19:22 Changeset [5159] by melissa
Fixed tag length and JPEG plane offset bugs.
12:41 Changeset [5158] by curtis
VisBio logo images.


16:11 Changeset [5157] by curtis
Add warning to use absolute rather than relative path when pointing to …
16:11 Changeset [5156] by curtis
Add note that you can install Boost using MacPorts.
13:21 Ticket #402 (Split original metadata fields into series-specific tables) created by curtis
Currently, series-specific metadata fields in the original metadata table …
12:20 Ticket #394 (Flex file metadata objective extraction incorrect) closed by melissa
fixed: (In [5155]) * Added getter/setter for Filter.ID to …
12:20 Changeset [5155] by melissa
* Added getter/setter for Filter.ID to MetadataStore/MetadataRetrieve. * …


13:22 Changeset [5154] by curtis
Add hack for CMake to recognize Boost on Windows.
08:06 Changeset [5153] by melissa
Better Objective population.


23:09 Changeset [5152] by melissa
Make sure that the underlying PICT reader is closed if an exception was …
15:34 Changeset [5151] by curtis
Fix typo.
15:14 Changeset [5150] by melissa
Fixed dimension swapping bug.
09:49 Changeset [5149] by melissa
Use a default Detector.ID if it is not stored in the metadata file.


16:25 Changeset [5148] by melissa
Fix for Metamorph datasets with multiple stage positions.
09:34 Changeset [5147] by melissa
Fix for FITS files that have an extended header.


12:04 Changeset [5146] by melissa
4.0.1 release\ of\ LOCI\ Tools
11:32 Changeset [5145] by melissa
Ignore the camera temperature instead of storing it in …
11:13 Changeset [5144] by melissa
* A few ImageJ plugin fixes * Updated version number and what's new for …
10:00 Changeset [5143] by melissa
Reset lastPlane when close() is called and make sure that lastPlane is …
08:49 Changeset [5142] by melissa
Fixed bugs exposed by test suite.


18:27 Changeset [5141] by curtis
Fix import statement package for LociImporter.
18:19 Changeset [5140] by curtis
More bugfixes; macro functionality restored.
17:49 Changeset [5139] by curtis
More bugfixes. Getting better, but still not thoroughly tested.
16:10 Changeset [5138] by curtis
Fix a bunch of bugs. Still not ready for prime time though.
16:08 Changeset [5137] by curtis
16:06 Changeset [5136] by curtis
Fix problem where UnsupportedOperationException is thrown on some systems.
13:34 Changeset [5135] by melissa
Fixed core metadata parsing bugs in FV1000Reader.
11:07 Changeset [5134] by melissa
* Better SEQ comment parsing. * Fixed a bunch of LSM metadata population …
10:58 Changeset [5133] by curtis
Major progress on LOCI plugins refactoring. * New options management …


14:34 Changeset [5132] by melissa
Fixed interleaving bug.
13:12 Changeset [5131] by melissa
OMETiffWriter now writes a relative path name to UUID.FileName. …
10:49 Changeset [5130] by melissa
Prevent an exception if a line in the comment does not contain '='.
09:56 Changeset [5129] by melissa
Fixed tag length calculation bug.


20:07 Changeset [5128] by melissa
Instead of throwing an exception when .pty files are not found, print a …
14:56 Changeset [5127] by melissa
Added utility for printing a list of supported formats, courtesy of Dmitry …
13:17 Changeset [5126] by melissa
Eliminated java.awt.Point from format readers.
12:41 Changeset [5125] by melissa
Reverted type preservation changes from r5037. These changes caused major …


18:19 Changeset [5124] by melissa
Fixed getUsedFiles bug.
16:14 Ticket #401 (Split TiffTools into multiple utility classes) created by curtis
The TiffTools class has grown very large, and contains functionality for …
16:12 Ticket #400 (Remove IFormatReader.openImage in favor of BufferedImageReader class) created by curtis
Any reference to AWT classes can cause problems on certain systems, …
16:09 Ticket #399 (Remove deprecated methods from AWTImageTools) created by curtis
For the next release of Bio-Formats, we should remove the old, deprecated …
16:07 Ticket #398 (Better support for N-dimensional data) created by curtis
Eliminate IFormatReader.getChannelDimTypes and …
15:57 Changeset [5123] by curtis
15:56 Changeset [5122] by curtis
Add reminder to fix Eclipse dependency checking later.
13:58 Changeset [5121] by melissa
* Lots of cleanup in PerkinElmerReader. * Reworked the getUsedFiles …


17:58 Changeset [5120] by melissa
Use unique keys in the metadata hashtable if there are multiple instances …
17:48 Ticket #397 (Add support for .nex file format) created by melissa
ICS files produced by the Nikon BioStation IMq system can have an …
17:18 Changeset [5119] by melissa
* Fixed IPW dimension order. * Some cleanup in ICSReader - fixes a few …


05:55 Changeset [5118] by curtis
Progress on LOCI plugins preferences refactoring.
03:15 Changeset [5117] by melissa
Eliminate use of java.awt.Rectangle in loci.formats.TiffTools.


05:26 Changeset [5116] by curtis
Fix proxy generation on non-Windows systems.
01:26 Changeset [5115] by curtis
Fix up Eclipse classpath dependencies. This new way uses "External …


11:06 Changeset [5114] by melissa
More bug fixes.
11:03 Changeset [5113] by curtis
Respect "quiet" flag in a macro.


10:27 Ticket #396 (Create bfsave.m script for MATLAB) created by curtis
We provide a bfopen.m script for opening image formats into MATLAB. We …


08:45 Changeset [5112] by melissa
Various bug fixes.


16:36 Changeset [5111] by curtis
Minor progress on LOCI plugins refactoring.
11:50 Ticket #395 (Support for non-numerical patterns in FilePattern) created by curtis
FilePattern currently supports only numerical blocks. It would be nice to …
09:58 Changeset [5110] by melissa
Fixed bug in parsing XML from a byte array.
09:52 Changeset [5109] by melissa
Various fixes for reading Metamorph datasets that contain an .nd file.
09:37 Changeset [5108] by melissa
Updated plugins.config to match plugin package structure.


09:10 Changeset [5107] by curtis
Minor tweaks.


18:11 Changeset [5106] by gbonamy
Merged with old 5101 revision
18:10 Changeset [5105] by gbonamy
Merged in R5083
16:51 Changeset [5104] by melissa
Fixed memory leaks in OpenlabReader, PictReader and FV1000Reader.
16:07 Ticket #257 (Improve RAUrl) closed by melissa
fixed: (In [5103]) Minor cleanup in common component and improvements to …
16:07 Changeset [5103] by melissa
Minor cleanup in common component and improvements to URLHandle. Closes …
14:41 Changeset [5102] by curtis
Fix problem with HandleExtraFileTypes calling Bio-Formats Importer.


20:14 Changeset [5101] by gbonamy
Fixed bug. Only itterates over FLEX files
20:04 Changeset [5100] by gbonamy
Updated the comments
20:01 Ticket #394 (Flex file metadata objective extraction incorrect) created by gbonamy
The objective extraction is incorrect (cf. attached Flex Metadata …
10:48 Changeset [5099] by melissa
Fixed tile row/column calculation and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in …


10:12 Changeset [5098] by melissa
Don't populate more than getSeriesCount() Image elements.
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