17:32 Changeset [6345] by curtis
Remove some obsolete code.
17:21 Changeset [6344] by bdezonia
more work on color tests. work on memoryRecord test too.
17:12 Changeset [6343] by curtis
Merge bugfixes for custom color mode.
17:11 Changeset [6342] by curtis
Initial implementation for custom color mode.
15:29 Changeset [6341] by curtis
Merge DataBrowser bugfixes to 4.2 branch.
15:29 Changeset [6340] by curtis
Tweak comments.
15:16 Changeset [6339] by melissa
Fixed IFD entry count calculation for BigTIFF files. See  omero:2390.
15:08 Changeset [6338] by curtis
Fix DataBrowser bugs with newer versions of ImageJ.
14:45 Changeset [6337] by melissa
Fixed LightPath and Image population to prevent AIOOB exceptions. See …
14:19 Changeset [6336] by melissa
Fixed Image -> ROI link. See  omero:2381.
14:11 Changeset [6335] by melissa
Moved SizeT population to prevent it from being 0. See  omero:2377.
14:04 Changeset [6334] by melissa
* Prevent PICT reader from reporting width or height less than 0. * Fixd …
13:07 Changeset [6333] by melissa
* Removed hopefully obsolete hack from RandomAccessInputStream.findString. …
12:00 Changeset [6332] by melissa
Fixed ROI transformation population, see  omero:2373.
09:47 Changeset [6331] by bdezonia
Stubbed out color tests


17:00 Changeset [6330] by melissa
Created 4.2 branch.
16:57 Changeset [6329] by melissa
Fixed a couple of bugs exposed by the test suite.
12:58 Ticket #486 (Generalize support for writing multiple files) closed by melissa
fixed: (In [6328]) Fixed a few multi-file export problems. Closes #486.
12:58 Changeset [6328] by melissa
Fixed a few multi-file export problems. Closes #486.
09:13 Changeset [6327] by melissa
Fixed NPE when closing NetCDF files. See  omero:#2378.
01:04 Changeset [6326] by curtis
Initial, naive implementation of color modes.
00:43 Changeset [6325] by curtis
Remove unfinished VisBio option.
00:40 Changeset [6324] by curtis
Add API for assigning custom colors programmatically.


15:08 Changeset [6323] by melissa
Fixed a couple of dimension calculation bugs.


17:49 Changeset [6322] by curtis
Initial version of color mode selector. Not yet working.
16:34 Changeset [6321] by bdezonia
Some generalization done. Got autoscale test to pass.
13:12 Ticket #492 (OME-TIFF reader does not support qualified namespaces) created by curtis
For the most part, the Bio-Formats OME-TIFF reader expects OME-XML …
12:55 Changeset [6320] by curtis
Use Double.isNaN for clarity instead of equality test (same performance …
12:43 Changeset [6319] by curtis
Change gradient to always start at smallest possible value for integer …
12:17 Changeset [6318] by curtis
Add utility method for extracting a stack trace string from an exception.
12:00 Export edited by melissa
11:21 Changeset [6317] by melissa
Fix for plates that do not have well labels, courtesy of Rubén Muñoz.
10:15 Changeset [6316] by melissa
Parse XY dimensions from IFD.PAGE_NAME entry, if present.


20:02 Changeset [6315] by melissa
Updated Filter population to use new LightPath model.
15:54 Changeset [6314] by bdezonia
Minor reorganization to simplify tracing a BF bug
15:30 Changeset [6313] by melissa
Fixed field count and image names, courtesy of Rubén Muñoz.
13:52 Changeset [6312] by bselinsky
Working version
13:32 Changeset [6311] by curtis
Unused import.
13:31 Changeset [6310] by curtis
13:09 Changeset [6309] by curtis
Fix bug with 8-bit indexed color when less than 3 channels.
13:04 Changeset [6308] by curtis
Add fake filename parameter checks.
12:55 Changeset [6307] by bdezonia
more work on autoscale so that its expected min is not always 0.
12:36 Export edited by melissa
12:35 Changeset [6306] by melissa
Exported OME-XML files can now be read.
12:29 Changeset [6305] by curtis
If indexed is set and pixel type is uint8 or uint16, generate LUTs.
12:28 Changeset [6304] by curtis
Minor tweaks.
10:53 Changeset [6303] by melissa
Fixed bug that caused get*BitLookupTable() to return null if openBytes had …
10:35 Changeset [6302] by bdezonia
minor modification to autoscale testing. refactored memoryRecord test.
10:13 Ticket #438 (Allow readers to report whether or not companion files can be expected) closed by melissa
fixed: There are now two ways to determine whether or not companion files are …
10:12 Changeset [6301] by melissa
Added 'boolean hasCompanionFiles()' to IFormatReader. See #438.
07:58 Changeset [6300] by melissa
Switched a few logging statements from 'debug' to 'trace'.


