16:13 Changeset [7718] by hinerm
* Updated javaTools with future plans * Fixed class path bug
14:32 Changeset [7717] by hinerm
* Removed old (commeted out) code * Corrected some line formatting
13:05 Ticket #663 (Direct links to OME-TIFF datasets) created by amjohnson27
Currently, Forward instructs users to email the experimenter for access to …
12:16 Ticket #662 (Controlled vocabulary for Forward subject terms) created by amjohnson27
Currently, users are able to enter any terms into the Annotations field in …
12:11 Ticket #661 (Post-acquisition Forward workflow) created by amjohnson27
Currently, the workflow that experimenters use to get data into Forward …
10:46 Changeset [7716] by hinerm
Fixed erroneous imglib1 dependencies.


20:40 Changeset [7715] by aivar
Got GCI_marquardt_compute_fn working, in testing it agrees with the old …
15:41 Changeset [7714] by hinerm
Added contributor line to cppwrap
15:41 Changeset [7713] by hinerm
Added jtools library to jar2lib jtools will allow users of jar2lib access …


16:04 Changeset [7712] by hinerm
Removed IOException and Hashtable from jace.h. These are now included via …
15:54 Changeset [7711] by hinerm
Updated cppwrap to allow additions of core Java files and extra CMake …


18:10 Changeset [7710] by aivar
Work in progress.
11:20 Changeset [7709] by hinerm
Updated Jar2Lib to automatically package jars Fix for ticket #172


22:24 Changeset [7708] by aivar
Work in progress. Working on GCI_marquardt_compute_fn, code is commented …


12:02 Changeset [7707] by hinerm
Added support for custom core class lists in Jar2Lib Jar2Lib can now …


22:54 Changeset [7706] by aivar
Changed GCI_gauss_jordan to be GCI_solve and GCI_invert. The current …
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