentation generator. No groups …
09:29 Changeset [4133] by curtis
Remove OMERO jars from build path to avoid cyclical dependencies.
08:27 Changeset [4132] by melissa
* Added MetadataTools utility method to set a default image creation date. …
06:26 Changeset [4131] by curtis
Fix classpath to use default JRE instead of Mac OS X 1.4.


10:16 Changeset [4130] by melissa
Populate time interval in ImageJ calibration, if possible.
09:58 Changeset [4129] by melissa
Fixed time increment units.


14:46 Changeset [4128] by melissa
Fixed remainder of openBytes copying problems.
08:45 Changeset [4127] by melissa
Fixed array copying in openBytes.
07:29 Changeset [4126] by melissa
Fixed NPE.
04:12 Changeset [4125] by curtis
Fix build errors and clean up loci.apps.flow package.
03:30 Changeset [4124] by curtis
Remove superfluous loci.jvmlink classes.
03:16 Changeset [4123] by melissa
Allow OIB/OIF files to be stitched. Stitching is still not allowed for …


17:51 Changeset [4122] by melissa
Populate PhysicalSizeZ and TimeIncrement for FV1000 files.
11:51 Changeset [4121] by curtis
Chris's min/max store interface for use by OMERO.importer.


19:35 Changeset [4120] by ansari
19:35 Changeset [4119] by ansari
Created folder remotely
11:02 Changeset [4118] by curtis
Reject Micromanager datasets with empty metadata.


13:45 Changeset [4117] by melissa
Changed signatures for set*Ref and get*Ref - instead of setting/getting …
12:56 Changeset [4116] by melissa
Fixed a couple of bugs that prevented some OME-TIFF files from being …
07:46 Changeset [4115] by melissa
Fixed dimension order for RGB stacks.


13:29 Changeset [4114] by melissa
Fix for binned data.
06:23 Changeset [4113] by melissa
More meaningful exceptions if pixel data is not found.


22:47 Changeset [4112] by melissa
Added getter/setter for Image's InstrumentRef. Might be some bugs in the …


17:23 Changeset [4111] by melissa
* Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBounds for ZVI files that have no timestamps. * …


14:30 Changeset [4110] by melissa
Updated OME-XML reader to use significantly less memory. Initializing an …
14:23 Ticket #302 (Add support for datasets produced by Vevo 770) created by melissa
We now have several datasets produced by a VisualSonics Vevo 770 system …
10:52 Changeset [4109] by melissa
Fixed bug where openBytes returned a buffer filled with zeros.


14:08 Changeset [4108] by curtis
Print an informative warning if file pattern could not be detected.
13:16 Changeset [4107] by curtis
Add one-time warning if user is running an older version of ImageJ.
10:14 Changeset [4106] by melissa
* If "Metadata only" option was selected in the importer, don't open …
09:23 Changeset [4105] by melissa
Don't apply LUTs to FV1000 images.
08:55 Changeset [4104] by melissa
Removed overriden close().


12:31 Changeset [4103] by melissa
Fixed ZVI tag and timestamp parsing bugs.
11:15 Ticket #301 (Exception thrown when colorizing images in ImageJ on OS X) closed by melissa
fixed: (In [4102]) Fixed Mac-specific colorizing bug; closes #301.
11:15 Changeset [4102] by melissa
Fixed Mac-specific colorizing bug; closes #301.
09:57 Ticket #301 (Exception thrown when colorizing images in ImageJ on OS X) created by melissa
When opening a file in ImageJ with "Colorize channels" checked, the …


17:11 Changeset [4101] by melissa
Fixed RGB file stitching, for real this time.
15:48 Changeset [4100] by curtis
Add getOriginalMetadata accessor method for OriginalMetadata …
15:48 Changeset [4099] by curtis
Exclude loci/slim/data from source copy.
15:44 Changeset [4098] by curtis
Readd missing TiffData methods to 2003-FC Pixels node.
15:07 Changeset [4097] by curtis
Better back references for 2003-FC schema.


17:16 Changeset [4096] by melissa
Use port 1099 by default for OME/OMERO download.
11:09 Changeset [4095] by melissa
* Fixed NPE when calling FluoviewReader.isThisType on a non-TIFF file. * …


16:58 Changeset [4094] by curtis
Fix initMetadataStore subclass method signatures, and jikes warnings.
16:55 Changeset [4093] by curtis
Fix up date parsing, and other miscellaneous cleanup.
16:28 Changeset [4092] by curtis
Clean up TIFF-based isThisType implementations: * Fixes miscellaneous …
15:51 Changeset [4091] by melissa
Create a blank thumbnail if we weren't able to retrieve one from the …
15:34 Changeset [4090] by curtis
Close only the active reader or writer, rather than all readers and …
14:38 Changeset [4089] by curtis
Rewritten OME-TIFF reader: * Works with the latest OME-TIFF …
13:51 Changeset [4088] by curtis
Fix some CDATA bugs that resulted in certain OME attributes being dropped.
10:36 Changeset [4087] by curtis
Latest OME-Java with correct Correction and Immersion handling.
10:14 Changeset [4086] by melissa
Improved OME-XML population for InCell 1000.


13:38 Changeset [4085] by curtis
Enable Correction and Immersion for 2008-02 schema.
13:37 Changeset [4084] by curtis
Enable Correction and Immersion for 2008-02 schema.
12:30 Changeset [4083] by melissa
Use JPEG2000Codec instead of manually calling the JAI library. Somehow …
11:35 Changeset [4082] by curtis
Minor tweak.
11:13 Changeset [4081] by curtis
Add documentation for isThisType macro extension function.
11:09 Changeset [4080] by curtis
Update OME plugins URL.
10:40 Changeset [4079] by curtis
Make metadata converter only call property setters for non-null …
08:22 Changeset [4078] by curtis
Use TiffTools.getComment (but leave IFD entry approach commented out).
07:02 Changeset [4077] by curtis
Add isThisType method to macro extensions.


17:23 Ticket #299 (Parse picture names from Openlab LIFF files) closed by melissa
fixed: r4076
16:56 Changeset [4076] by melissa
* Removed a bunch of duplicate code from PictReader * Fixed OpenlabReader …
15:54 Ticket #298 (SPW changes break Flex reader) closed by curtis
fixed: Fixed in r4075.
15:52 Changeset [4075] by curtis
Fix SPW class node detection; closes ticket #298.
15:19 Ticket #300 (ZVI reader throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException) closed by melissa
fixed: (In [4074]) Fixed C size calculation bug - closes #300.
15:19 Changeset [4074] by melissa
Fixed C size calculation bug - closes #300.
13:42 Ticket #300 (ZVI reader throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException) created by curtis
[…] This problem may be related to the fact that Bio-Formats identifies …


11:55 Ticket #299 (Parse picture names from Openlab LIFF files) created by curtis
Some Openlab LIFF datasets contain a "picture name" associated with each …
09:46 Changeset [4073] by melissa
Preserve physical dimensions.
08:56 Changeset [4072] by melissa
Place slice names in metadata hashtable.


10:05 Changeset [4071] by melissa
Reverted pixel size scaling logic - it was correct in the first place.
09:11 Changeset [4070] by melissa
Added ICS writer.
09:09 Changeset [4069] by melissa
Fixed pixel size scaling bug.
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