18:14 Changeset [6299] by curtis
Add bounds checking for laser wavelength.
17:52 Changeset [6298] by curtis
Fix compile error in TIFF pixels test.
17:36 Changeset [6297] by bdezonia
partial impl of autoscale
17:18 Changeset [6296] by curtis
Remove "standard ImageJ" display option.
17:17 Changeset [6295] by curtis
Fix autoscaling.
17:02 Changeset [6294] by melissa
Added API for tiled image and multi-file export (see #413 and #486). …
17:01 Export created by melissa
16:09 Changeset [6293] by curtis
Remove non-working OMERO importer logic.
16:08 Changeset [6292] by curtis
Put information panel on right instead of bottom.
15:52 Changeset [6291] by curtis
Fix testDatasetConcatenate.
15:10 Changeset [6290] by melissa
Fixed NPE in FileStitcher.setGroupFiles.
14:54 Changeset [6289] by curtis
Fix showinf documentation for -nogroup option.
14:06 Changeset [6288] by bdezonia
fixed split tests. partial implementation of color tests. minor edits.
13:41 Changeset [6287] by curtis
Fix testSplitChannels.
13:00 Changeset [6286] by curtis
Fix bugs in splitZ/C/T tests.
11:48 Changeset [6285] by bdezonia
Added memoryRecord test. Also some code cleanup. Added tests in …


17:37 Changeset [6284] by curtis
Progress on Z/C/T splitting. Works with Importer plugin, but test still …
17:25 Changeset [6283] by bdezonia
minor changes. some more code in color tests.
17:07 Changeset [6282] by bdezonia
Fixed swapdims test to handle all pixel formats.
16:34 Changeset [6281] by bdezonia
Incorporated merge changes. Put in test for out of bounds in range test.
16:33 Changeset [6280] by curtis
Remove obsolete(?) hack -- seems to work without it, at least.
16:28 Changeset [6279] by curtis
Fix a bunch of warnings.
15:58 Changeset [6278] by curtis
Progress on Bio-Formats Importer refactoring.
15:58 Changeset [6277] by curtis
Fix range test indices.
15:28 Changeset [6276] by curtis
Make ZCT index extraction methods smarter about FloatProcessor. Still …
14:57 Changeset [6275] by bdezonia
added an additional test for swapDims
14:48 Changeset [6274] by bdezonia
various impls and improvements. updated swapDimsTest to check order of …
14:07 Changeset [6273] by curtis
Progress on Bio-Formats Importer refactoring: * Fix problem with …
13:46 Changeset [6272] by melissa
Transforming from old OME-XML versions to 2010-04 *finally* works.
13:45 Changeset [6271] by curtis
Cleaner import preparation process (ImportProcess & ImportStep).
12:32 Changeset [6270] by bdezonia
fixed bug in splits tests
11:56 Changeset [6269] by bdezonia
Fixed expected values for split tests
10:16 Changeset [6268] by bdezonia
Merged changes from repository. Improved coverage of test code for …
08:29 Changeset [6267] by melissa
Fixed calls to IMinMaxStore.setChannelGlobalMinMax(...).
08:11 Ticket #491 (Check that Leica LIF physical dimensions are correct) created by melissa
For some Leica LIF files, the interval between timepoints (TimeIncrement) …


