11:01 Changeset [6074] by callan
PIXELS_ONLY --> MINIMUM metadata level.
10:03 Changeset [6073] by melissa
Minor cleanup in Micromanager reader; openBytes will now return a blank …
09:19 Changeset [6072] by melissa
* Added more generic metadata configuration test. * Fixed a handful of …


15:58 Changeset [6071] by melissa
* Filled in implementations of IMetadataConfigurable methods. * Updated …
12:14 Ticket #457 (Add support for Bio-Rad Gel format) closed by melissa
fixed: (In [6070]) Added support for Bio-Rad Gel (.1sc) files. Closes #457.
12:14 Changeset [6070] by melissa
Added support for Bio-Rad Gel (.1sc) files. Closes #457.
12:01 Changeset [6069] by callan
A scaffold to support metadata configurability of readers.


10:55 Changeset [6068] by melissa
Catch NumberFormatException when parsing exposure times, and adjust SizeC …
10:54 Changeset [6067] by melissa
Allow Zeiss LSM datasets to contain non-LSM TIFF files.
09:41 Ticket #486 (Generalize support for writing multiple files) created by curtis
While bfconvert has support for exporting to multiple files, this …
09:23 Ticket #485 (Support for writing multi-file OME-TIFF datasets) created by curtis
Currently, bfconvert does not support writing a single image series over …


17:09 Ticket #476 (AVI files saved using one writer per plane are broken) closed by melissa
fixed: (In [6066]) Allow AVI files to be written using one writer per plane. …
17:09 Changeset [6066] by melissa
Allow AVI files to be written using one writer per plane. Closes #476.
11:28 Changeset [6065] by melissa
Fixed off-by-1 in well column indexing.
10:31 Changeset [6064] by melissa
Ported r6063 to 4.1 branch.


15:58 Ticket #484 (Investigate usage of FileChannel.map(...)) created by melissa
Prior to r6060, NIOFileHandle used the 'map' method in FileChannel to read …
15:54 Ticket #483 (Add support for Matlab matrix files) created by melissa
See data in data/matlab/daniel/.
13:48 Changeset [6063] by melissa
Allow the number of samples per pixel to be greater than the size of the …
13:02 Changeset [6062] by melissa
Improved parsing for version 2 Andor TIFF files and fixed how IFDs with …


21:45 Ticket #482 (Expand LOCI Hudson job) created by melissa
Right now, the 'LOCI' job on hudson.openmicroscopy.org.uk only runs 'ant …
21:40 Changeset [6061] by melissa
Avoid skipping beyond the end of the file.
19:04 Changeset [6060] by melissa
* Fixed TIFF offset reading, so that zero offsets are not adjusted. * …
19:02 Ticket #481 (scan-deps.pl does not detect that unit tests depend upon log4j JARs) created by melissa
Several of the tests in the 'common' and 'bio-formats' components fail if …
10:05 Changeset [6059] by callan
Fixed a problem with MDB parsing where previously eaten exceptions (when …
08:46 Changeset [6058] by melissa
Eliminated a few deprecation warnings.
07:38 Changeset [6057] by callan
Removing unnecessary commented out code.
07:36 Changeset [6056] by callan
Performing the NIO out of memory exception handling in the try block to …


04:46 Changeset [6055] by curtis
Use boxing in a few places.


15:33 Changeset [6054] by curtis
Better ImageJ metadata parsing: * Also populates TimeIncrement. * …
13:54 Changeset [6053] by melissa
* Fixed compile errors in bf-cpp. * Fixed several bugs exposed by …
13:50 Changeset [6052] by curtis
Add scan-deps target to toplevel Ant script.
12:54 Changeset [6051] by melissa
Fixed NPE.
12:10 Changeset [6050] by curtis
Clean up some copyright notices, and fix scan-deps.pl handling of …
11:16 Changeset [6049] by curtis
Fix build of lwf-stubs.jar, and clean up toplevel build script a bit.
10:49 Changeset [6048] by curtis
Fix path to lwf-stubs.jar.
10:48 Changeset [6047] by curtis
Fix Eclipse compile errors with VisBio tests, and remove unneeded …
10:37 Changeset [6046] by curtis
Ignore lwf-stubs build directory.
10:36 Changeset [6045] by curtis
Fix various dependency problems exposed by scan-deps.pl.