21:41 Changeset [6266] by melissa
Re-added AggregateMetadata, DummyMetadata, and FilterMetadata.
18:55 Changeset [6265] by curtis
Progress on Bio-Formats Importer refactoring and tests.
18:48 Changeset [6264] by curtis
Allow toggling of patternIds flag in existing FileStitcher.
18:47 Changeset [6263] by curtis
Use List/ArrayList instead of Vector.
18:47 Changeset [6262] by curtis
Fix some warnings.
17:24 Changeset [6261] by bdezonia
more work on splitting tests
17:06 Changeset [6260] by bdezonia
initial impl of the split routines
16:34 Changeset [6259] by bdezonia
further work: group files, open indiv files
14:41 Changeset [6258] by curtis
Fix bug with dimensional extents.
14:17 Changeset [6257] by melissa
Log transformation warnings using SLF4J instead of printing to System.err.
14:09 Changeset [6256] by melissa
Added command line flag to disable file grouping.
13:52 Changeset [6255] by melissa
Ported r6254 to 4.1 branch.
13:51 Changeset [6254] by melissa
Adjust the dimensions if the dimensions stored in the file do not match …
13:34 Changeset [6253] by bdezonia
added reflection code for testing private vars of ImagePlus
13:02 Changeset [6252] by curtis
Skip file existence check for fake files in FileStitcher.
12:58 Changeset [6251] by bdezonia
Further test implementation


16:53 Changeset [6250] by bdezonia
Further implementation
14:54 Changeset [6249] by curtis
Update the way View5D is invoked.
14:33 Changeset [6248] by bdezonia
partial implementation
14:17 Changeset [6247] by curtis
Progress on Bio-Formats Importer refactoring.


16:42 Changeset [6246] by curtis
Add API to ImporterOptions for setting series, range and crop values.
14:48 Changeset [6245] by curtis
Example demonstrating how to parse physical dimensions.
14:00 Changeset [6244] by curtis
Add brief javadoc justifying Region's existence.
12:33 Ticket #489 (Andor TIFF timestamps are missing or incorrect) closed by melissa
fixed: (In [6243]) * Fixed timestamp parsing bugs in Andor/Fluoview TIFF reader. …
12:33 Changeset [6243] by melissa
* Fixed timestamp parsing bugs in Andor/Fluoview TIFF reader. Closes …


17:18 Changeset [6242] by curtis
Specify a pixel type for the importer tests.
16:40 Changeset [6241] by melissa
Updated Bio-Formats utils to use new MetadataStore/MetadataRetrieve.
16:10 Changeset [6240] by curtis
Initial version of some simple tests for Bio-Formats Importer.
16:10 Changeset [6239] by curtis
Minor progress on Bio-Formats Importer refactoring.
16:09 Changeset [6238] by curtis
Add toplevel utility method for obtaining ImagePlus from path string.
16:08 Changeset [6237] by curtis
Temporarily disable bf-ice and ome-notes components in dependency checker.
16:07 Changeset [6236] by curtis
Add a hack to skip file existence check for .fake files.
16:07 Changeset [6235] by curtis
Add ome-xml.jar to Eclipse classpath, hopefully as a temporary workaround.
14:28 Changeset [6234] by melissa
* Fixed compile errors introduced in r6230. * Added transformations from …
13:24 Ticket #490 (Add support for PDS files) created by melissa
See files in data/pds/.
11:34 Changeset [6233] by melissa
Populate original metadata using StructuredAnnotations.
10:30 Changeset [6232] by melissa
OME-XML generation should work now.


20:41 Changeset [6231] by melissa
Added loci.formats.ome.OMEXMLMetadataImpl, which should have been in …
20:26 Changeset [6230] by melissa
Updated to new MetadataStore/MetadataRetrieve APIs. This may temporarily …
17:23 Changeset [6229] by curtis
Minor progress on Bio-Formats plugins refactoring. * Reorganize some …
17:03 Changeset [6228] by curtis
Change certain logger warnings to debug instead, to avoid extraneous …
16:58 Changeset [6227] by curtis
Fix problems with available() and readString(int). Fixes an indirect bug …
12:22 Changeset [6226] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r585).
05:09 Changeset [6225] by andrew
Adding code for Metadata Store test cases in Instrument, Plate and ROI.


18:09 Changeset [6224] by curtis
Better error output for scan-deps.
17:43 Changeset [6223] by curtis
Temporary fix for compile errors.
17:27 Changeset [6222] by melissa
Ported r6221 to 4.1 branch.
17:27 Changeset [6221] by melissa
Fixed Nikon type, compression, and image count detection bugs.
17:26 Changeset [6220] by curtis
Open sliced images as hyperstacks by default.
17:25 Changeset [6219] by curtis
Fix Slicer plugin.
13:47 Changeset [6218] by melissa
* Cache previously opened LSM plane if channels are being split. * …
12:10 Changeset [6217] by melissa
Reduced Zeiss LSM IFD parsing time.
12:05 Changeset [6216] by callan
Enabling check of abstract-proprietary type counts. (At the moment only …
12:04 Changeset [6215] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r584).
11:00 Changeset [6214] by callan
Updated test cases from Andrew and a couple more passing with some changes …
10:32 Changeset [6213] by callan
IMetadata getter test cases.
09:44 Changeset [6212] by callan
Test case updates from Andrew.
09:09 Changeset [6211] by callan
Initial commit of IMetadata mock. Passes initial Image test cases.
09:03 Changeset [6210] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r583).
05:34 Changeset [6209] by callan
Moved test cases to a mock based foundation.


18:33 Changeset [6208] by curtis
Minor fix to showinf output.
15:09 Ticket #489 (Andor TIFF timestamps are missing or incorrect) created by melissa
[…] See files in data/andor/pariksheet.
14:06 Ticket #488 (Add support for OpenEXR files) created by melissa
See data in data/openexr/ and  http://www.openexr.com/.
13:58 Changeset [6207] by melissa
Fixed parsing of ND filter from log file.
10:54 Changeset [6206] by callan
OME XML metadata implementation. Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r582).


12:54 Changeset [6205] by melissa
Prevent NPE if ROI file is missing.
11:59 Changeset [6204] by callan
Initial version of OME XML metadata and updated metadata store and …
10:57 Changeset [6203] by melissa
Removed SPA-LEED reader, which hasn't yet been committed.
10:41 Changeset [6202] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r579).
03:53 Changeset [6201] by callan
Reverting changes to Eclipse settings.
03:52 Changeset [6200] by callan
Removed erroneous classes from the OMERO schema.


10:16 Changeset [6199] by callan
Metadata store and retrieve interfaces for examination and testing. Re-run …


14:01 Changeset [6198] by melissa
Tweaked matching priorities so that reordering works again.
13:16 Changeset [6197] by melissa
* Added Molecular Imaging and JPK readers. See #412. * Minor cleanup in …
04:37 Changeset [6196] by callan
Move to use primitives for NonNegativeInteger, PositiveInteger and …
03:16 Changeset [6195] by callan
All tests passing. Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r554).


16:03 Changeset [6194] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r552).
13:51 Changeset [6193] by melissa
Added RHK Technologies reader. See #412.
12:45 Changeset [6192] by curtis
Fix classpath problem with Windows batch files.
12:11 Changeset [6191] by melissa
Added SBIG reader and fixed a NIfTI type detection bug. See #412.


13:46 Changeset [6190] by melissa
* Updated remaining readers to respect MetadataOptions. * Added bounds …


19:25 Changeset [6189] by curtis
Fix for NullPointerException, courtesy of Lee Kamentsky.


15:46 Changeset [6188] by melissa
* Updated a few more readers to respect MetadataOptions. * Fixed a couple …
14:51 Changeset [6187] by curtis
Add dist-bftools target for creating bftools.zip.
14:04 Changeset [6186] by curtis
Simple utility for printing out Java system properties.
12:41 Changeset [6185] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r544)
12:20 Changeset [6184] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r543)
11:41 Changeset [6183] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r542)
11:38 Changeset [6182] by curtis
Fix up logging with Bio-Formats command line tools. This removes the hard …
11:09 Changeset [6181] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r541)
10:47 Changeset [6180] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r540)
10:15 Changeset [6179] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r539)
07:24 Changeset [6178] by callan
Foundation for reference handling support. ( ome-xml:r536) Fixed a few …
03:28 Changeset [6177] by callan
Fixed some typos.