19:10 Changeset [6044] by melissa
Added '.map' as a valid MRC extension. See OMERO #1934.
16:47 Changeset [6043] by melissa
* Better plate name detection. * Well labelling fixes from Bram Gerritsen.
15:01 Changeset [6042] by melissa
Attempt to retrieve dimension information from plane names.
13:18 Changeset [6041] by curtis
Some Javadoc cleanup and additions.
07:45 Changeset [6040] by curtis
Readd some static MetadataTools methods, deprecated, to ease migration of …
04:59 Changeset [6039] by curtis
Add scroll bars as needed to main Bio-Formats Importer dialog.


16:46 Changeset [6038] by melissa
Fixed compile errors in Bio-Formats utils.
16:06 Changeset [6037] by melissa
Add key/value pairs that map normalized channel indices to 'real' channel …
14:09 Changeset [6036] by melissa
Adjusted physical size Z to account for the fact that it is stored in …
12:11 Changeset [6035] by curtis
Reset default Visual Studio compiler to VS9 2008.
10:43 Changeset [6034] by melissa
* Fixed 16-bit lookup table handling in ImageJ. * Prevent IFD.printIFD …
07:21 Changeset [6033] by curtis
Parse spacing from ImageJ-style TIFF metadata.
05:34 Changeset [6032] by curtis
More robust handling of SVN metadata in Ant.


16:01 Changeset [6031] by melissa
* Fixed well labeling bug, courtesy of Bram Gerritsen. * Fixed NPE when …
15:26 Changeset [6030] by melissa
Fixed a couple of bugs with reading > 2 GB ICS datasets.
13:29 Changeset [6029] by melissa
* Prevent an NPE in …
04:24 Changeset [6028] by curtis
Fix LOCI common utils compilation.


15:01 Changeset [6027] by melissa
Fixed docs classpath and dependencies for bio-formats targets.
14:27 Changeset [6026] by melissa
Merging cleanup branch back into trunk.
14:25 Ticket #466 (Review TIFF parsing logic) closed by melissa


15:55 Changeset [6025] by curtis
Minor tweaks.
13:21 Changeset [6024] by curtis
Fix bug where ImageReader doesn't release all file locks.


16:52 Changeset [6023] by melissa
Added a few more TiffSaver tests, and fixed bugs that prevented them from …
15:44 Changeset [6022] by curtis
Progress on importer refactoring. Still much left to do.
11:45 Changeset [6021] by melissa
* Readded lookup table support to TiffWriter. * Fixed a couple of bugs in …
10:34 Changeset [6020] by melissa
Improved TiffSaver functionality and removed …


14:56 Changeset [6019] by curtis
Readd missing build.xml, and fix some javadoc warnings.
14:11 Changeset [6018] by melissa
TiffParser.getFirstOffset() no longer assumes that …
13:12 Changeset [6017] by curtis
Fix docs target.
12:56 Changeset [6016] by curtis
Move a bunch of Ant junk into its own folder.
09:34 Changeset [6015] by melissa
Added Burleigh reader. See #412.
06:47 Changeset [6014] by callan
#466 Generalized unit tests for parsed TIFF types (grayscale and RGB …