11:53 Changeset [6176] by melissa
Added a few more Annotation test.
11:40 Changeset [6175] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r527)
11:29 Changeset [6174] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r526)
11:16 Changeset [6173] by callan
Add support for binary file schema. ( ome-xml:r525)
10:52 Changeset [6172] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r525)
10:36 Changeset [6171] by callan
References going OUT. ( ome-xml:r523)
10:24 Changeset [6170] by melissa
Added a few Annotation tests.
06:29 Changeset [6169] by callan
Re-run of code generation ( ome-xml:r522)
06:25 Changeset [6168] by callan
Updated with extended test case and namespace support (fixes SPW, ROI and …


16:58 Changeset [6167] by curtis
Add a very simple log4j configuration file for use with various main …
16:58 Changeset [6166] by curtis
Tweak (irrelevant) "External libraries" build directory.
15:11 Changeset [6165] by curtis
Fix up Eclipse classpaths: * Use build-eclipse instead of build/classes …
14:37 Changeset [6164] by melissa
Ported a few channel splitting fixes from trunk.
11:31 Changeset [6163] by curtis
Quick, sloppy launcher files for flow cytometry app.
11:04 Changeset [6162] by melissa
Fixed NPE.
10:33 Changeset [6161] by callan
Few more OTF properties (critically no objective settings) to add to …
10:28 Changeset [6160] by callan
Adjusted test case dependency slightly to get a little better coverage …
10:16 Changeset [6159] by melissa
Added tests for Dichroic, Filter, FilterSet, and OTF.
09:23 Changeset [6158] by callan
Updated with new code generation. (OME-XML Subversion revision 518)
05:51 Changeset [6157] by callan
Passing tests for <Detector/>, <LightSource/> and its sub-classes. Type …


19:47 Changeset [6156] by melissa
Updated several more readers to respect MetadataOptions.
16:37 Changeset [6155] by curtis
Various cleanup and refactoring progress. * Progress on Bio-Formats …
16:34 Changeset [6154] by curtis
Create only one codec per instance of NativeND2Reader. This change avoids …
16:25 Changeset [6153] by curtis
Construct JAI ImageIO service only once per JPEG2000Codec instance.
15:18 Changeset [6152] by melissa
Changed some of the ServiceFactory logging from 'warn' to 'debug'.
14:55 Changeset [6151] by melissa
Added a couple of object linkage tests. Note that Detector creation …
12:32 Changeset [6150] by callan
Updated to new infrastructure. (OME-XML Subversion revision 510)
12:09 Changeset [6149] by melissa
Added ROI population test.
11:59 Changeset [6148] by melissa
Updated the remainder of the SXM readers to respect MetadataOptions.
10:36 Changeset [6147] by melissa
Added minimal Plate object and a few tests for Instrument and Plate …
10:03 Changeset [6146] by callan
Added object creation for the Instrument hierarchy.
09:57 Changeset [6145] by callan
Make object creation a little more flexible in the test case.
09:51 Changeset [6144] by callan
Made whitespace and style conform to LOCI guidelines.
07:46 Changeset [6143] by callan
Full in/out support and test cases for 2010-04 working copy schema …


16:07 Changeset [6142] by curtis
Fix a stupid mistake.
15:56 Changeset [6141] by curtis
Use generics where appropriate; fix miscellaneous warnings and issues.
14:53 Changeset [6140] by melissa
Updated more readers to respect MetadataOptions.
13:49 Changeset [6139] by melissa
Fixed a couple of bugs that prevented Nikon images with more than one …
13:27 Changeset [6138] by callan
Committed actual class files for r6137 from 201004 code generation.
13:13 Changeset [6137] by callan
Re-arranged enumeration locations, split between ome-xml and bio-formats …
12:18 Changeset [6136] by callan
Enumeration types from the latest working copy schema (OME-XML Subversion …
10:51 Changeset [6135] by bselinsky
cheap compilation and run scripts
10:39 Changeset [6134] by bselinsky
updates for creating cmake files


19:47 Changeset [6133] by curtis
Fix some minor unchecked warnings.
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