18:47 Changeset [6013] by melissa
Added Quesant reader. See #412.
17:31 Changeset [6012] by melissa
Added basic TIFF pixels read/write tests. See #466.
16:22 Changeset [6011] by curtis
Progress on cleanup of original metadata table handling.
16:21 Changeset [6010] by curtis
Add a method for merging metadata from one table to another.
16:12 SlideFormats created by melissa
16:09 Ticket #480 (Add support for Hamamatsu VMS data) created by melissa
See data in data/hamamatsu-vms/.
16:01 Ticket #479 (Add support for Trestle slide data) created by melissa
See data in data/trestle/.
15:52 Ticket #478 (Add support for Hamamatsu NanoZoomer data) created by melissa
This is a slide format with the .ndpi extension; see data in …
15:48 Ticket #477 (Add support for Mirax data) created by melissa
This is a slide format; see the  Mirax website
15:30 Changeset [6009] by melissa
Fixed bug that caused original metadata to be needlessly duplicated.
13:48 Changeset [6008] by curtis
Fix macro arguments.
13:15 Changeset [6007] by curtis
Clean up some unchecked operations.
12:05 Changeset [6006] by callan
#466 Complete coverage of the required IFD entries for a grayscale image.
10:03 Ticket #476 (AVI files saved using one writer per plane are broken) created by melissa
AVI files saved using …
07:56 Changeset [6005] by callan
#466 Moved common enumeration classes to loci.common.enumeration and added …
06:49 Changeset [6004] by callan
#466 Significantly more thorough grayscale TIFF parser tests. Almost …


17:13 Changeset [6003] by callan
#466 Initial TIFF saver and parser smoke tests
15:14 Changeset [6002] by curtis
Fix bugs in ijview command line tool.
14:43 Changeset [6001] by melissa
Added UBM reader. See #412.
13:40 Changeset [6000] by melissa
Adjusted XMLTools.parseXML implementations so that a new byte array is not …
12:01 Changeset [5999] by melissa
Moved LUT application to separate method.
11:17 Changeset [5998] by melissa
Added support for comb scanned mosaics.
10:24 Changeset [5997] by curtis
Fix embarrassing bug.
08:16 Changeset [5996] by melissa
Tweaked FEI reader to support Philips .img files. See #412.


17:32 Changeset [5995] by melissa
Fixed potential AIOOB.
16:04 Changeset [5994] by melissa
Adjust strip byte counts if they do not match up with the number of rows …
16:02 Changeset [5993] by melissa
Added JEOL reader. See #412.


12:23 Changeset [5992] by melissa
Set lookup tables correctly, if they are present.
12:08 Changeset [5991] by melissa
Prevent an exception if the XML encoding is not specified and adjust the …
10:50 Changeset [5990] by melissa
Updated differencing/undifferencing logic to be more generic. See #466.
10:27 Changeset [5989] by curtis
More cleanup of URLs.


16:35 Changeset [5988] by melissa
Removed null checking from IFD.getIFD*Value methods, as it was rarely …
16:31 Changeset [5987] by curtis
Update a bunch of URLs. Still more to be done in various packages though.
13:48 Changeset [5986] by melissa
Consolidated value offset/data length writing logic into a single helper …
12:26 Changeset [5985] by melissa
Added TopoMetrix reader. See #412.


16:18 Changeset [5984] by melissa
Added Seiko reader and cleaned up SM Camera reader a bit. See #412.
15:11 Changeset [5983] by melissa
Added SM Camera reader. See #412.
13:46 Changeset [5982] by melissa
Fixed path to stylesheet, so that it can be found by ImageJ.
13:13 Changeset [5981] by curtis
Minor tweaks.
11:13 Changeset [5980] by melissa
Fixed a few more bugs with reading/writing AVI files. Exported RGB AVIs …


14:23 Changeset [5979] by melissa
A few more QuickTime fixes.
13:23 Changeset [5978] by melissa
Fixed two more QuickTime padding bugs.
12:28 Ticket #475 (Add support for Intervision MV format) created by melissa
See data in data/intervision/johan/.
12:26 Ticket #474 (Add support for Varian FDF format) created by melissa
See data in data/varian-mri/hannes/.
10:01 Changeset [5977] by melissa
Write actual number of colors used; exported AVIs should now open in …
09:47 Changeset [5976] by melissa
Fixed QuickTime writer to correctly pad images whose widths are not a …
09:20 Changeset [5975] by melissa
Added reader for WA Technology .wat files. See #412.


14:13 Changeset [5974] by melissa
Fixed how 32-bit AVIs are handled.
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